• July 5, 2022

10 actors of the same role who deserve more

The craft of acting can be definitely called interesting, but very difficult. Stage masters need to take care not only of their own wallet, but also of their reputation, choosing really suitable projects. Today we will talk about 10 famous actors whom the viewer remembered for literally one role

TOP 10 actors of one role who deserve more

This does not mean that they stopped acting or did not show their skills in the future. Simply sometimes the role turns out to be very expressive and makes the viewer identify the actor with her… This is both a joy and a curse – on the one hand, such fame insures a person from complete oblivion, and on the other hand, it becomes incredibly difficult to realize oneself in a different incarnation.

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger "Bridget Jones's Diary"

We will start with Zellweger, because this actress for many viewers has always remained spontaneous and touching Bridget Jones from the famous “rom-com” trilogy. Of course, on account René many more interesting works – “Case No. 39”, “Frozen from Miami”, “Judy” and other paintings.

These films, of course, have their audience, but in terms of public resonance they cannot compete with the tape. “Diary of Bridget Jones”… Now the actress is not filming too often, so it is difficult to imagine that any of her future roles will become truly iconic.

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood "Lord of the Rings"

Many become discouraged when they learn that our beloved hobbit Frodo of “Lord of the rings” for 40 years. Surprisingly, but Elijah Wooddespite its immense popularity, he is fond of auteur cinema, only occasionally appearing on the big screen. It remains only to be happy for the guy, because he found his own path in life.

An attentive viewer will note that Wood starred in tapes such as “Sin City”, “Kind son” and “Go to Daddy”, but these paintings cannot be called a discovery, and now very few people will remember what images they realized there Elijah

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire "Spiderman"

Today it is hard to believe that even relatively recently, comic book adaptations were not put on stream. That is why, the release of each film about Spiderman became an extraordinary event, around which a stir invariably arose. Tobey Maguire during from 2002 to 2007 three times played the role of one of the most famous and popular mutants.

Recently, the actor has been difficult to see in high-profile projects. In 2022 the picture will be released “Babylon” with his participation. This film is the first serious work Toby for 8 years, so for us he will forever remain Spider-Man.

Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint "Harry Potter"

All MCU fans Harry potter remember perfectly Rona Weasley – the protagonist’s best friend. Exactly Rupert Grint got this honorable role, which allowed the young actor to gain insane popularity. However, today he starred in various TV series and does not even dream of his former glory.

Only the most dedicated fans of the actor will name other films where he took part. The guy’s typical Irish looks were good at Harry Potter, but did not contribute at all to getting serious roles. Not everyone is destined to stay on the Olympus of the film industry and Rupert he understands this very well.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker

On the set of the picture “The fifth Element” Chris Tucker managed to create a real miracle. With his one appearance, he overshadowed the entire stellar cast of the tape and became the idol of the audience. Tucker character, Ruby Rod – an extravagant journalist who does not know what tact and critical thinking are.

This is not the only starring role for Chris, he also starred in the trilogy. “Peak hour”, which brought him even more popularity and fabulous fees. However, let’s be honest, few people remember which black actor took part in this project, and the image of Ruby Rod is already immortal.

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong "Terminator 2"

Picture Terminator 2 gave a start in life Edward Furlonglucky to play John Conor and gain worldwide fame. The young guy received offers from famous directors, and he took part in several high-quality projects together with recognized masters of the industry.

However, alcohol and illegal substances literally destroyed Furlong’s career. Recently, he got only minor roles in films of dubious quality, and now he has completely stopped acting. Acting activity is not only money and fame, but also numerous temptationsthat can be difficult to deal with.

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill "Star Wars"

“Star Wars” Is one of the most successful and popular franchises in the film industry today. Role Luke Skyoker played by Hamill, not a very famous actor for that time. The situation has developed in such a way that Mark returned to this role throughout his career, so the viewer invariably associates him with a Jedi.

It cannot be said that Hamill calmly rested on his laurels – he was constantly in search of new, intriguing projects. However, decent offers were rarely received – Mark dissolved in Skyoker and the directors simply did not consider him in a different capacity.

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson "Mr. Bean"

Often we can’t even remember the real name of this actor and just say, Mr. Bean… It was this role that became for Atkinson defining – millions of people around the world laughed at the facial expressions of his awkward, but adventurous character.

Rowan was literally captured by his role and it is really difficult for him to count on a change of role. Atkinson is only invited to parody tapes, which is only the franchise “Agent Johnny English”making fun of the work of the special services.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie "Dr. House"

This actor does not have too many works in full-length films, his element is serials. But only “Dr. House” broke through the barriers of spectator skepticism and became really popular. The image of an unsociable, but brilliant doctor did not leave the audience indifferent and made them watch the next seasons of the series with bated breath.

However, the success of the film “Doctor House” did not affect his career. Laurie drastically. Previously, he was not very famous, and now he is not invited by directors for really big roles.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin

The undisputed leader of our rating, who could become an irreplaceable actor for many decades to come. After the success of the painting “Alone at home” Macaulay carried on their hands and invited to participate in the best projects. However, the pressure from the father and his exorbitant financial appetites literally threw out Culkin to the side of the road.

When Macaulay returns to the big screens, his performance is consistently praised. However, Culkin does not pay enough attention to filming and still remains for everyone. Kevin from the tape “Home Alone”.

Films with Macaulay, which the society accepted with difficulty because of his image from the movie “Home Alone”, has already appeared in our selection of TOP-10 films about child cruelty: evil is not what it seems. We also recommend that you read about 10 actors who had a chance to save a human life.

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