• December 5, 2023

10 best free open world games

Games with a detailed open world have a lot of merits. Immersiveness – one of those. The projects below, according to Metacritic, are the best representatives of free gamescapable of providing gamers with a rich gaming experience and experience.

TOP 10

The free-to-play market is mostly dominated by battle royale games such as Warzone, and team-based multiplayer projects such as Team Fortress 2. Free RPG and co-op games are occasionally found, however, open-world titles that have chosen the F2P distribution model. rarely happens.

This is largely due to the fact that open world games such as Gta v, Watch dogs, Skyrim or Red dead redemption 2are associated with huge development costs that increase the market value of the final product. Nevertheless, this did not prevent some studios from using a different method of monetization and releasing their equally large-scale and beautiful virtual creations. absolutely free… Perhaps through the introduction of microtransactions or the distribution of paid DLC. According to Metacritic, this best open worldsthat gamers can dive into without spending a dime.

APB Reloaded

APB Reloaded - Car Jump

APB Reloaded was released long before the release of GTA Online, back in 2010. However, everything did not work out as originally intended. Like GTA, she focused on the life of urban gangsters… The open world of APB Reloaded is filled with a variety of PVP events and gang wars, allowing players to confront each other in large-scale in-game territories. And the MMO mechanics underlying the game have significantly changed the gameplay compared to Grand Theft Auto. However, the game has there are a number of technical problemsthat have not been fixed since release. Given that APB Reloaded is free and does not force players to risk their hard earned cash, it certainly deserves the attention of those who love the gameplay in Rockstar Games games.

Metacritic score of 56, user score of 5.8.

Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 - soldiers watch the explosion

Some players Defiance 2050 it is said to be too good for a free MMO. This project is futuristic open world shooterreleased in 2018. Defiance 2050 offers players a variety of PvP and PvE activities. In total, there are 7 character classes in the game, each of which has unique abilities and its own style of play.

In short, Defiance 2050 is Destiny 2’s little brother with Borderlands elements, packed full of random events and fun activities.

Metacritic score – 64, user score – 6.5.


Creativerse - fighting a monster

Like Minecraft, Creativerse challenges the creativity of players, giving them a whole open world to explore and survive. Players can collect resources, craft tools, and build all sorts of structures in the Creativerse. However, the main difference between this project and the creation of Mojang Studios is that it is distributed free of charge. And Creativerse also looks more futuristic, becoming somewhat similar to Ratchet & Clank. Ease of learning and low entry threshold the game harmoniously correlates with the difficulties that arise during the further passage, and makes it an excellent alternative to the popular games in the “Sandbox” genre.

User Metacritic score – 6.5.


Unturned - the character looks at the lake

Unturnedopen world zombie game, visually inspired by Minecraft and mechanically inspired by DayZ. Players start their survival from scratch. At the initial stages, they will have to look for supplies and find a common language with other players. Also in Unturned, you can hunt animals, grow crops and make mutually beneficial alliances. But the best part is that Unturned can run on any 2007 office laptopas the art of the game came from Minecraft. Considering all of the above factors, Unturned deservedly received 91% positive reviews on Steam.

User Metacritic score of 7.8.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Lightsaber Warriors

Star Wars: The Old Republicrole-playing game, allowing you to dive into the Star Wars universe for free. In addition to 8 different classes of characters, flexible customization system, each of them has own storyline… This approach significantly increases the variability of gameplay during the passage and contributes to obtaining a unique gaming experience. In addition, Star Wars: The Old Republic features a variety of gameplay activities spread across 20+ planets across the galaxy, providing players with a wealth of free content.

Metacritic score of 85, user score of 6.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Event Armor Sets "Solstice of Heroes"

Every looter-shooter that comes out is deservedly liked to be compared with Destiny 2. It is understandable, because Destiny 2dynamic role-playing game with a good story, which you can feel alone or in co-op with friends. Missions are different diversity, so gamers have no problem getting a deep gaming experience. Destiny 2 gameplay consists of endless destruction of hordes of enemies, spectacular anti-gravity jumps and solving various puzzles. In short, the players have to deal with exploration of different worlds and destruction of huge bosses… If this is still not enough, then the landscape of each of the planets allows you to use high-speed hoverbikes. The combat system in Destiny 2 is represented by 3 character classes, each of which is divided into several specialties with their own skills.

Metacritic score of 87, user score of 4.4.


Warframe - Katana Warframe

Destiny 2 and Warframe are sworn friends that dominate the open world RPG market. Like Call Of Duty and Battlefield, they differ in many ways, but are loved by the same gamers. Warframe Allows players to choose from 30+ Warframes that resemble the game’s class system and are special exoskeletons. Each of them has certain abilities and changes the perception of the gameplay beyond recognition. The variety of the fantasy universe of Warframe is large enough to immerse gamers in the galactic setting. The 18 explorable worlds definitely need investing some free time in Warframe.

Metacritic score of 86, user score of 8.4.

Lord of The Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online - horse riders

Lord of The Rings Onlineanother RPG based on the film franchise and allowing players to explore the open world of Middle-earth. There are 6 different races to choose from in Lord of The Rings Online: Dwarves, Elves, High Elves, Hobbits, Humans, and Beornings. LOTRO also has a wide range of classes and specializations. The game is great adaptations of Tolkien’s books, in which anyone can immerse themselves: be it a fan of films or a fan of the “MMORPG” genre. Lord of The Rings Online definitely deserves attention.

Metacritic score of 88, user score of 7.

EVE Online

EVE Online - space battle

EVE Online#cc99ff;”>difficult and complex game with a very active community. EVE Online events take place in the vast expanses of space, where players participate in countless gaming activities. Among them: intergalactic wars, politics, space piracy and trade. Moreover, each of the listed possibilities has its own complex structure and requires a thorough knowledge of game mechanics.

EVE Online is home to some of the biggest and longest-running battles in games. One of the battles known as “Carnage in B-R5RB”, lasted about 22 hours and brought together about 8000 real players on the battlefield.

There’s an incredible amount of content to play EVE Online for free.

Metacritic score of 88, user score of 7.7.

World of warcraft

World of Warcraft - a squad of characters in armor

World of warcraftqueen MMORPG… There are 12 legendary classes in WOW, each with its own specialization. Released in 2004, WOW is still popular with a lot of new content and updates. In the world of Azeroth, there are always many quests to complete and skills to learn. Gaming community has been supporting this game for two decadesso it’s pointless to be surprised that World of Warcraft is the most popular free open world game.

Metacritic score – 93, user score – 7.4.

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