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10 most interesting and unusual heroes of the whole GTA

More than 20 years ago, in 1997, an almost unknown company introduced the game Grand Theft Auto to the world. As the media thought, it was an uncomplicated crime simulator that allows you to spend a little fun time. None of them would have thought that GTA would become the largest gaming franchise with the most fans in history.

Gradually, the series improved and more and more technologies appeared in it. Covering itself with novelties and features, the game has become the one we see today. This is one of two projects that will never have a bad part of the series, the second being Red Dead Redemption. Both games are “on the way” and they gave the world a lot of bright, colorful characters. Among them are silent objects, and NPS, and agents with triple roles, and bad cops, and intimidating gangs. Life in all the cities of GTA is definitely not boring.

TOP 10 unique characters of the world of GTA

With an eye on the history of the franchise, it’s time to move on to the top 10 GTA characters.

Claude: GTA III

He was always silent, but still Claude deservedly takes a place in the ranking (albeit the last one). This character is the protagonist in GTA III. He changed the world of GTA significantly, as he was first applied to 3D rendering, which helped to get the right look at the main character, piloted by the player in all the madness around him. Claude was abandoned by his mistress, Catalina, who stabbed him with a bullet while robbing another bank. The character survives and goes to prison for 10 years, and the companion leaves with the head of the Colombian drug cartel, Miguel. In speed, Claude escapes and begins to take revenge on everyone who contributed to his fall.

Melvin “Big Smoke” Harris: GTA San Andreas

He is a member of the Grove Street family who has long been friends with Carl “CJ” Johnson. They maintain a relationship until the final stage of the game, when it becomes clear that “Big Smoke” turned against his brother and sided with CRAS H and Ballas. The turn is so painful for the hero that even the player can feel himself in the place of a devotee, because for all the time he has already managed to become attached to the character. When the time comes, you don’t even want to kill Big Smoke.

Frank Tenpenny: GTA San Andreas

If given the opportunity to compile a list of the “10 Greatest Moments in GTA”, the murder of corrupt cop Frank Tenpenny would be at the top of the rankings. The brilliant voice-over from Samuel L. Jackson is the perfect portrait of a villain by GTA standards. A rotten cop who still considers himself untouchable ends up getting what he deserves, and it’s really nice.

Niko Bellic: GTA IV

It seems that GTA IV is the most underrated part of the franchise that many fans don’t like, but undeservedly. He has long been criticized for trying to escape a criminal life and start normal behavior. In fact, this decision should be received with applause, as it brings variety to the picture and allows you to move away from the pointless mess. The main character of the entire game is Niko Bellic. In the past, a gangster who is now trying to leave the crime, which his cousin Roman does not allow him to do.

Carl CJ Johnson: GTA San Andreas

If some of the main characters in GTA have moral torment or aspirations to leave the crime, Karl “CJ” Johnson, on the contrary, is very happy to engage in banditry. At every opportunity, he tries to break the idyll and bring a lot of chaos. And yet this is not just a meat grinder. Fortunately, Rockstar knows how to properly develop character stories, so the mental and physical development of the hero is gradually visible. The penchant for violence and specific character allowed “C-Jay” to become one of the most prominent personalities in the GTA.

Lance Vance: GTA Vice City

If “CJ’s” betrayal by “Big Smoke” is the heartbreaking moment of the picture, then Lance Vance’s betrayal in favor of Tommy Vercetti is the strongest kick in the jump. For a long time he ran a cocaine corporation and lived in grand style. After an unsuccessful deal, in which his brother died, he begins to take revenge, constantly cooperating with the main character and issuing new tasks.

Franklin Clinton: GTA V

He does not want to spin in low circles of criminal activity, but his best friend, Lamar Davis, constantly gets into trouble and Franklin Clinton has to solve problems. In the top echelon of criminals, he is put by an accidental contact with Michael De Santa, who offers to earn big money. Franklin is truly a great hero and the only voice of reason among all the madness around. Their relationship with Trevor is also amusing.

Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa is the main culprit and best friend of the psychopath who faked his death. He is also someone who is in a midlife crisis. All because of the hatred of the wife, son and daughter. No one in the family can stand him, so Michael has to contact Franklin and return to dangerous ways of earning money. He seems to really enjoy the opportunity to work in a criminal environment.

Trevor Philips: GTA V

Calling Trevor Phillips a nut is too soft. During the first meeting with him, the character hits Johnny Klebitz on the head until it turns into mush. Johnny also has the nerve to take offense at Trevor for having sex with his girlfriend. This kind of madness follows Trevor absolutely wherever he is. Despite the lack of a pretty image of the hero, due to the skillful play by Stephen Yagg, one cannot resist not to become attached to the character.

Tommy Vercetti: GTA Vice City

While GTA V and GTA Online are award-winning and clearly among the greatest games ever released, GTA Vice City is still the best. You want to come back to her all the time. The desire to replay it has a lot to do with Tommy Vercetti. This closeness to Ray Liotta is the most special experience of its kind. It’s probably impossible to get tired of driving around town with Motley Crew and expanding your criminal empire.

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