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10 famous actors who nearly died on the set

Breaking bad.  Back to the Future 3. Gangs of New York.  Collage

To an uninitiated viewer, it may seem that the profession of an actor is a real paradise. The fabulous fees and fame keep Hollywood stars happy, but the industry has its own pitfalls. Filming takes place in a variety of environments and is often risky, so the actor sometimes has to put his life on the line in order to successfully play the scene.

Of course, special attention is paid to safety in Hollywood, therefore force majeure situations most often arise due to the fault of technology, which tends to become unusable. However, some actors are true fans of their craft and take risks quite deliberately.

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher.  Illusion of deception

In the picture “Illusion of deception” a whole cohort of stars of the first magnitude starred – Mark Rufflo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman literally captivated the audience with their play. Compared to these actors, Isla Fisher has a much more modest portfolio, however, despite this, she managed to be in the spotlight.

According to the plot, the heroine had to repeat famous trick by David Copperfield – freeing from chains in a water tank… The film crew was completely delighted with Isla’s naturalistic performance, but soon those around him realized that Fischer was in danger. A fragment of the chain got stuck in the grate and did not allow the actress to surface – urgent measures were taken, and the girl was saved.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul.  Breaking bad

TV series “Breaking bad” literally thundered all over the world and became one of the most popular paintings of its time. Aaron Paul got, if not the main, but significant role of the accomplice of Cranston’s hero, Jesse Pinkman. Surprisingly, the actor had every chance of dying during the filming of the first season, which would be a truly sad event.

The trailer for the central characters, where they produced prohibited substances, was in the middle of the desert. The technicians used huge boulders to fix the decorations and fences. One of these stones took off and rolled to where Aaron stood just seconds ago. Paul did not succeed in the scene, and he moved away to consult with the director, which saved his life.

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox.  Back to the future 3

Not without incidents and shooting the popular franchise “Back to the Future”, we will talk about the third part. Everyone’s beloved Marty McFly traveled in a time machine to the distant 1885, when the mores of Americans were rather cruel. It is not at all surprising that the hero quickly found trouble on his head – one of the leaders of numerous gangs sent the guy straight to the gallows.

Of course, everything had to pass safely – under the feet of the actor was a box that held his weight. All that remained was to play the suffocation plausibly. but Michael decided he could hang in a loop while filming, and knocked out the support from under him. Obviously, the actor overestimated his strength, and he had to be rescued – this was the longest minute in Fox’s life.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan.  Police Story

It’s no secret that Jackie always strove to perform even extremely dangerous stunts on his own., therefore, he regularly received injuries of varying severity. However, on the set of the picture “Police Story” he almost lost his life and the reason for this is the incredible saturation of the film with action scenes.

Affected by the poor choice of glass, which was mercilessly broken by the actors during a fight in the supermarket. The canvas was too thick, so when performing the next trick, Jackie received an overly strong blow. The result was cracked vertebrae and a dislocated pelvis, which should be considered a lot of luck, the injuries could be much more serious.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham.  The Expendables 3

It’s no secret that Jason is constantly acting in action films and is periodically forced to perform stunts. Each scene simply cannot be assigned to a stuntman, and there is no particular need for this. The trouble came to Statem unexpectedly during the filming of the picture. “The Expendables 3”… According to the plot, the actor needed to drive a truck of solid dimensions and it didn’t look too dangerous.

but suddenly the car’s brakes failed and it was rushing at full speed straight to the sea… Jason got his bearings in the situation in time and managed to jump out of the vehicle, since the door was dismantled in advance, which made it easier for Statem to escape. Otherwise, a banal panic could easily prevent getting out of the truck, which is quickly filled with water.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry.  emergency call

Picture “Emergency call” hard to call a furious action movie, but Halle Berry managed to arrange a real action on the set. During one of the scenes, the actress is corny stumbled and hit her head on the concrete pavement, instantly losing consciousness.

Holly was immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors ascertained the absence of serious injuries. However, the situation seemed really dangerous, because the interaction of the cranium with concrete often ends in failure for a person.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence.  The Hunger Games

It’s no secret that the main character of the film “The Hunger Games”, Katniss, was subjected to really difficult tests at the behest of the writers. However, the actress who embodied her image also received a solid adrenaline rush due to a breakdown in technology. According to the plot, it was necessary to simulate smoke in the tunnel, for which a special machine was used

The mode of operation of the unit went astray, and it began to release smoke literally at its maximum power. It was not easy for the actress to get out on her own, because she quickly lost her orientation in space, and also swallowed smoke and, after being rescued, could not return to normal for a long time.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone.  Rocky 4

On the set Rocky 4 Sylvester Stallone was seriously injured, and solely through his own fault. According to the plot, his hero was supposed to have a boxing match with the character of Dolph Lundgren, who knocks Rocky down with a powerful blow. A crazy thought crept into Sylvester’s head that this scene should not be played, but realized.

Lundgren turned out to be a much tougher guy than Stallone thought and hit really hard at the star’s request. In the evening, Sylvester’s blood pressure rose, reaching critical valuesand he was urgently hospitalized. It took the doctors a whole week to go out and bring Rocky back to normal.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise.  Best shooter

The hero of action movies, Tom Cruise periodically gets into various troubles. People who know the actor well are jokingly surprised that he is still alive, because the star constantly puts himself in danger. So on the set of the movie “Best shooter” Cruise nearly drowned as a result of a wet parachute – He was saved by one of the members of the technical team.

When the tape was in production “The Last Samurai”Tom had the opportunity to cross swords in a horse duel with his opponent. Mechanical horses turned out to be unreliable and crashed into each other, failing, and the melee weapon passed centimeters from the actor’s neck. Hitting even a fake sword can do significant damage to health.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis.  Gangs of new york

The undisputed leader of our rating is Daniel Day-Lewis, who deliberately put himself on the brink of life and death. The actor is known for the method of his work – he does not leave the character throughout the entire filming process. The painting “Gangs of New York” tells us about the events of the mid-19th century, so Daniel wore only costumes of that era.

The result was disastrous – the actor got pneumonia, which he refused to treat… He argued his decision very simply – in the 19th century antibiotics did not yet exist, so folk remedies came to Daniel’s aid. Lewis’s condition quickly deteriorated, and they began to rescue him literally against the will of the actor, placing him in a hospital. The disease was neglected, so the recovery took a long time, but the doctors managed to save the obstinate star.

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