• October 2, 2022

10 most anticipated films of March 2021

The film industry has finally adapted to streaming services as alternatives massive visits to the cinema. Despite the shift in the release date of many films, cinemas and streaming services will not be left without prime minister… This list of March releases ranges from biographies and action films to comedies and cartoons, so everyone will have something to see.

TOP 10 most anticipated films of March


A shy teenage girl manages to be completely invisible so as not to attract the attention of her peers. However, she will soon make friends with a new student, which is exposed harassment by one of the popular footballers. Rebel

Observing the outright inequality, the main character decides break the established rules high school. Good friends come to the rescue, as well as the mother of a girl who was ardent activist… Starring: Hadley Robinson, Josephine Langford, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Amy Poehler. Comedy drama Rebel will be released on Netflix March, 3rd.

Spongebob on the run

One lucky day Spongebob discovers the missing of his favorite pet – the snail Gary. Learning about the confinement of a pet Poseidon, the main character and his friend Patrick are going on a rescue mission. Stunning graphics, a sea of ​​corporate humor and the appearance of many favorite characters await us. Spongebob on the run

For over two decades sponge Bob Square Pants continues to be one of the most popular animated series, and the character himself has truly become iconic… Several celebrities will also appear in the full-length cartoon, including Aquafina, Snoop Dogg and Keanu Reeves. The release is scheduled for 4 march in Paramount +

Paradise and the last dragon

Raya – a young warrior princess who embarks on a journey to find the last one dragon… Her mission is to save humanity from Druun, a group of dangerous monsters. With them people and dragons once clashed 500 years ago and entered into a dangerous feud. Throughout the journey, many exciting adventures and dangers await her. Paradise and the last dragon

The cartoon hit the top of the most anticipated animated films of 2021. You can watch it both in cinemas and by subscribing to Disney + beginning with March 4th.

Trigger day

A retired soldier is in time loopwhere he experiences his death every time. His life has long turned into a game with the “God Mode” cheat code. However, to save his family, he will have to make every effort to break this vicious circleTrigger day

The star cast, starring Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts and Annabelle Wallis, will pleasantly surprise the viewers of the action movie. Trigger Day will be released exclusively on Hulu the 5th of March.

Trip to America 2

First part Trips to America was released in 1988 and became one of the most popular comedies of the 80s. After 33 years, fans will see again how Eddie Murphy returns to the role of one of his most famous characters – the prince Akim JofferTrip to America 2

Initially visiting United Statesto find his queen, the then hereditary ruler would soon become king Zamunda… However, he soon learns that he has a biological son living in USA… The prince goes on another trip, where he hopes to find his son, and also the future heir to the crown. Looking back to America on Prime Video from the 5th of March.

Chaos tread

Chaos tread Is a sci-fi film based on the series of novels by Patrick Ness. The movie tells the story of a little boy named Todd Hewittwho lives on a planet where all women have been exterminated by an unknown virus. Men hear each other’s thoughts through a certain Noise… Everything changes when Todd finds a place where his thoughts cannot be read. Chaos tread

Chaos tread brought together a truly stellar cast: Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen and Nick Jonas. After several transfers, the picture will be released the 5th of March.

On an oblique

Screen adaptation of an autobiographical novel Niko Walkertelling about the life of a guy named Cherry… The plot tells us about his everyday life as a college student, lover, military medic, drug addict and bank robber. On an oblique

Critics praise Tom Holland and Ciera Bravo for their acting, but the storytelling and dialogue leaves much to be desired. View «On an oblique“Can be on AppleTV + March 12.

Day “Yes”

Two strict parents and their children embark on a journey where mother and father must respond to all suggestions. “Yes“. Children make rules, and parents cannot refuse their whims. As they leave, heroes encounter reassessment family values ​​and learn to look at life in a new way. The premiere will take place at Netflix March 12. Day

Justice League Zach Snyder

Justice League isn’t exactly a new movie actually it came out in 2017. Unfortunately, blockbuster about superheroes was heavily criticized for its plot and visuals, which led to disastrous box office receipts. Fans blamed Joss Whedonreplacing Zach Snyder as director, in failure and demanded a reshoot. Justice League Zach Snyder

After three years of petitions, the voices of fans were finally heard. March 18 on the platform HBO Max will be released Justice League according to Zach Snyder… The final version promises to acquire new frames, a completely different color scheme, and the overall timing of the picture will almost double and will be 4 hours.

Godzilla vs. Kong

The continuation of the franchise awaits us “Universe of monsters“. This time, history will tell of the collision Godzilla and King Kong… The advertising campaign for the film promises many spectacular battles and an exciting plot. Godzilla vs. Kong

On the screen we will see several star actorsincluding Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall and Kyle Chandler. We expect a clash of two giants in all cinemas, as well as HBO Max March 31.

Share in the comments your opinion on what kind of film you personally expect for the beginning of spring. If we forgot about some high-profile release – write about it too, so that other moviegoers can evaluate the film and exchange opinions afterwards. And if you want to watch something right now, then you can read our TOP films about tanks and choose something interesting for yourself.

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