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10 Hollywood actors who became world stars without education

There is an opinion that it is really difficult to find a job without education, especially when it comes to actors. In part, this is true – in the vastness of the CIS, it is customary to look into the crust and demand incredible work experience. But in Hollywood and now sometimes the dreams of people who had practically no chance of getting on the screen come true.

Surprisingly, many iconic actors have never studied in their specialty. They just followed their dream (which didn’t even have to be a movie) and achieved incredible success. However, it should be understood that for 10 happy cases there are hundreds of people who have not managed to find themselves.

Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley.  Outside myself

This actor is known primarily for his charisma. Even small roles that directors endow Ben, he succeeds in bright and memorable. Kingsley starred in films such as “Shutter Island”, “Beyond myself”, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and many others. Everywhere Ben looked extremely convincing, although he did not even intend to become an actor.

Kingsley graduated, but when the opportunity presented itself to play a movie, the man could not refuse. For a long time, he appeared only in episodes, but continued to stubbornly pursue his goal, proving that an actor is a vocation.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan.  Sleepless in Seattle

Movie star “Best shooter”, Sleepless in Seattle and “Kate and Leo” did not intend to become an actress at all and entered the faculty of journalism. Students usually don’t have enough money, so Meg started acting in commercials to earn some extra money. This activity turned out to be so exciting that the girl dropped out of school and focused on looking for new projects.

At first, Meg was not taken on significant roles, but gradually she became her Hollywood… Now the actress hardly regrets that she did not become a journalist, because she achieved a really resounding success.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe.  Mind games

Initially, cinema was not included in the sphere of interest Russell Crowe… Actor who starred in films “Gladiator” and “Mind games”, tried to build a musical career. Unfortunately, his teams did not receive world recognition and remained in the underground, so Crowe was forced to look for additional sources of income. Shooting in second-rate TV series turned out to be a suitable option.

Russell then decided to study drama, but realized that it was a waste of time and focused on finding roles. As we know, this approach turned out to be quite effective and Crowe became a Hollywood star of the first magnitude.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt.  Fight club

Around becoming Brad Pittas an actor, there are really many legends. Some argue that he went to Hollywood with several hundred dollars in his pocket, others say that the future actor did not even graduate from high school. Of course, this is all exaggeration, Brad managed to get higher education before the first attempts to act in films. His specialty is journalism and advertising.

In addition, Pitt even attended acting courses, although it cannot be said that this is a full-fledged training for the profession. Brad had to deal with odd jobs, sometimes acting as an extra on the set. However, the guy’s acting talent was in his blood, so the directors quickly noticed his type and took it into circulation.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp.  Secret window

It’s hard to find a more eccentric and talented person than Johnny Depp… The guy had a difficult childhood – various psychological upheavals forced the teenager to grow up. He started drinking alcohol and smoking early, dropped out of school for his new hobby – music, and got married early.

Depp’s first marriage did not last even two years, but his wife brought him to Nicholas Cage… A chance acquaintance opened up new perspectives for Johnny, and he ended up in Hollywood, although he did not have a good education.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger.  Patriot

Curious that Hit since childhood, he dreamed of acting in films, but did not want to study by profession. Barely finished school Ledger He took a friend with him and went to conquer Sydney, which shouldn’t be surprising, because the actor’s homeland is Australia. By hook or by crook, Hit tried to break into the set, and he succeeded – several local roles and the guy was invited to act in the USA.

Films like “Patriot”, Brokeback Mountain and “The Dark Knight” today it is impossible to imagine without Ledger. It remains only to regret that the talented actor left this world at the age of 28.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy.  Trip to america

It is difficult to find a person who has not watched films with participation Eddie Murphy… However, his path in the film industry cannot be called simple and the reason for this is a difficult childhood. The guy grew up without a father, and his mother was seriously ill, so for some time Eddie was forced to live with a foster family. Murphy could not concentrate on his studies and began to get involved in the art of stand-up.

The first performances in clubs were received ambiguously by the public – Eddie joked on sensitive topics, which are now banned in the West. However, talent and irrepressible energy helped the man not only improve his career, but also attract the attention of television people. Today we know the actor from films such as “Trip to America”, “Doctor Dolittle” and “Beverly Hills Cop”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise.  Best shooter.  Top Gun

Childhood Tom Cruise also cannot be called simple – he survived the divorce of his parents and often changed his place of residence, which did not allow the guy to concentrate on his studies. In addition, the family of the future actor was extremely sensitive to religion, so he entered the seminary and was preparing to become a priest. However, Cruz became interested in cinema and began to think about changing the direction of his activities.

The guy, at the age of 18, went to conquer New York with the consent of his mother. Glory to the movie star “Mission Impossible”, “Vanilla Sky” and “Top Gun” did not come right away – at first Tom was interrupted by small roles. However, persistence has borne fruit – today Cruz is one of the highest paid actors.

Jim carrey

Jim carrey.  The Truman Show

Now Jim is considered one of the best comedians of our time, but he did not manage to achieve recognition immediately. A family Kerry could not boast of a stable financial situation, so all its members were forced to earn by any available means. Jim himself worked for a long time at one of the factories, from which he was not going to leave anywhere, since the profession brought him a piece of bread.

Kerry decided to try himself as a stand-up comedian and parodist, but his first performances in clubs turned out to be a failure. There were also minor movie roles and appearances on television shows. However, success came to Jim after the film. Ace Ventura: Pet Tracking… Critics ridiculed this project, but Kerry gained fame, and it was already unstoppable.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix.  Gladiator

Life Joaquin it could have turned out differently if his parents had not left the “Children of God” sect. Fortunately family Phoenix started everything from scratch and when the future actor was 4 years old, moved to Florida… Joaquin’s mother got a job on television and gradually pulled her children into filming. This allowed Phoenix to begin to realize himself from a very young age, and specialized education was no longer necessary.

Now we know Joaquin for his roles in films such as “Gladiator”, “She”, “Joker”, also the actor has many other quality works. Phoenix once again proved that talent and patronage in the modern world are much more important than education.

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