• December 5, 2023

🔝10 funniest and most unusual mods for Skyrim

Skyrim has paved the way for many newcomers to the world of video games, and has also taken countless hours from seasoned veterans. Many players have spent several hundreds of hours to pass even before any DLC… But even after breaking the 500 hour mark, they still found new quests, characters and locations

Skyrim mods

The world created by the developers itself offers great and extensive lore, but with the help of modding tools and the wasted efforts of the modders themselves, the game becomes almost endless.

Fighting a dragon on an airship

Skyrim weird modsFighting any dragon was quite a spectacular sight, and riding it across the sky was awe-inspiring. What do you think about the possibility of a battle with him in the air? Airships were introduced through the famous Moonpath to Elsweyr mod (it is interesting to note that the creator of this mod made his own game called The falconeer).

Subsequently, the airships received customization and became more accessible with the help of the add-on Dev avezaallowing you to create your own home in the sky. Before starting the flight, remember that aggressive rivals are flying in the sky.

Death note

Death note to skyrimDeath Note mod is an interesting addition for fans popular mangawho will immediately understand his plan.

For those who have not watched the anime of the same name, the idea is as follows: any name written in the book will kill the bearer of the name after it is written.

During a conversation with anyone unique character (even from other mods), you will be given the opportunity to remember it name and face… As you travel, the open function appears. Death note and enter your sacrifice… Keep in mind: important characters also die, so you need to be careful when choosing.

Launching NPCs into space using cabbage

cabbage in skyrimIt is unlikely that most people thought about hurting someone. a head of cabbage… However, gamers are not the majority of people, and the fantasy of having access to modding is unstoppable. With the Deadly Cabbages mod, players can use cabbage as a very powerful weapon.
With a sufficiently high level of pumping, an effect appears similar to the blow of giants that launch Dragonborn into the stratosphere. If you are tired of the seriousness and pathos of the world of Skyrim, it’s time to show him force cabbage

Bear musician

bear with lute in skyrimThe peak achievement of modification as an art is the ability to invoke bear with lute… Bear Musician mod allows you to summon a summon capable of raising fighting spirit great playing a musical instrument.

We advise you not to give it up without experiencing it in practice, perhaps you will find the best companion in the game.

In one of the updates bear learned to use the lute as a weapon. Inspired by an interesting idea, another modder created a version – BeArserk, in which the band’s song was added to the rhythm Queen “We Will Rock You” grizzly.

Magic world

Hogwarts in skyrimAn entirely new world has been added to Skyrim with the Phenderix Magic World mod. Don’t let the name fool you, the mod offers much more than just typical locations in a magic setting. Once installed, the ability to teleport to a new world appears from anywhere.

In addition to a completely unique world, the mod includes new spells, armor, weapons, and everything else to enhance the adventure experience.

After moving you will be taken to the castle in style Hogwarts from Harry Potter, a fortified outpost known as The Wall and even the Forbidden Forest.

Be you

Werewolf in SkyrimBattle between fans vampires and werewolves has been going on for many years, and Skyrim only added fuel to the fire. Quest lines Companion guildswhere the opportunity to become a werewolf appeared, ended up with the players being able to accept lycanthropy… A little later, the developers allowed to try on the role of a vampire in the DLC Dawnguard.

Since then, the debate about which transformation is better or more profitable has only intensified, but this is no longer necessary. With the True Hybrid mod, gamers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Return of Sheogorath

Sheogorath god of madness in skyrim
Sheogorath wakes up and the real begins chaos… Fortunately for gamers, all the randomness and oddities inherent in everyone’s favorite mad prince beautifully packaged in Sheogorath Shout fashion. This mod adds all sorts of nonsense, from a powerful scream causing cheese rain, to weapons that turn enemies into strong alcohol

The craziest of all items is the Staff of the Wagon Priest, throwing real wagons at enemies (or friends – Sheogorath will not condemn this behavior).

It turns out that vans are not the most powerful weapon, so get ready to fill the room with vehicles by the time the enemy is successfully destroyed.

Starbucks and Game of Thrones

a cup of coffee on the table in skyrimNo one expected a cup Starbucksleft on the set for a split second will be the most memorable moment in “Game of thrones”, But that is exactly what happened. The infamous cup has been immortalized in Skyland Coffee fashion. It replaces mugs with coffee-style cups Starbucks

Since then, the mod has been updated, the function has appeared not to replace all mugs and to offer Skyland coffee as a drink that increases stamina, you can buy it in most stores.

Chicken god

Corinthian armor in skyrimThe Chicken mod for Skyrim allows you to equip chicken armor and then briefly summon “God chickens“. The summoned creature has immortality and can use dragon cry

This should also include the Chicken Companion mod, it allows the chicken to be constant companion (he has adorable armor just right for his size).


Faalscar for SkyrimFalskaar is one of the most extensive and impressive mods on the market. After its installation, a whole continent appears, independent of Tamrieland an additional 25 hours of content is added. there is new quests, original tracks and fully voiced unique characters

Falskaar was created by the developer to test his own skills. We can safely say that the skills were at a high level, because he was invited to work at Bungie.

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