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10 main Easter eggs in the Witcher 3

This hugely popular RPG has always had various pop culture references. Movies, books, TV shows and other games – everything was there. Can you name each Easter egg?

10 main Easter eggs from the Witcher 3

There is no doubt that the talented writers who wrote the plot and quests for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” like to hide Easter eggs all over the continent… They cite movies, TV shows, books, comics, even their own upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. After the re-release of The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch, gamers returned to the game and discovered more and more hidden details.

There were some pretty obvious things that almost everyone found. Nonetheless, several lesser known easter eggs take a little longer, attention and hours of research to discover them. So that you do not waste time on replaying The Witcher 3 in their search, we have collected these interesting references here for you.

Breaking bad

Breaking Bad in The Witcher 3

When it comes to Breaking Bad, The Witcher quotes him directly and subtly… First, there is an achievement called “Cooking” that Geralt can get for learning 12 potion formulas… But these are only flowers.

North of Novigrad there is a cave with illusions. Inside there is a laboratory with the document “Notes of the Alchemist”. The alchemist complains about his assistant Jesterwho had “One task. ONE “. Also that he “better to leave loud than die slowly in the hospital“. There is no dispute as to who wrote this document, because it is signed by the name of Walter White.

There is one more reference – just west of Erde a mobster looking like Walter White, prepares fisshtech. He looks a lot like Heisenberg except for the hat.

Fight club

Fight Club in The Witcher 3

This reference is in some sense expected, but still interesting. It is quite clear that Geralt’s opponent during the story should be Tyler Durden from Fight Club… It happens during the quest “Fists of Fury” – the last fist fight in Novigrad.

Not only is Geralt fighting Darden, there is also text in the game, Lot’s Hansa Code, which lays down the rules of the Fight Club. This document is found in a protected treasure south of the ruins of Fort Astra. Geralt can read the code, but cannot talk about him.

Harry Potter

Goblet of Fire in The Witcher 3

Witchcraft, monsters and spells are just some of the common features of The Witcher 3 and Harry Potter. Maybe you didn’t know, but the real one The goblet of fire exists on the continent.

At the Borsodi brothers’ auction during the quest “Sesame, open up!” an artifact called the Goblet of Fire can be found in a glass case. Even Geralt had never heard of this object. It may have been brought through a portal, or it may have come from the continent. Whatever the assumption, this the same bowl as in the Harry Potter universe.

Another interesting mention of this franchise comes during the quest “The Oxenfurt Bloodsucker”, where monster telepathically whispers to Geralt about his lust for blood. Maybe it’s a Basilisk somewhere in the pipes?

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 pays homage to fairy tales and folk legends. An entire kingdom is dedicated to them. During the quest, Geralt is transported to the Land of a Thousand Tales, where the famous yellow brick road passes. While he is there, you can see some unknown (evil witch) character, crushed, apparently, by the house of Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Only ruby ​​slippers are visible. There is also a book “Travel between the worlds”, which mentions a land called Zo (meaning “Oz” written in reverse).

The Addams Family

The Addams family in The Witcher 3 on the map

When it comes to the creepy, gothic and fantasy Addams family in The Witcher 3, there is a pretty sweet pun that only true fans of these two franchises will notice. The Witcher 3 has the village of Larch, named after the Addams family butler, located east of Lindenweil. Unfortunately, in the Russian translation, the pun was lost – the village was named “Svorki”.


Batman in The Witcher 3

Catwoman, Batman and Robin exist as robbers on the continent. However, here they are just Selina, Bruce and, unexpectedly, Robin. In the Blood and Wine add-on quest, there is a note from Robin to Bruce (apparently Selina’s lover) about The “cat face” of his girlfriend… Selena is buried in Beauclair Cemetery. It is not surprising that there are a lot of jewelry, and a cat is purring nearby.

In the quest “Ghosts of the Past”, the bounty hunter gives the player trouble. However, Geralt considers this hero to be just a clown. This is funny, considering that Arno Vester’s favorite assassination technique is very similar to how Joker changed his face in the Batman franchise.


Odyssey in The Witcher 3

Homer’s Odyssey is the oldest Easter egg in The Witcher 3. Sometimes the plot of the game follows in the footsteps of Odessa Taka – or Odyssey from Ithaca – and his exploits.

There is a guarded treasure in Velen, near the village of Heatherton, which has a flock of sheep. Nearby lies the one-eyed monster from Odyssey is the Cyclops. In the Odyssey text, these sheep were used to hide from the Cyclops, after being blinded, of course. And in the bestiary there is a mention that: “To fight him (the Cyclops), it is best to use a sharpened wooden stake to gouge out one eye“.

Another mention of the epic relates to the “Lord of Undvik” quest. The team walks past the sirens and their inviting chants. The helmsman covers his ears to protect himself. Smart but he does not hear the crew’s warnings, and subsequently crashes the ship against the rocks.

Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings in The Witcher 3

The most notable reference in the game is the moment in which Geralt hires Zoltanto join the battle, defending Ciri from the Wild Hunt. Zoltan replies in the manner of the dwarf Gimli: “You will get me and my ax.”

On the quest “False Profit” you can find a note from Smigola Serkis, whose name is a direct reference to the character Sméagol (aka Gollum) from the Lord of the Rings. By the way, this document lies next to the spoon-key. “My dear, my dear, my treasure, my spoon!” – this is how the character himself speaks of his “joy”. These behaviors are also very similar to that of Gollum.

star Wars

Star Wars in The Witcher 3

The mention may be small, but this reference is epoch-making. Another Mandalorian bounty hunter roams the continent. Jumping across worlds, why not include a galaxy far, far away in your franchise? “The Sad Story of the Grossbart Brothers” is a quest during which Geralt meets with the bounty hunter Jange Frett. This character – direct reference to Jango Fett from Star Wars, the clone template and “father” of the first on-screen Mandalorian Boba Fett. Jenge looks like a local skelliger here, but still remains the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy – on the continent.


Asterix and Obelix in The Witcher 3

In addition to the annoying “The Client is Always Right” quest, which mimics a scene from The Twelve Feats of Asterix, The Witcher 3 contains another hint of popular French comics. In Velen, in During the quest “The soothsayer will tell the truth”, the old sage jokes that he got his magical powers by falling into the witches’ cauldron.

This clairvoyant bears a striking resemblance to Obelix, Asterix’s best friend, who acquired his superhuman strength by falling into the village druid’s magic potion… The secret drink strengthens all the Gallic villages against Caesar’s army. Although with excessive use, side effects are bound to appear.

What about the “Customer is always right” quest? If you have not passed it, then we can share this reference. During the assignment, Gralt needs to get help A38to collect his money, which an old friend left him in a safe deposit box. But, like Asterix and Obelix, he will simply be driven across the floors, dragging into the vortex of bureaucracy more and more.

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