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10 hidden chips for perfect play

It took players years to explore the homeland of the Nords, but it still holds secrets that many will not find out about.

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

It has been many years since the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Players have carefully explored the northern region, finding new artifacts, shouts, and finding Easter eggs. Some secrets still remain so, while others took years to find. This shows the scale and depth of the Skyrim project. Even die-hard fans of the franchise are sure they might have missed out on a few secrets. Below we will talk about 10 most mysterious facts and unusual features of the Nordic lands.

Spoiler alert!

Shadow marks

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

Players who complete the Thieves Guild quest chain are familiar with Shadow Markers – special engraving on objects and walls of buildings left by thieves.

Signs will tell the player information about the location: filled with treasures, already robbed, whether the owner has connections with the Guild or it is better not to enter the building. The player should carefully examine the walls of buildings in cities in search of signs.

For a list of Shadow Markers, see book of the same namewhich is in the tavern Ragged Flask in Riften. It can also be found in Arkaneum, Library of the College of Winterhold.

The map is rendered in real time

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

Unlike previous games in The Elder Scrolls series, in Skyrim, Bethesda has made rendering the map in real time. When players zoom in on a specific location, they see a 3D rendering of the surrounding space.

Notably, the map shows any event the player is participating in when he zooms the map. For example, the absorption of a dragon’s soul will be marked orange glow next to the player.

Invisible merchant chests

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

Stealth players have noticed that some merchants have nothing to steal. Goods are stored in hidden chests that can be found in every major city, except Falkreath… Touching on the technical side of the issue, it should be said that the developers hid the chests under the textures and they can only be recognized with precise cursor hover (or by using the tcl console command).

  • The easiest way to find an invisible chest is in Dunstare: The player goes to the Iron Ore Mine, looks at the pile of stones to the left of the entrance, crouches and sneaks towards the rock. There is a chest with Khajiit goods.
  • The second chest is in Whiterun under the house of the Companions: after reaching the gate, you need to turn left, climb onto the barrel, jump onto the wall from it and walk along the right side of the impenetrable location to Jorrvaskr. It remains to climb into the hole in the wall and find what you want.
  • Another chest is in Solitude… You need to leave the city and move to the first arch, go out onto the field, sit down and look for a chest next to the tree.

Sometimes chests can have Khajiit. In this case, it is better to return to the site later or to act covertly. Otherwise, you may be attacked for deciding to steal someone else’s property.

Sovngarde statues looking at the player

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

In the final mission, the player ends up in Sovngarde to defeat Aldiun together with the heroes of the past. Upon arrival, Dovahkiin sees statues, whose gaze is turned to the surroundings.

Few people know that the statues work like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who: when the protagonist turns away, the statues follow him with their eyes. To make sure of this, you need to stop at the first entrance to Sovngarde, wait 2-3 seconds and turn around.

The same thing happens with all the statues in the location: the eyes are directed at the hero. An interesting and creepy scary Easter egg from the developers. There is no explanation for this phenomenon in the game.

Companions are able to open the chest

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

The mechanics of Dovahkiin’s companions in the game are one of the most irritating: they disappear, freeze in the middle of the battle, or get stuck in a doorway, preventing the player from passing. But there are benefits from them, because an annoying companion can open a chest.

Therefore, if the player is tired of doing this on his own, you can delegate the task to your NPC. The only exceptions are chests with a lock of the “Master” level.

Dragon Hidden in the Black Reach

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

There are many secrets in the Black Redistribution: from the scarlet roots of Nirn to the glowing giant mushrooms. But that’s not all: as in most hidden locations in the game, there is boss

To find it, the player must head to Quiet City in Black Reach, climb the lift and shout “Ruthless Force” towards the artificial sun hanging over the city.

So the dragon will be called Vulturjol… This creature has reached Level 50, therefore, you need to call it carefully: flying around the Black Limit, it will kill all living things that it sees.

The dragon is more of an interesting secret than a worthy enemy, from whose corpse you can take a valuable reward. Loot from it is similar in value to that from a regular dragon, despite the rarity and high level of the boss.

Contrary to popular belief, Vulturjol bronze in color with a metallic tint and beige patterns on the scales. Since this character lives in a dungeon with few sources of light, his color appears to be green or purple.

Alternative quest chain of the Dark Brotherhood

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

After completing the task “Lost Innocence»The player is asked to choose a prisoner to kill. Instead of executing the prisoner, Dovahkiin can kill Astrid.

The action will open an alternate chain called “Goodbye Dark Brotherhood“, Implying the killing of the order’s Assassins.

After the deed, Dovahkiin goes to the Dragon Bridge village near Solitude and meets with the commander Maron, the head of the Penitus Oculatus faction. The NPC will share information that members of the Dark Brotherhood have been found in the city and will issue a password.

After the cleanup, Maron will award Dovahkiin 3000 gold.

Paragon Platforms in Forgotten Vale

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

The Dawnguard add-on brought the Forgotten Valley location to Skyrim, where there are many hidden objects and unsolved secrets. The most mysterious of them is Paragon platforms

Paragons are kept by five ice giants, so they will have to be taken away by force. Each is inserted into a platform between the Shrine of Knowledge and the Shrine of Determination in Forgotten Valley.

Five Paragons lead to five hidden locations where you can find gold, potions, armor and a unique item “Auriel’s Shield“.

Giant Cudgel Companion

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

Skyrim camps contain a lot of unused loot from the “miscellaneous” section. For example, such things include a giant club, which is owned by the Ice Giant, capable of sending Dovahkiin into space with one blow.

Instead of collecting dust in the hero’s backpack, it is better to give them to a companion who will use them as a melee weapon. For this one should throw an item out of your inventory and order your companion to pick it up.

If done correctly, the partner will arm themselves with a club. It will be able to be worn by companions like Vilkas who have developed the skill “Two-handed weapon“.

Stealing Kills Heather Hearts

Skryrim: 10 unsolved secrets

Using the “Pickpocketing” skill, you can throw a poisonous potion into the inventory of the enemy. At the same time, the skill is used to kill the outcast Heatherheart. Would need sneak up and steal the creature’s heart.

This is not as easy as it seems at first glance, as they have very keen hearing. To sneak up on an outcast, Dovahkiin will have to use spells or enchantments that muffle steps.

These are not all the secrets of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are a lot of Easter eggs, as well as mysterious secrets. It is hard to imagine that someone was able to solve all the riddles of this game without spending half of their life on it. It took us three special guides on the secrets of Skyrim.

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