• September 28, 2023

10 cool weapons from the DC Expanded Universe

Sometimes it may seem that the heroes from Expanded universe DC does not require weapons at all, because they have various superpowers, which are very difficult to resist. However, not all characters can do without equipment – they do not hesitate to use the fruits of technological progress in order to gain an advantage over the enemy. But what is the best weapon? Surely, here are the opinions of the fans. DC disperse.

Harley Quinn, Batman, Dot Man.  Collage

While the cinematic universe has 10 films, in which we saw a huge variety of characters. Heroes and villains constantly meet in mortal combat, solving pressing issues. Some of the types of weapons they use seem to be much more effective than others for one reason or another.

Deadshot Pistols

Deadshot.  Will Smith

In the picture “Suicide squad” 2016 year we could appreciate the acting talent Will Smithwho played Deadshot… As we know, the character is a very well-aimed shooter, so he uses the appropriate weapon. Deadshot is a masterful rifleman, but now I would like to pay special attention to his wrist-mounted pistols.

This is a situational weapon that serves the character both for dealing damage at close range and for defense. Pistols look very stylish, and in the hands of Deadshot they start to pose a really deadly danger.

Spear harley quinn

Harley Quinn with a spear

As it turned out, the character is nicknamed A spear out of the picture Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through not very good at this weapon. but Harley quinn looked quite harmoniously with this shell, which has not only an attractive appearance, but also high functionality.

The girl demonstrates unprecedented spear skills and uses it in one of the film’s bloodiest scenes. Let’s not forget that victory over Starro the Conqueror also last but not least was obtained with the help of Harley and her new weapons.

Dot Man Launchers

Dot man

Sometimes even the deadliest weapon can look very funny, and the main confirmation of this is the launchers. Dot man… They are located on the wrists and can lead to truly devastating consequences, which the character has repeatedly proved in the film. Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through… After activating the system, the Polka Dot Man starts throwing multicolored confetti, the flight of which he cannot control.

The power of this outlandish weapon was felt by numerous enemies of the detachment, including Starro the Conqueror… The hero rarely uses his ability, but every time he puts on a real show for DC fans.

Batman’s Harpoon


It’s no secret that Batman there are a huge number of different devices that the superhero uses to fight evil. This also includes a harpoon pistol – we see it in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice… The character Ben Affleck skillfully uses the device for free movement around the high-rise buildings of the city.

However, thanks to the reporting picture, we saw that the pistol can be used to eliminate opponents. So Batman not only cracks down on common enemies, but also effectively uses weapons against himself Superman

Beat Harley Quinn

Harley quinn with bat

Girlfriend’s signature weapon Joker often appears in Expanded DC Universe… It would seem that a baseball bat cannot be an effective weapon when there are many characters with superpowers around. However, in “Birds of Prey” we see that Harley really masterfully owns this projectile, she copes even with groups of opponents.

Quinn wields a bat with special grace, which gives the audience a certain aesthetic pleasure. The object not only lies well in the girl’s hand, but is also capable of flying. Harley launches the bat along an intricate trajectory, and then easily catches it when the enemy is defeated.

Batman Armored Suit

Batman in an armored suit

Painting “Batman v Superman” showed us a lot of all kinds of weapons. Dealing with the Man of Steel is a daunting task, even for the great vigilante, so truly epic gear isn’t complete. Before us is an armored suit Batman, which not only increases its defense, but is also equipped with a variety of cannons.

The character Ben Affleck not at all lost in motion, having put on heavy ammunition. He continues to demonstrate his knowledge of martial arts and is quite agile to move around, making the suit one of the best pieces of equipment in the DC Universe.

Atlan’s Trident

Aquaman with a trident

What is the difference Arthur Curry from the present Aquaman? Perhaps it is precisely the presence of Atlan’s trident, which makes the hero truly powerful. The design of the item is not sophisticated, but functionally it will outperform any other weapon. Thanks to the trident, Aquaman can summon the representatives of the marine fauna for help and fight even the most dangerous opponents.

The item also threatens Arthur’s enemies with deadly lightning, so it is better to stay away from Curry when he has a powerful artifact in his hands.

Cyborg body

Cyborg.  Victor Stone

Of course, Cyborg – far from the most popular character from Justice League… However, his abilities, at least, deserve close attention, because the hero Ray Fisher possesses sufficient power. Technological filling is an integral part Victor Stoneso he can freely manage all available options.

It is thanks to its modified body that Cyborg can easily hack any technology. He easily generates weapons, protective fields and other technical devices that may be useful to members of the group. In many ways, for this reason, Cyborg becomes an indispensable member of the squad, regardless of the situation.

Bloodsport Armor

Bloodsport.  Bloody sport

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Bloodsport from the movie Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through looks incredibly cool. What helped the character Idris Elba become so deadly and even send to the hospital Superman? Of course, armor, which is not what it seems at first glance.

Equipment Bloody Sports consists of parts that can be turned into almost any weapon. In addition, the hero showed us that he can make deadly hybrids from several items. After such a focus, there is no doubt that the squad is in dire need of Bloodsports.

Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman.  Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman – one of the favorite heroes of the fans DCso her weapon must be impressive. The character boasts honed combat skills, and the Lasso of Truth serves as a truly fitting addition to those skills. The mystical radiance of the object gives it a certain aesthetic appeal, and everyone will envy the functional properties of the artifact.

What can Wonder Woman do with her whip? Of course, find out the truth from any living creature that fell into the lasso. Also, the item is suitable for fighting, immobilizing targets and incapacitating them.

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