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10 best Android games for January 2020

It seems like Android games are getting bigger and better every month. The range of applications on Google Play is constantly growing to suit all tastes and needs. Among them you can find both simple games for undemanding users and grandiose projects aimed at mass consumers. The truth is that some months are richer in large-scale applications, but there is always at least one great game emerging. Below is a ranking of the best Android games for January 2020.

Age of Civilization II Europe

The focus is on the sequel to the popular mobile strategy franchise. It is very similar to the famous board game Risk. All players find themselves involved in military battles, where the tactics and the size of the troops determine the level of influence exerted on the whole of Europe. To expand your possessions, you will have to conclude peaceful alliances, go to war, create resolutions, arrange coups and much more. There are a lot of settings and development opportunities in the application. Despite the average graphics, the deep mechanics of the strategy make it a good choice.

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Era Combat

Era of Combat is a first person shooter similar in style to Shadowgun. It uses a lot of science fiction elements to expand the gameplay and player capabilities. The game is made unique by interesting devices, like jetpacks. Most of the time, the gamer will participate in PvP 3v3, receive all sorts of achievements and go through in-game events. This is an active shooter in which you have to move a lot to survive. While he is not able to overthrow the leaders of his genre, but the game is quite worthy. However, due to its presence in the early beta version, bugs are possible.

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Great escapes

This is a puzzle game where the goal is to choose from a room. The app feels on par with the competition in the indoor escape genre. The character finds himself in an unfamiliar place and looks for clues, solves puzzles. The game is currently in early beta testing, so the lack of some options (like the hint system) can be forgiven. Still, the project has good potential and normal schedule.

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Spies in disguise

Before us is a runner on an endless map for the whole family, who borrowed some of the elements from the movie of the same name “Camouflage and Espionage”. In addition to the standard runner idea and nice, friendly graphics, the game will show a number of unusual devices for flying and other things. As such, it has no gameplay features, but at the same time, the project is no worse than its counterparts. Users love the game, although it has unexpected errors.

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EA has already launched an official Tetris game in the past, but has since removed it. An updated version of Tetris has now been released from the official developer. We are talking about a simple Tetris, in which you need to put blocks in a row as long as possible. In fact, the game is difficult to complete, after the acceleration of the fall of the blocks, it is unlikely that it will be possible to survive for a long time. I would like to see some interesting features. The rest of the game is good, has no transactions and no ads.

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A strategy game about managing a small detachment of special forces. Each level is a specific area filled with hostages, opponents and other dangers. The player chooses the path along which the special forces will go, and create all conditions for civilians to survive after the rescue operation. The application includes a lot of levels, elementary graphics and easy controls. The game is simple at first, but it gets more complicated as you progress. Apart from the minor problems with team movement, it is a lot of fun and is completely free.

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Wanna survival

Wanna Survive is a 2D survival strategy game with RPG elements. All creatures are located on the game board. The main task of the player is to move, kill opponents and try to save his life. To perform powerful attacks, the game requires interaction between characters, as well as the use of equipment or other bonuses. The complete death of the character adds intensity to events and requires the user to properly distribute their reserves of elixirs. It is a successful game with deep mechanics and no ads or microtransactions.

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Warface: Global Operations

Another FPS game that, unlike Era Combat, focuses on the realism of events. She is a worthy competitor to Call of Duty. The mobile version of the game requires teamwork and a good reaction to win. The decent pace of events and familiar controls don’t make Warface: Global Operations anything special, but the game is still worthy of attention. If you do not pay attention to some mistakes, it can be recommended for an interesting pastime.

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War tortoise 2

This is a unique project that resembles a tank battle game, but uses turtles instead. The player moves on a huge military animal with special abilities. He can conquer new areas of the map, replenish troops. So far, there is not much content in the game, but it is definitely worth trying something new, at least for fans of the genre. War Tortoise 2 is currently in early beta, but should be officially released soon.

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World robot boxing 2

This is a new fighting game in which robots fight among themselves. The first part was at the peak of popularity for a long time, so the follower has every chance to take its position. Players can collect different robots from all parts of the world, which will then fight among themselves. The more complex gameplay in comparison with competitors, many players liked. Although the graphics are a little cartoonish, they are colorful and rich in detail. Other features: 40 signature strikes, 12 arenas. Leaderboards.

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According to the results of January, these are all the best and only released Android games that deserve attention. Which ones did you like the most?

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