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10 Surprising Facts About The Squid Game

TV series "Squid game"...  Collage

Definitely about the existence of a Korean drama “Squid game” almost everyone knows, and some even managed to revise the picture several times. The popularity of the project is largely due to the presence of a non-trivial plot and a special atmosphere inherent exclusively to Asian cinema. However, not all the details of the production of the series become known to the viewer, so it is very curious to look behind the scenes.

Like any other painting, “Squid game” passed a thorny path, from idea to release. We will open the veil of secrecy and talk about interesting and even unexpected facts related to the series, which has become a favorite for a huge number of people.

Squid Game was not supposed to be a TV series

Squid game.  Ki Hoon

Hwang Dong Hyuk thought about creating a motion picture yet in 2008and it was supposed to be a feature film. However, the script remained unclaimed for a long time, and only the service Netflix expressed interest in the project. It was decided to adapt the original version to the format of the series, which is what the director did.

The idea itself was a reflection of Hwang Dong Hyuk’s personal experience, who was experiencing certain financial difficulties and was fond of reading books written in the format of “battle royale”.

It is no coincidence that the series got its name.

Squid game.  Hostel

The picture immediately attracts the viewer with its unusual name and you need to figure out where it came from. Surely, you already know that the “Squid Game” is not a fiction, but a real entertainment for Korean children, which became especially popular during the youth of the older generation.

Hwang Dong Hyuk decided that this game can be considered a symbol of the era, the personification of Korean society. That is why the series got the name “Squid game”which turned out to be extremely successful.

Famous artists were invited to the main roles

Squid game.  Ki Hoon and Sang Woo

It’s about characters like Ki Hoon and his good friend, San Voo… The director initially wanted to see in these characters, respectively, Lee Jong Jae and Paka Hae Soo… In Korea, these artists are quite famous, so their consent was questionable, according to himself Hwang Dong Hyuk, he could only make the guys a good proposal and pray to God that they would be interested in the project.

However, the director deliberately looked for little-known actors for the rest of the roles, so as not to distract the viewer’s attention from the action. It must be said that this rate was fully played, and the proper magnetism was achieved.

Some actors started to be friends in real life.

Squid game.  Se Byuk and Ji Young

But this did not happen at the call of the heart. The Korean actors turned out to be so professional that they decided to establish a “chemistry” between their characters on the screen by spending time together. So Lee Jong Jae (Ki Hoon) began to be friends with Park Hae Soo (San Voo), the men visited each other and communicated closely so that the connection between them in the film looked obvious.

The girls did the same trick Jung Ho Young (Sae Beck) and Yu Mi (Ji Young). Their characters on the screen were gradually imbued with sympathy for each other and looked incredibly strong at the most dramatic moment, when it was decided which of the heroines would survive.

Ali is not actually Pakistani

Squid game.  Ali

Many, while watching the series, noted that Ali is like a resident India… This guess turned out to be correct, since the actor Anupam Tripathi originally from this state. The director was worried that in Korea it will not be possible to find a suitable foreign artist, but he was lucky to quickly find a great candidate.

Anupam admired the script and noted that survival is the main feature of the series, which creates incredible tension and makes you look at the plot with different eyes. After filming, Tripathi took his 199 jumpsuit as a souvenir.

The creators of the picture paid special attention to games

Squid game.  Doll.  Red light, green light.  The quieter you go, the further you'll get.

Many of the games that were offered to the participants may seem a little naive, and this is no coincidence. The director specially chose children’s entertainment, because they cause nostalgia in the Korean audience. Playgrounds have been deliberately made huge to simulate the sensations of young children when they find themselves in such places.

Giant doll from the game “Red light, green light” (“The quieter you go – the further you will be”) – not computer graphics, but a very real mechanical design. And for “Sugar honeycomb” a real specialist was invited who was able to create the highest quality confectionery product.

The cop storyline shouldn’t have been

Squid game.  Chun Ho

If it seemed to you that the storyline of the young policeman was “sucked from the finger”, then it did not seem to you. The director was forced to integrate it into a ready-made story, as he agreed to produce the series. For the sake of the format, many additional characters were introduced, and the games were shown in more detail.

Wee Ha Joon (Chun Ho) – the same policeman who is trying to find his brother. He is known for filming romantic dramas, so few people in his homeland expected such a sharp change in role from him. By the way, Ha Joon is a huge fan of creativity. Lee Jong Jae (Ki Hoon).

Participants could find out about all the games in advance

Squid game.  Drawings on the walls

In the series, a lot of copies have been broken around the need to find out which game will be next. This is natural, because the participants wanted to understand the principle of team formation in order to emerge as winners. Sacred knowledge was possessed only by the doctor, who, together with the guards, was involved in the sale of organs of retired players and received information for this.

However, every player on close inspection of the walls could guess which test would be next. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that many drawings are made schematically, and it is still a task to correctly interpret some images.

Why did the service staff get such weird suits?

Squid game.  Security guards

Of course, the uniform of the guards is a striking detail of the series, which did not leave the viewer indifferent. However, the director originally planned to dress the staff in Boy Scout costumes, but abandoned this idea in order to depersonalize the caretakers. As a result, the guards received masks resembling fencing headdresses, where the image of a circle, triangle or square flaunts.

Hwang Dong Hyuk made this decision, inspired by the example of ant colonies with a clear hierarchy. The circle on the mask highlighted the staff, which was entrusted with the dirty work, the triangles carried the punitive function, and the squares took over the administrative duties.

Did you guess that O Il Nam is the organizer of the game?

Squid game.  About Il Nam.  Red light, green light.  The quieter you go, the further you'll get

Of course, Grandpa told us about his role in the last episode, but the director left little clues to the viewer throughout the series.

  • Oh Il Nama did not detect the doll in the game “red light, green light”, because it did not emit the glow shown on the motion scanner.
  • Grandpa was not handcuffed to a rope during the tug, so he would have survived anyway.
  • There was a massacre at the dorm that night, but the caretaker did not send the guards to clean up the mess until O Il Nam started asking for it.

There are a number of small clues, but even many of the above points have remained out of sight of the public.

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