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10 differences between 2016 and 2021 movies Which tape is better?

While critics were mercilessly trashing “Suicide squad” 2016 year, the sequel to the acclaimed DC movie was released. As it turned out, the paintings David Eyre and James Gunn have a huge number of differences, which gives the viewer a lot of food for thought. Let’s figure out which tape turned out to be of better quality, and how the two parts of the franchise differ from each other.

Suicide squad.  Harley Quinn.  Joker.  Collage

I must say that the film Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through experts criticize much less. The first tape, despite the relative financial success, was recognized as a failure, and the second part is already considered as a more serious movie. James Gunn brought many innovations to the franchise, and also managed to fix some of the shortcomings of his colleague and predecessor, David Eyre.

Unexpected deaths

What attracts DC comics fans so much “Suicide squad”? Of course, the unexpected death of characters who are not immune to death. Usually, screenwriters protect superheroes from unpleasant situations and they rarely go to another world. But the villains working for the state do not have this privilege.

In this regard, the film “Suicide Squad” disappointed the fans, because it turned out not bloody enough – the rare deaths of the band members do not even take into account. Mission Through fixed this defect – James Gunn does not spare the main characters and methodically gets rid of them at the first opportunity.


V “Suicide Squad” characters can hardly be called good friends – they did not care about each other at all and were rather random people forced to do common work. Only the scene in the bar reconciled the band members a little – their relationship improved, and it came to the understanding that only together you can achieve success.

Mission Through has stepped far ahead in this aspect. James Gunn united the villains not only with a common task, but also allowed them to have closer, friendly ties. It is difficult to say whether this was beneficial or not, but each viewer has the right to draw his own conclusions.


David Eyre known as the creator of serious action films, so you shouldn’t expect much fun from his picture “Suicide squad”… On the contrary, the director put fictional characters in the scenery of a real universe and shot another action game. It’s hard to judge David for this, but when such iconic characters as Joker and Harley quinn, the viewer is waiting for a portion of high-quality humor.

Have James Gunn everything is different – the heroes only sometimes think about really important things, but even in these rare moments some ridiculous moment happens, defusing the situation. Let’s be honest, not all of the jokes hit the mark, but the director’s desire to withstand the canons of the comic is commendable.

Touching moments

Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through

Needless to say that in “Suicide squad” there were very few moments when the viewer really experienced any shocks with the heroes. The most heartbreaking scene is the meeting Deadshot with my daughter, bye Harley quinn and Joker are in toxic relationships, and other mercenaries are not at all inclined to show excessive emotions.

Mission Through completely changes this concept. Characters are now more willing to share their experiences. Many characters are more human and sensual than in the original comics, which demonstrates a special approach James Gunn to the production of a painting.

Mad villains

With all due respect to creation David Eyre, villains in “Suicide squad” look quite typical for their incarnation. Sorcerers and sorcerers may be something unusual in real life, but in comics they look quite organic. However, if you compare the level of their madness with the antagonist Missions Through, it will be he who will win.

This is about Starro the Conqueror – a huge starfish that releases spores that control the minds of people. The alien can use the victims of this ability for his own purposes.

Deadshot and Bloodsport

Deadshot and Bloodsport

The viewer drew attention to the fact that in both films there are very similar characters who are united by skin color, equipment and even complex relationships with daughters. This is about Will Smith’s Deadshot and Bloody Sport of Idris Elba… An uninitiated viewer might have experienced some dissonance from such coincidences, so we hasten to give an explanation.

V Missions Through Elba was supposed to play Deadshot instead of Smith. but James Gunn gave Will the opportunity to return to the franchise at a later date and added a new character, Bloodsport. However, the images of the heroes remained very similar, if you do not take into account the small details.

Amanda Waller

Already while watching the feed “Suicide squad” it became clear that Amanda Waller – not the most sensitive and kind-hearted person. She only cares about the safety of her country and treats characters like consumables. Moreover, Amanda uses criminals for her own protection, which does not paint her in the eyes of the audience.

but Mission Through showed Waller to be a real monster. She blackmails Bloody Sports, threatening to imprison his underage daughter, and even condemning many city residents to death in order to achieve this goal. If the first film presents Amanda as not a very good person, the second film saves us from any illusions about her.

DC Expanded Universe Connection

Suicide Squad.  Joker

Inevitably, directors have a need to connect their own film with a common story. David Eyre went the hard way and entered into “Suicide squad” Batman, who arrests Quinn and Deadshot, and in the end communicates with Amanda Waller. The Joker even became a kind of repeater of the Extended DC Universe, and it seemed that he appears in the frame only to remind about the binding of the tape to a series of comic book adaptations.

James Gunn coped with the task more gracefully, laying several “Easter eggs”, the most obvious of which was Amanda Waller’s speech, where she mentioned trying Bloody Sports deal with Superman

MPAA rating

Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through

The idea itself “Suicide squad” speaks of the presence in the film of rather violent and realistic scenes. but David Eyre failed to fully unleash the potential of the material, as the studio initially aimed to get a rating PG-13… Of course, many moments had to be softened or completely eliminated, which certainly did not make the picture more spectacular.

Eyre himself has repeatedly argued that the sequel must initially set itself the task of reaching a rating. Rto get the best results, and the studio bosses knew that. James Gunn managed to bring this idea to life and made a much more naturalistic film.

Harley quinn

It’s no exaggeration to say that the main star of both films is Harley quinn performed by Margot Robbie… True, it looks very different thanks to the camera work. In the picture “Suicide squad” often the camera focuses on the attractiveness of the character, and the girlfriend’s revealing outfits Joker could put an impressionable viewer into a trance state.

Mission Through opened Harley from a completely different side, continuing the concept “Birds of Prey”… Now the girl is a cold-blooded professional, and her external data have faded into the background.

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