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10 facts about assassins that many players don’t know

We reveal the secrets of the franchise about the eternal confrontation between the Assassins and the Templars. Pursuing, technically, one goal – the salvation of mankind, they are radically different in ideology and methods.

Ezio and Altair

History of the Brotherhood – the most interesting thing in this organization. Acting under cover of darkness, the Brotherhood is almost unknown to the outside world.

Fortunately, players gain access to information inaccessible to mere mortals. But even dedicated fans of the series are able to discover some of the secrets of the Assassins.

Rise of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Longtime fans of the series know what role Adam and Eve play in the Assassin’s Creed universe. Not being murderers themselves, for the Assisins they are the embodiment of the ideas of the Brotherhood.

Human hybrids and isu, they rebelled against their creators, wanting to find freedom. It was they who managed to steal Apple of Edenthat allowed the ISU to control people.

Hidden Blade Appears


The Hidden Blade is the epitome of the Assassins’ weapon ideal. He is part of his owner, allowing him to act both in the shadows and in front of everyone.

According to the archives, the blade was first used in the 5th century BC. Everyone who completed the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC witnessed this. Before their eyes like a blade Darius killed Xerxes I. However, it is not known whether Darius himself or someone else invented this weapon.

Why did the early assassins deprive themselves of the ring finger?


No, the unwillingness to tie the knot has nothing to do with it. Practice goes back to the case when Bayek from Siwa using a hidden blade while killing a member Order of the Ancients, stripped himself of a finger. And although the blade is capable of working with a full set of fingers at the owner, for many years depriving one of them became a rite of passage into the Brotherhood.

They abandoned it only when the absence of ring fingers began to betray the assassins.

The blade was improved, in order to avoid excesses, during the time of Altair.

Nothing is true

Nothing is true

The famous principle says: “Nothing is true. Everything is allowed” – stems from the idea that there is no absolute objective truth. Any truth is unrealistic if you try to consider it as universal.

This theory underlies the principles of Brotherhood. We can only know that we know nothing. One of the Isu, Juno, considered this a defect inherent in the human species.

Believed in the ideology of the Brotherhood Altair, precisely because of his conviction that the principles are correct, he considered them hypocritical. After all Credo – a set of rules that claim to be true. Edward Kenway he considered it only a working theory, which can be treated in different ways.


Family Auditore

An Assassin can be born or become through recruiting. Examples of hereditary killersAltair, Ezio, Desmond Miles and Arno Dorian… The Assassins were their parents, whose path they continued.

Regardless of which group the assassin belongs to, he must pass a series of tests in order to become a full member of the Brotherhood. Among these tasks are murders and others aimed at realizing the goals of the Brotherhood, the mission.

Respect for the dead


It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or an enemy – the assassins have always respected the dead. Those among its ranks who were considered the greatest killers by the Brotherhood were often buried in rich tombs and crypts. Some of these graves are a player can visit with Ezio Auditore

However, it was Ezio who once violated this rule, refusing to respect the body of his enemy, for which he received a reprimand from his uncle Mario. If possible, Assassins try to bring the last honors to their victims.

Assassin specializations


Not all murderers rush through the streets of cities, jump from rooftops and bring death at the tip of a blade. In addition to the “field operatives”, there are members of the Brotherhood with other specializations, ensuring the functioning of the organization.

These are herbalists, professional swindlers and liars, thieves, rioters, instigators, and in the current era – also technical specialists, analysts and computer scientists.

Early iterations of the Brotherhood


The roots of the Brotherhood go back centuries, long before the very term “assassin” appeared. Before them there was a Roman Liberalis Circulum, but the first organization-forerunners of the Brotherhood is considered society of the invisiblecreated by Ayey and Bayek.

In addition to the Roman assassins and the Invisible Ones, there were other groups that fought against the proto-Templars, suffice it to recall Daria and Cassandru

Another enemy of the Brotherhood


Not the Templars alone. In addition to the Order, we must not forget about another organization, which is equally dangerous for the Brotherhood – The Instruments of the First Will

The Instruments of the First Will is a cult that seeks to revive the Isu and regain their control over humanity. Former Assassins and Templars, among others, enter there.

Famous Assassins Few Know About


The Assassin’s Creed franchise often makes assassins real historical figures. Were closely associated with the Brotherhood or were even members of it Leonardo da Vinci, Caterina Sforza, George Washington, Napoleon and Charles Darwin.

There are also lesser-known communities of famous killers. This is Marco Polo, Dante Alighieri, Elizabeth I, President of America Ulysses Grant and Nikola Tesla.

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