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10 famous actors who became famous by accident

Today, the names of these actors are heard – viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of each new film with their participation. However, they gained fame not as a result of systematic work, but simply taking advantage of the gift of fate. Before us are 10 cult actors who became popular quite by accident, in spite of the circumstances.

Crazy Max.  Pirates of the Caribbean.  Lock, money, two barrels.  Collage

It often happens that a person throughout his life goes to a clearly defined goal, so his success seems logical. Even without having connections and big money, you can achieve a lot by showing perseverance and hard work. The actors, which will be discussed in the reporting material, are incredibly talented or just lucky, because they received recognition literally between times.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson.  Men in Black 2

This name may seem unfamiliar to many, but the list of projects with the participation of the actress recently is impressive: “Mandalorian”, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, “Zombieland: Control Shot”, “Defenders”… The most interesting thing is that to start her acting career, the girl did not have to do anything – she just sat on the porch of her own house and caught the eye of the photographers passing by.

By good fortune, Larry Clarke, one of the men, was planning his directorial debut and found a type Rosario suitable for one of the roles. I must say that Larry himself did not achieve much success in the film industry, but he launched a dizzying career. Dawson

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher.  Killers

Famous films like “Where is my car, dude?”, “Butterfly Effect”, “Killers” the viewer invariably associates with a person Ashton Kutcher… In his youth, the guy did a lot of stupid things – he attempted suicide and was engaged in theft, as a result of which he lost his girlfriend and a university scholarship. Ashton began studying to be a chemist, but even then distinguished himself – he was kicked out of the hostel for violating the rules of residence.

According to Kutcher himself, endless parties mixed for him into a single stream and you need to thank God that a riotous lifestyle did not bring Ashton to the grave. It was in the next bar that a man received an offer from an agent to try himself in the modeling business, from where the road to the cinema was quite short.

Christopher Pratt

Christopher Pratt.  Passengers

Star of modern superhero cinema, participant in projects such as “Extremely dangerous”, “Passengers”, “Jurassic World” far from immediately became a sought-after actor. Moreover, Chris Born into a humble family of saleswoman and miner, he did not graduate from college and was interrupted by odd jobs. It got to the point that Pratt went to Hawaii and worked in one of the diners.

The guy had nowhere to live – he was content with a tent on the beach. Chris served an actress one day Ray Dong Chongwho noticed the potential in him. The woman invited Pratt to star in a short film, to which he happily agreed, because there was nothing to lose.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum.  Step forward

We know this talented actor for his work in films such as “Step forward”, “Assault on the White House”, “The main character”… However, the emergence Channing in the cinema – a matter of chance, because nothing disposed to it. Tatum he was fond of American football, and also took up any job, trying to figure out himself, he did not even disdain to dance a striptease.

According to the actor himself, his life was changed by a modeling agency, where he was recruited literally on the street – Channing began acting in clips, participating in shows and photo shoots. A strong financial position allowed Tatum to take less care of domestic issues and listen to himself. The man realized that he liked art and made a fairly successful acting career.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman.  Leon

For example Natalie Portman you can make sure that accidents are not accidental. Since childhood, she tried to participate in amateur performances and even rested in a theater camp. At a very young age, Natalie was noticed by representatives of a modeling agency and invited the girl to start a career in this area. However, Portman firmly stated that she wanted to become an actress, so the scouts advised her to take part in the audition for the film. “Leon”

The casting was conducted by an assistant director, who immediately dismissed Natalie’s candidacy. The tests continued for a long time, but it was not possible to find a suitable actress. Only a year later, in person Luc Besson began re-scanning the questionnaires and gave Portman a happy chance.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron.  Devil's Advocate

If you think that swearing in stores for any reason is unproductive, then history Charlize Theron able to dissuade in this. The girl worked as a model and dreamed of becoming a ballerina, however, an ill-fated knee injury put an end to her plans. Mother persuaded Charlize to try herself in Hollywood, but it was not easy to break into the “dream factory” – the girl lived very modestly and saved every penny.

Once Charlize failed to cash a check sent from South Africawhere the Theron family lived. Against the background of financial need and despair, the girl made an incredible scandal, not hesitating in expressions. To her delight, one of the Hollywood agents was in line, who decided that Charlize’s expression should not be wasted – she received a business card, and with it a ticket to a happy life.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford.  Star Wars

Our beloved Han Solo and Indiana Jones could well have flown past a successful film career, but he was saved by a lucky chance. The man always wanted to be an actor and even moved to Los Angeles, where he began to actively act in films. Successes Harrison, to put it mildly, were not impressive – he appeared only in episodes, and scenes with the actor’s participation were often simply cut out.

Ford tired of being branded a loser, so he decided to give up his dream and stayed in Hollywood as a carpenter, having thus worked 3 yearsGeorge Lucas noticed the guy when he was installing the door in one of the pavilions and gave him a chance in the picture “American Graffiti”… What happened next, we all know perfectly well – “Star Wars” and world fame.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham.  Lock, money, two barrels

Like many random people, Jason came to the cinema from the modeling business. Stateham possessed some acting skills as he played in street theaters, and was also a talented diving and even was part of the national team. However, Jason admitted that sports did not bring him a decent income, so he had to deal with the sale of jewelry and perfumes.

One of the scouts noticed Statham literally on the street and invited the man to star in an ad for jeans. So Jason’s modeling career started, and then he met with Guy Ritchie and played in an immortal picture “Lock, Stock, Two Barrels”

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson.  Crazy Max

It’s no secret that Gibson – not only a brilliant actor, but also a talented director and producer. chalk graduated from drama school, but was in no hurry to pursue a career – he preferred gatherings in bars, fights and love affairs to camera lenses. On the set “Mad Max” Gibson turned out to be quite by accident – he was just giving a lift to one of his acquaintances after another stormy night.

The director appreciated Gibson’s rumpled appearance and invited him to audition for the role of one of the villains. By the next meeting, Mel put himself in order, and got the opportunity to play himself Max… What happened next, we know very well, the low-budget film shot, and Gibson became a star of the first magnitude.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp.  Pirates of the Caribbean

Now Johnny Is a favorite actor of millions of viewers around the world, but he never planned to devote himself to cinema. Depp was a difficult child, led an asocial lifestyle, and the only outlet for him was music. Johnny played in various bands and got married in 20 years… It was his wife who introduced him to Nicholas Cage, who literally persuaded Depp to participate in the audition.

Unexpectedly for himself Johnny got a role in the picture “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, but thought that cinema is just a good financial help. However, Depp’s success in music left much to be desired, and gradually he accepted himself as an actor, and we got the images of the captain Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter, Grindelwald and this list can be continued for a long time.

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