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10 foreign TV shows that are worthy of re-watching

The situation in the cinematic world is constantly changing – until recently, series were in the deep underground, and now they are at the pinnacle of success. Streaming services continue to grow in popularity and are almost poised to challenge cinemas. The quality of the series is also improving, and today many of them simply need to be revised in order to note for themselves the curious details that the eye does not immediately grasp.

Breaking Bad.  The soprano clan.  Better call Saul.  Star Trek.  Collage

It’s no secret that earlier multi-part tapes were often characterized by simplicity. The viewer could enjoy the spectacle and safely forget about the picture in a few days. Today, screenwriters are much more meticulous in their approach to the plot – they put in the story a lot of “Easter eggs” and imperceptible details that give the film a special charm.


Madmen.  TV series

Creator: Matthew Weiner

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2007

The life of an antihero on the screen is not always easy. Some are forced to kill – others achieve their goals with more sophisticated methods. What unites them is the unambiguity of a negative image. WITH Don Draper from the series “Mad Men” not everything is so simple – he is an ordinary person who is limited by a set of standard vices.

Since the action of the picture takes place in the “sixties” Twentieth century, historical accuracy plays a huge role. The film crew worked very successfully in this direction and thoroughly reproduced a bygone era. Many details are easy to miss at first, so the film is recommended for re-viewing.

The customer is always dead

The client is always dead.  TV series

Creator: Alan Ball

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Year of issue: 2001

At first glance, it may seem that “The client is always dead” Is a common soap opera about relationships within the average family. However, the funeral home’s scenery changes the viewer’s perception of the show. David and Nate become the owners of the family business after the death of their father – now they have to see people off to a better world.

It is obvious that such a business is a very painful business and leaves an imprint on every family member. Through the prism of constant interaction with death, the experiences of the characters are shown, issues of religion, psychology, and relationships are considered. Experts agree that the show was completed on time, and this allowed it to remain in the memory of the viewer.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series

Creator: Gene Roddenberry

Genre fiction

Year of issue: 1966

Gene Roddenberry created a series ahead of its time, so initially “Star Trek” was not perceived as a cult work. However, many fans of science fiction are revising the picture even today, preferring it to new episodes. What is the secret of the series, placed in the scenery of space?

Probably, special attention should be paid to the social component. Roddenberry did not seek to create just a space action game, he showed a multicultural utopia that addresses truly pressing issues. Many episodes need to be reviewed several times in order to independently reach the deep meaning and assimilate the mythology of the universe.

Hooligans and nerds

Hooligans and nerds

Creator: Paul Fig

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Year of issue: 1999

By today’s standards, the show “Hooligans and nerds” cannot be called particularly successful – it was closed after the first season. However, it was this fact that allowed the series to become a classic, because each of the 18 episodes released is clearly worked out, full of drama and a fair amount of humor. The picture tells about Sam and Lindsey, brother and sister want to take their rightful place in the school hierarchy, while trying to understand themselves and establish relationships with their parents.

Even the relatively “flat” characters in this series are well researched, and the presented problems are still relevant today. All plot arcs are perfectly aligned, and some episodes have become cult altogether.

You better call Saul

You better call Saul

Creator: Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2015

Film success “Breaking Bad” provoked Vince Gilligan to create a spin-off in which the viewer learned about the formation of a lawyer, Saul Goodman… I must say that the picture was to the taste of the public and received quite high marks. The protagonist’s ambiguous personality grabs the audience’s attention and makes it hungrily devour the show, season after season.

Why is the film worth watching? It has incorporated many Easter eggs that belong to the flagship series Breaking Bad. The subtle connections between the tapes, the introduction of familiar minor characters, and plot intersections make even re-viewing a truly memorable experience.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Creator: David Lynch, Mark Frost

Genre: detective, drama

Year of issue: 1990

The series became truly revolutionary for its time in terms of filming and presentation of material. Special gloss to the painting Twin Peaks gave a unique style David Lynch, he loves to confuse the viewer and fill the scenes with symbolism. This led to the fact that we got a non-trivial detective story, in which the spirit of surrealism is constantly hovering.

The creators of the tape managed to place in their creation not only a solid moral foundation, but also a fair amount of mysticism. Numerous details constantly confuse the viewer and give him scope for free interpretation of certain events. As you watch the show several times, you may find that even your own conclusions begin to change.


Wiretapping.  TV series

Creator: David Simon

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2002

We have before us a classic police drama, which throughout 5 seasons allows you to actively monitor the work of detectives. Wiretapping and covert filming are often the most effective methods of fighting crime, but sometimes even their own bosses can pose a threat to the rule of law. Each new season illuminates a specific area of ​​big city life, and the scenes were filmed with almost documentary realism.

In the series “Wiretapping” there are a lot of characters involved, each of which plays an important role in the narrative. It is simply impossible to cover all the subtleties of the investigation the first time.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos

Creator: David Chase

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 1999

We all know in general terms what the mafia is. However, the series The Sopranos offers to look at the issue more broadly and understand psychology Tony, one of the local bosses. David Chase throughout 6 seasons conducts a thorough study of the personality of the protagonist, deliberately breaks off storylines and leaves an indefinite ending.

However, Tony is immersed not only in dialogues with a personal psychologist, he constantly rotates in the criminal world, full of curious characters. There are so many actors, and their relationship with the main character is sometimes so ambiguous that the viewer may need several views to understand all the intricacies.


Sherlock.  TV series

Creator: Mark Gatiss, Stephen Moffat

Genre: detective

Year of issue: 2010

TV series based on the works Arthur Conan Doyle is released in the format of a full-length film, so the tandem of creators has enough time to immerse the viewer in all the intricacies of investigations. The plot has been largely redesigned and adapted for a modern audience.

We must not forget that we are dealing with a detective, and a well-thought-out one, therefore, many details are hidden until a certain time. Although the version of the series with Benedict Cumberbatch and departs from the classic reading, sometimes the episode needs to be revised in order to better understand the plot.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Creator: Vince Gilligan

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Year of issue: 2008

Many will say that “Breaking Bad” – one of the best American TV series ever and will not be far from the truth. The picture was treated kindly by critics and the audience, collected a huge number of awards and a solid fan base. Crime drama is largely based on professionalism Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul, but the writers also did not disappoint.

All elements of the series are carefully connected with each other by numerous references and “Easter eggs”. Symbolism can be found in almost every scene – even the color of the characters’ clothes speaks volumes about their personalities and current circumstances. Many fans of the series revisit it constantly and this is quite understandable – each time you will find new details in the film.

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