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10 famous actors who could play Marvel and DC heroes

Everyday life of a superhero cannot be called simple – you constantly have to save the world and help everyone around. As the army of comic book fans steadily grows, directors feel a heightened responsibility towards the audience and are forced to carry out painstaking work to find suitable actors. Sometimes absolutely incredible candidates fall into their sight. Can you imagine Jack Black or David Duchovny as favorite Marvel and DC heroes?

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The poor choice of an actor is likely to play a negative role in the further development of the franchise. Considering that the heroes of comic book adaptations are constantly wandering from one project to another, the mistake may turn out to be completely fatal. That is why, directors sort out many candidates, and scriptwriters sometimes adjust the character of a character for a specific actor.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix.  Batman

As we already know Phoenix left an indelible mark on the DC universe, playing one of the best Jokers throughout history. The main confirmation of this fact was personal Oscar and audience recognition. However, everything could have turned out differently, because even before the cult trilogy Nolana, Joaquin seriously considered for the role Batman

Producer Darren Aronofsky, known for his original, author’s vision, was going to film the Dark Knight. According to the assurances of people directly involved in the project, the story turned out to be rather tough and unusual. When choosing an actor for a role Bruce Wayne, Aronofsky gave preference to Phoenix, although he also considered Freddie Prinza… However, the film was never shot.

Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell.  Iron Man

Movie star “Jojo Rabbit” and “Three billboards” today it is in demand by many large projects. Few people know that Sam could well have played Iron Man and with this proposal he was approached by Jon Favreau… At this stage, the director did not even see the script, but when he got acquainted with the sample Downey, changed my mind.

The studio was against attraction Roberta and insisted on participating Rockwell, but Favreau began a serious fight for his new favorite and achieved success. However, Sam was not left without a role – in the second part of the franchise he played Justin Hammer, the wannabe and adversary of Iron Man.

Jack Black

Jack Black.  Green torch

A constant participant in various comedy projects of dubious quality, Jack Black, could well try on the role Green LanternRobert Smigel started writing the script and it quickly became clear that the film was a parody comedy. Of course, Black fit perfectly into such a concept, and it was planned to give the main role to him.

After the studio announced preparations for filming, fans of the comic book were very indignant, because they did not want to see one of their favorite characters in such a story. The project had to be closed, and later a full-fledged blockbuster was released about Green Lantern, which, however, was a little lost against the background of other paintings.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe.  Wolverine

It seemed that Russell Crowe suits perfectly for the role WolverinesBrian Singer had the same opinion, so he invited a famous actor to his project. Russell’s refusal came as a real surprise, since the picture looked very promising and could cement Crowe’s popularity.

The actor explained that in “Gladiator” he had too many wolf-related attributes. That is why he wants to avoid associations with this animal. The excuse looks rather strange, because the wolverine is far from a wolf, but apparently Russell was busy with more important things and did not delve into the essence of what was happening.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise.  Ozymandia

It’s hard to imagine that an actor could give up action roles for the sake of a series. HBO “Keepers”… However, we had every chance to see Ozymandia performed by Cruise… This character seemed to fit Tom, since he is not a superhero in the classical sense of the word – of the supernatural abilities, the man had only developed reflexes.

Zach Snyder for a long time sought a meeting with Tom and gave him a lot of convincing arguments, but failed. However, this is not the only case when the director disrupted negotiations with the stars of the first magnitude, but the desire to attract the best artists to the shooting does him credit.

David Duchovny

David Duchovny.  Hulk

We all know Davidlike the star of the series “Secret materials”, which just blew up the air after its release. However, the actor could well become the Hulk, whose role he refused to return. Eric Bana… Such a development of events is really difficult to imagine, because the appearance Duchovny is not at all associated with the green giant.

Early in the development of a painting “The incredible Hulk»David was seen as one of the main candidates for the lead role. It is curious that in the end, the director preferred him Edward Norton – an actor with a similar type.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock.  Wonder Woman

If you think that only Gal Gadot could play Wonder woman, we hasten to disappoint you. The first choice for the role was Sandra Bullock, who has already celebrated her 57th birthday. This may seem surprising, but we will try to explain.

Painting “Wonder Woman” developed since the mid-nineties – then Gadot was still a child. In 1999, the producer of the project began negotiations with Sandra, but the shooting never took place.

John Krasinski

John Krasinski.  Captain America

Recently John Krasinski more shows himself as a director, although he does not put an end to the acting craft. We must thank him for creating two parts of the picture. “Quiet place” and there is no doubt that soon John will delight the audience with new projects. However, things could have turned out differently if Krasinski got the role Captain America

How is this possible, after all Chris Evans played your character perfectly? Even at the stage of development of the project, John went to the studio, trying to get a role, which he admitted on one of the television shows. But when the creators of the picture turned their attention to Evans, Krasinski lost all chances.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio.  Spiderman

As you know, the main star of the trilogy Spiderman became Tobey Maguire, whose cinematic career has practically died out in recent years. However, initially in the short list of the creators of the picture, the first number was Leonardo DiCaprio… Obviously, such a famous actor could bring an additional army of fans to the film, but the circumstances were different.

It is curious that Maguire and DiCaprio have been friends since childhood, having met on the set. Subsequently, they played together in several films, but “Spider-Man” is the only project where Toby has managed to surpass his eminent comrade.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage.  Superman

Painting “Superman Alive” added to the collection of films that were not destined to appear. The director was Tim Burtongoing to show Clark Kent in a completely different setting and delve into the study of his personality. Alas, this concept was rejected by studio bosses after a year of development.

The main role went to Cage, and his main opponent was supposed to play Kevin Spacey… Nicholas periodically gave interviews and admitted that he was preparing to embody such a significant image all his life. Cage was going to introduce Superman to the public in a way that no one else had seen him.

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