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10 famous actors who starred in Christmas movies

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At first glance, it might seem like acting in a Christmas movie is a real treat for an actor. Almost everyone loves the winter holidays and once again plunge into the magical atmosphere of the New Year is a great joy. However, in reality, everything is a little different, Christmas movies are not always successful at the box office and a celebrity invariably runs the risk of hitting his own reputation.

However, sometimes the appearance of a Hollywood star in a New Year’s film turns into incredible success and the tape becomes a real hit. Before us 10 examples of how a famous actor appeared in a Christmas picture and managed to make something really special out of the project.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon.  Four Christmases

Let’s start with Witherspoon, although the girl cannot be called a cult actress, in the middle of the “zero” years her affairs were going quite well. Pictures “Legally Blonde” and “Walk the Line” turned Reese into a real celebrity, and even film critics drew attention to her. Witherspoon won Oscars and Golden Globes, and offers from directors poured in as if from a cornucopia.

However, quite unexpectedly, Reese starred in the film. “Four Christmases”… The film proved to be commercially successful, but was greeted with restraint by the audience. However, for Witherspoon, the tape was another milestone in his career and a really interesting experience.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell.  Elf

It seems that Will Ferrell knows exactly how to do a Christmas movie. Films with his participation, “Elf” and “Hello, Dad, New Year!” turned out to be really successful from a commercial point of view and brought the actor an additional portion of fame. However, these paintings received mixed reviews and there is still debate about their artistic value.

It must be admitted that Will has a comedic talent and a certain role… He almost always plays kind, but a little rustic guys, his characters, despite good intentions, constantly find themselves in difficult situations. Perhaps it was this image that made Ferrell the perfect actor for a Christmas movie.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston.  New Years corporate party

Hardly one of the highest paid actresses in the world needs to prove anything to anyone. Aniston has so many successful films under her belt that even an average film is not able to spoil her reputation. However, Jennifer’s participation in the project “New Years corporate party” came as a certain surprise. I must admit that the actress coped with her task and looked very organic on the screen.


The film tells about the owner of a large company, Carol, who wants to improve the financial performance of the company, closes unnecessary branches. Her brother does not agree with this state of affairs and arranges a grand corporate party that can melt his sister’s heart. However, keeping the holiday under control will not be easy.

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton.  Jack Frost

When Keaton took on the project “Jack Frost”, behind him were already the cult roles of Beetlejuice and Batman. Nobody expected Michael to appear in the Christmas family comedy, but he got used to it very well. the image of an unlucky dad who neglects his promises

But the film turned out to be not very funny, because in the center of the plot there is a real tragedy, and outdated graphics today hurts the eye a little. However, the good message of the tape compensates for any shortcomings and makes it a great Christmas picture. Unfortunately, cinema was a major financial failure, fueled by a bloated budget.

Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito.  Welcome or neighbors not allowed

For Danny, “Welcome or No Neighbors No Entry” was not his first Christmas project. This is not surprising when you consider that DeVito is a comedian to the core. His colorful appearance has always contributed to the formation of his role., and unconditional talent made it possible to embody incredibly funny images.

As for the reporting picture, she could not jump over her head, but it became a good entertainment during the winter holidays. The tape barely paid off at the box office and did not bring sane profit to the creators. According to the plot, the hero Danny wants to favorably distinguish his home against the background of a luxurious neighbor’s house and does not hesitate in choosing the means to achieve the goal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Christmas present

Today it is difficult for us to imagine an action star as an infantile clerk, but in the film “A Present for Christmas”, Schwarzenegger plays just such a guy. In fact, Arnold has always been inclined to experiment and often tried to find himself in family movies. It is difficult to judge whether a man has a comedian talent, but his mere presence in such films invariably amuses the viewer – It is unusual to see Schwarzenegger in such a guise.

As for the tape “Gift for Christmas”, she received mixed reviews and managed to make a profit for the studio. Arnie often looks funny, especially since the partners on the set helped him a lot by creating the necessary entourage.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck.  Relive Christmas

After the success of films such as Good Will Hunting and Pearl Harbor, it was quite unusual to see Affleck in a Christmas comedy. The actor drew attention to the project for a reason. “Surviving Christmas” – this was inspired by his beloved, Jennifer Lopez, to whom Ben dedicated an unusual role to himself.

The film fell in love with the domestic audience, although it was met with skepticism in the West. The tape fell into production hell – the script was being finalized during the filming, and the premiere was delayed for a whole year.… Affleck has repeatedly stated that he is dissatisfied with the work of the director, who was poorly prepared for the process of creating the picture.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton.  Bad santa

Christmas movies are clearly not Thornton’s strong point. He rarely played in comedies and diligently avoided blockbusters, so to many viewers his filmography may seem rather bleak. For the actor the role of the fabulous grandfather was a real revelation, the tape really took off and brought Billy a success.

Painting “Bad Santa” Is a purely adult film that tells Willie’s story. A man is only interested in easy money, booze and women. For the next business, he needs to change into a costume of a festive character and entertain visitors to the shopping center, only Willie himself approaches this mission without enthusiasm.

Jim carrey

Jim carrey.  The Grinch Stole Christmas

Obviously, the picture “The Grinch Stole Christmas” managed to become a New Year’s classic. There is no doubt about the comedic talent of Jim Carrey – the actor has skillfully entertained the viewer with his bizarre images throughout almost his entire career. However, a Christmas movie is a different matter, especially since the star was simply given a ton of makeup to make the man look like a fabulous creature.

The idea fully justified itself – the film collected an excellent box office and fell in love with the viewer. Despite the unrecognizable appearance, Jim’s facial expressions played an important role and brought its own flavor… Also, do not forget about the tape “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, although it is nominally not a Christmas one, it fully creates the New Year’s mood.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds.  Just friends

It’s no secret that Ryan has no problems with employment; now he is one of the most in-demand Hollywood actors. Reynolds successfully starred in horrors, comedies, does not disdain comics and is a kind of multi-storyteller. Romantic Christmas Ribbon “Just Friends” became a new challenge for Ryan, which he successfully coped with.

The central character suffered from obesity in his teenage years and was secretly in love with the main star of the school. Time has passed, now Chris is a successful handsome man and by coincidence he returns to his native land. Will a man be able to fix everything and win the girl of his dreams?

We have not forgotten about Macaulay Culkin, we will devote a separate article to him and “Home Alone” 🙂

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