• October 3, 2023

10 most useful charms in Ghost of Tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima, players can use special charms that have all kinds of bonuses. From the very beginning of the game, Jin Sakai, the main character, can only carry a couple of amulets with him, but over time, performing a certain series of actions (this is associated with foxes and altars), you will open four more slots for amulets.

In total, Jin can wear 2 large and 4 small charms. Amulets are given to players after completing secondary, main story missions or after prayers at the sanctuaries. It is important to note that shrines are the only place where you can get large amulets (or in extremely rare cases when completing the main plot).

How to open additional slots for charms

To open an additional slot for the amulet, you need to: look for fox holes → follow the foxes → pray at the altars of Inari. After such a simple action, the corresponding scale will gradually fill up, and as soon as it is filled to the brim, the slot for the amulet will open.

TOP 5 large amulets


By killing opponents, you restore an average amount of health. Found in Temple of the Golden Peak.

Mizu no Kami

Making normal and perfect counterattacks and dodges becomes much easier. Location – Temple of Spring Falls.

Toxic death

The bells will release poisonous smoke, killing any foe that tries to pick them up. The amulet becomes available after leveling the ghost legend to the ghost samurai mark.


Increases the amount of supplies, carnivore skins, bamboo and yew that you pick up in the open world. Location – Archer’s Peak Sanctuary.

Hidden Blades

The hero will be able to throw two additional kunai, which, together with the pumping of certain skills, allows you to throw up to five kunai at the same time. You can get this amulet after pumping the legend of the ghost to the mark of the demon’s blade.

TOP 5 small amulets


Reduces received damage, the percentage of damage reduction will depend on your leveling. Can be obtained after completing the stories of Tsushima.


Greatly increases your melee damage. Awarded for completing Tsushima’s stories.


Increases the successful completion of any action by 25 or 50%, and these percentages “stack” with the percentages of the large amulet of Double Destruction.

Inari’s Might

Greatly increases the damage and health of the main character in melee. Awarded for finding all fox holes.


The speed of detection by opponents is reduced by 15%. As in the case with the previous amulet, it is issued for finding fox holes.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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