• November 29, 2023

10 facts about Minecraft that no one knows about

Minecraft is a project that entered the top of the legendary games of the past decade. Below is a selection of facts about her that not only a fan, but also a beginner should know about.

Minecraft - Steve

Minecraft is one of most significant gamesreleased recently. And there are a number of good reasons for this. Since its release, the game has grown to gigantic proportions, leaving its mark everywhere. Steve’s appearance as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a prime example of this. The original project also did not lose its relevance. Thanks to pandemics Minecraft has become even more popular and has won many new fans all over the world. Nevertheless, she continues to keep certain secrets that not everyone knows about.

So, 10 facts that every fan of the legend should know about.

Minecraft development was known from the very beginning

Minecraft - heroes surrounded by mobs

Most developers anyway hides the process of developing your new game. This approach allows you to add intrigue to the waiting process, which is sometimes diluted with fragments of polished content: trailers, concept art, or interviews with developers.

However, everything was different with Minecraft. The development of a global sandbox was not hidden from gamers even in the early stages. In an article on Gamasutra in 2011, the Mojang team was extremely openhoping to get any feedback from the gaming community.

“I’ve always been honest about Minecraft development. I wrote about it on the forums, mainly on TIGSource, and told people about what I have been working on recently and what I planned to add to the game in the future, ”the developer said in an interview.

Luck on release

Minecraft - animal corral

Later in an article on Gamasutra, Markus Persson admitted that he believed the success of Minecraft was due to ordinary luck

“If the game is not a sequel, and you do not have many years of experience, like most major publishers, then it’s impossible to even imagine how successful the project will be,” he said.

After such statements, it becomes clear how risky the idea was.

The existence of multiple versions

Minecraft - Steve and the Bees

Since the official release for Minecraft has been released many other versions… The original game, created by the Mojangs team, was developed in Java. However, there is another, newer version. She is familiar to players by the name Bedrock Edition… Over time, several more versions of Minecraft appeared, which formed the basis of console ports and the educational model used in some schools for teaching.

4 separate spin-offs

Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft is a landmark project for the industry, therefore the emergence of independent branches was only a matter of time. One of the most famous games of this type is Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltales Games – a company, ceased to exist fully back in 2018. The last on this list was Minecraft dungeons – a unique dungeon crawler with a co-op for 4 people. Released in May 2020, the game came as a surprise to fans of the cube sandbox.

It took 6 days to create Minecraft

Minecraft - Steve with a pickaxe

News that the development of a working build took only 6 days, deserves a special place on the list of the most unusual features of the game. Despite this, it became possible to consider it fully completed only in two years… Subsequently, many updates were released that brought the game back to its usual form.

The appearance of creepers was made possible by an error in the code

Minecraft - Creepers

Sometimes brilliant things are created completely by accident. Creepers are a prime example of this, since their appearance was not planned in advance and became possible due to inaccuracy in the game code. It all started with Notch trying to create a model of a pig, but something went wrong. As a result, the randomly created mob went down in history, becoming one of the oldest and most recognizable elements of Minecraft.

Minecraft world is not endless

Minecraft - Battle with a mob

Despite the fact that Minecraft is famous for its infinite size, her world is limited… And this is logical, since any game has a certain framework. However, Persson has repeatedly stated that they are presented in a different way in Minecraft. The bottom line is this: the further the player moves around the world, replacing one biome after another, the stronger “to brake” the reality surrounding him. This approach is the best demonstration of how serious the developer’s approach was.

The sounds made by the ghast belonged to a cat

Minecraft - heroes on top of the mountain with mobs

The vast majority of sound effects in games are created with things that are within walking distance. A similar situation happened with Minecraft. Eerie soundsthat have become a unique feature of Gast, were recorded with a cat music producer Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld. Quite a non-standard and impressive solution.

Minecraft was inspired by many PC games


Like many other legendary video games, Minecraft was not a complete idea developer. The best of the best always have one or more masterminds that directly influence the fate of the final product. Minecraft is no exception and has come to its current look thanks to a large number of games. Dungeon keeper and RollerCoaster Tycoon left a mark on the development of the “sandbox”.

However, the most significant role was played by Infiniminer… Persson noted that she had the special charm that the team needed. Infiniminer was a mining game with a similar block-geometric building gameplay. It was in it that the foundations were laid, which in the future became a distinctive feature of Minecraft and led it to a form recognizable by millions of players.

Typo in title

Minecraft - main menu

This easter egg can be found if you play Minecraft for more than 10000 times… In this case, the title in the main menu will be displayed with a funny typo: Minecraft can turn into “Minceraft”. Although this does not always happen, it is from these little things that truly unforgettable projects emerge.

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