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10 exciting quests to complete before the release of T ES VI

While Bethesda is gradually developing and preparing for the release of a new part of the Elder Scrolls, fans of the series should go through some outstanding Skyrim quests in preparation for the upcoming sequel.

Skyrim 10 exciting quests to complete before the release of T ES VI

The fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series was an epic RPG game that had a huge impact on the gaming industry, introducing millions of new and already avid gamers to the fascinating and dangerous world of Tamriel. The success of the game was incredibly high, so since its release, it has already managed to get all kinds of reprints with graphical improvements countless times.

Currently, there are a large number of theories about what the sixth part of the franchise will actually bring new, but the vast and interconnected world of Skyrim.still remains beautiful, exciting and in its own way almost ten years after its release. Some quests stand out for their memorable stories or characters that every fan Elder Scrolls must pass at least once, especially given the imminent release of the continuation

Mad mind

This quest brings back one of the most iconic characters from the fourth part of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Sheogorath, daedric prince of madness… His quest is full of absurd situations, deranged conversations, and abstract notions of the issues plaguing Pelagius’ mind.Mad mind

At the end of the quest, the player receives Wabbajack – a chaotic staff that casts a random spell or effect that personifies the character of its creator.

This quest is given out in Solitude and can be started by talking to a homeless man named Dervenin.

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Blood in the snow

it detective quest mystery, in which the player is invited to try on the role of a detective. The Chosen One travels through Windhelm, investigating a series of grisly murders, interrogating townspeople and guards, ultimately adding 2 + 2 to find the killer.Blood in the snow

This activity is an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of open role-playing games such as Skyrim. IN Oblivion there was a very similar quest, and if the trend continues, one can hope for another quest similar in style in the sequel.

An unforgettable night

This quest is a kind of tribute and a reference to the franchise “Bachelor party… The player is given the opportunity to find in one of the taverns a man named Sam Geven, who is holding a drinking contest. Waking up after a drinking binge in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth, the Chosen One must find out exactly what happened that night and repeat his actions step by step.An unforgettable night

There are many hilarious moments and amusing details in the mission, such as the toe of a giant who somehow ends up in the Temple, and accusing the protagonist of stealing goats. The name of the quest speaks for itself – you won’t be able to forget it.

The wolf queen awakens

Awakened The Wolf Queen – the culmination of the storyline of the franchise The Elder Scrolls, going back to Morrowind … The Wolf Queen is gathering power under Solitude, and Dovahkiin must stop her. It may seem a little over-the-top: come here and kill this man – however, this is not at all commonplace.The wolf queen awakens

The dungeon is unique and challenging, and the atmosphere is captivating. Likewise, the storyline of the Wolf Queen, stretching through the series of games of The Old Scrolls, finally comes to its logical conclusion.

This story begins in Solitude already at level 10 and requires the preliminary completion of the quest: The man who shouted “Wolves”.

Lost for centuries

This is an adventure that rewards the player with a completely unique (and even slightly unbalanced in strength) reward for completing – Etherian crown… During his adventures, Dovahkiin has to wade through ruins infested with Dwemer in order to find the Forge of Aetherium and complete his life’s work Katria – a spirit that helps you find your way through Arkntamz.Lost for centuries

While the crown isn’t the only reward you can pick at the end of the quest, it is by far the best.

This item allows you to preserve the properties of the last used Stone of Destiny, and add one more to it from any other (that is, it makes it possible to receive bonuses from two Stones of Destiny).

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Beyond death

One of the latest storylines in the expansion Dawnguard… It doesn’t matter what faction the character is in. She introduces the player to Cairnom Showerwhere essences, tied to black soul stones, are left for eternal imprisonment. This is an eerie, isolated area that can make you feel uncomfortable with the process of creating soul gems.Beyond death

The player must either allow Serana to make himself a vampire, or partially absorb his soul (which greatly complicates the final battle with the dragon as mana, health and strength decrease) in order to enter the Cairn of Souls.

Beyond the ordinary

Introduces the player to the Black Reach, a rainbow and mushroom underworld that connects three Dwemer cities. While Black Reach can be accessed through the main quest, it is an alternative for those who would rather avoid completing the main quest at all costs.Beyond the ordinary

This is also another quest Daedric Princewhen Hermeus Mora intervenes and asks Dovahkiin to follow him. To start the quest, you need to speak with Septimius Segonius, located north of Winterhold College on a remote ice island.

House of Horror

Again one of Daedric Quests, which takes place in an abandoned house in Markarth. As always, the Daedric princes have an interesting quest. In this case, it is issued by Molag Bal, who first puts on a show in the best traditions of ghost films, and then gives the hero in an ultimatum form an unusual taskHouse of Horror

The quest poses moral questions for the player, and gives a reason to side with one of the antagonists of the franchise The Elder Scrolls… After all, who among us doesn’t have a little sympathy for antiheroes?

Call of the moon

Quest in Falkreath, which aims to help the werewolf gain Hircine’s favor. As another quest involving daedric prince, which, as a rule, are remembered, Dovahkiin received a non-removable ring that randomly turns a person into a werewolf.Call of the moon

The call of the moon, like the House of Horrors, again raises the moral and ethical theme and puts the question on the agenda: kill or pardon – and Hircine offers generous performance rewards based on decisions made.

Barenziah Stones

Don’t forget about one of the most tedious and longest quests in Skyrim history – Barenziah Stones… He challenges the player to find 24 unusual gems scattered throughout the map. Although the task may seem simple at first glance, in reality it turns out to be very different.Barenziah Stones

A fair question is brewing – then why does he take the first place in the list? Mainly because of the bragging rights, as very few players have completed this task. It’s also a fun way to re-explore the world. Skyrim before the release of the sixth part. In addition, there are many mods that greatly simplify the process of tracking gems.

Write in the comments which quests do you remember the most and why are they?

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