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10 DC Universe characters who were left without a romantic relationship

It’s no secret that an intriguing love line is an integral part of any film, which increases the tension of the picture and makes it more dramatic. DC cinematic universe – is no exception, here the relationship of the characters invariably remains an important component of the plot. However, we found 10 superheroes who didn’t have a love line of their own for one reason or another.

10 DC Universe characters who were left without a romantic line

Sometimes the presence of a relationship makes it difficult to reveal the true essence of the character, and sometimes the directors do not allow this aspect to distract the viewer from the essence of what is happening. Since the DC cinematic universe is constantly evolving, there is no doubt that most of the heroes will be involved in romantic conflicts, but when this happens, only the studio bosses know.

Batman (DC Extended Universe)


Comic book lovers will remember that with Batman stories constantly happened that hinted at his connection with the fair sex. Among the “brides” of the dark knight featured Catwoman, Thalia Al Ghul and Vicki Weil

It should not be ruled out that Batman was once a real ladies’ man, but in the expanded DC universe, he was obviously already tired of his overwhelming mission. Bruce Wayne morally exhausted, so he simply does not have the desire and strength for a romantic relationship.

Joker (Dark Knight)


Image Joker performed by Heath Ledger became truly iconic – millions of people around the world idolize this villain, and his popularity is not inferior to Batman himself. However, in the film Nolana the character was left without his girlfriend and right hand – Harley quinn

Of course, the development of the relationship between the Joker and Batman remains the central line of the story. The filmmakers decided not to break the tension that permeated the opposition of the characters and abandoned the idea of ​​introducing Harley Quinn into the project.

The Flash (DC Extended Universe)


Bye Barry Allen just starting to appear in the DC Expanded Universe. It is very likely that in the future, he will become one of the central figures of the narrative, but what about the character’s personal life? In the comics, he has a girlfriend, and later a wife – Iris West

Spoilers obsessively hint that the girl may soon be added to the cinematic universe. It is not yet completely clear in what form Iris will appear on the screen – perhaps the creators of the picture will take the original image or find it for Flash an alternative girlfriend. In any case, Barry Allen is only temporarily forced to be alone – his story has always included a love line.

Heat Wave (Arrow Universe)

Heat wave

The format of the series in which it thrives cinematic universe arrows, assumes a huge amount of screen time. Almost every hero of this world sooner or later became a member of the love line, but Heat wave – an exception.

It should be noted that this character is too selfish to love. Even Heat Wave really like someone, the personality of the villain does not allow for a healthy relationship. However, Mick Rory in his own way happy and hardly worries about the absence of a partner, because his only passion is fire.

Superboy (Titans)

Superboy (Titans)

Fans of the series have already realized how much Superboy useful to the team, but the character is just beginning his journey in the universe and he will need help in adaptation. A kind of mentor for a superhero can be a girl with whom Conner Kent a romantic relationship will develop. However, while the guy remains completely alone, unlike most of his companions, who are already involved in love stories.

Let’s take a look at the original comics to better understand if Superboy should count on personal happiness. He has had a few fleeting novels in print, but most of the time Conner has no pair. Now only the imagination of the creators depends on whether we will see Kent’s girlfriend in the new season Titans

Black Canary (DC Extended Universe)

Black canary

This character appeared in the series “Arrow”, but there Canary had a romantic relationship. The same applies to comics – the girl was almost never left alone and was popular with men. However, the DC Expanded Universe has slightly revised the image of the Canary in “Birds of Prey”

Now the heroine was left completely alone – no love line was provided for her. If Black canary will appear in subsequent projects, it can be assumed that this misunderstanding will be corrected so that the character is as close as possible to the original comics.

Shazam (DC Extended Universe)


Until another hero of the DC universe found his soul mate – Shazam… However, this guy has good prospects, because in the comics he has a romantic relationship with a classmate. An important honor of the plot is Shazam’s attempts to hide his true essence from his beloved.

Odds Billy Batson for love are high enough if the writers again make him the central figure of a film. In the meantime, he is forced to be alone.

Thalia Al Ghul (Arrow Universe)

Thalia Al Ghul

This is not to say that in the original DC comics Waist was deprived of the attention of men. She had a connection not only with Batman, but also Green Arrowso the fans were at a loss when the girl was left all alone. The creators of the universe have slightly rethought the role of the heroine, now she is a cold-blooded killer, walking on the path of revenge.

However, fans of the series should not be discouraged, because in the very near future, Thalia may be dragged into a romantic adventure. This is dictated by the canons of the original, against which it is very difficult for directors to go, because millions of interested viewers are watching their work.

Cyborg (DC Extended Universe)


The main difficulty is that while Cyborg got very little screen time. Of course, the character simply did not have time to reveal his potential and have a romantic relationship. The situation is likely to change if he becomes one of the central characters.

Despite the fact that the character certainly deserves further development in the DC MCU, there are still no serious prerequisites for his return to the screens. However, filmmakers may have their own thoughts on this matter, so let’s not rush to conclusions.

Silk Ghost 2 (Guardians)

Silk ghost 2

It’s no secret that Laurie had a romantic relationship with a doctor Manhattanbut the series “Keepers” completely crossed out this love line. It turned out that Silk Ghost for many years she had not met the subject of her sighing. Even if Laurie retained warm feelings for her lover, it no longer matters, because within the framework of the show they will not be able to reunite.

On the other hand, it is the absence of a partner that makes a woman move on. She works for the government and helps in the search for people with superpowers. Since Laurie is single, she is interested in a career, otherwise the viewer would hardly see her on the screen.

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