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10 talented actors who often star in bad films

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Getting recognition in Hollywood is very difficult. but staying on the peaks reached is an even more difficult task… That is why, it is completely not surprising that many movie stars, having won a good reputation for themselves, began to gradually give up their positions. It’s time to talk about great actors who keep wasting their talent in vain.

Why is this happening? Many Hollywood celebrities cannot tell the difference between a successful project and a potentially disastrous film. Others, wanting to make money, rely on the intensity of filming, and sometimes the actor is simply not able to boast of a huge number of tempting offers.

Kate Hudson

How to get rid of a guy in 10 days

Many will raise their eyebrows in surprise when they hear the name of Kate Hudson, but you will definitely remember her from the films “Almost Famous”, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “The Key to All Doors.” The most significant projects with the participation of the actress happened at the beginning of the new century and she has nothing more to brag about

Experts tend to believe that Hudson’s career went in a downward arc due to its extreme promiscuity… After gaining stellar status, Kate began acting in second-rate films, which were often heavily criticized. The actress had only to carefully select projects for herself and not chase the number.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage.  Pig

When on the street we hear the phrase “a film with Nicholas Cage”, then we must listen to someone else’s conversation in order to understand what kind of picture we are talking about. During the activity the actor has repeatedly demonstrated his talent and has become a kind of quality mark for any tape… However, the circumstances are such that now Nicholas is trying to revive his career.

Cage doesn’t star in bad films because of the good life – numerous debts forced the man to work as hard as possible… With such a conveyor, quality is simply out of the question. The middle of the “tenths” turned out to be frankly unsuccessful for Nicholas, but thanks to the projects “Color from Other Worlds” and “Pig” he returns to the big game.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher.  Womanizer

Truth be told, Ashton doesn’t have too many really good roles. Critics noticed him after the release of the movie “The Butterfly Effect” and called him one of the most promising actors of our time. Appearance and charisma allowed the guy to get almost any role., but he chose a simple path – romantic comedies.

All right, the projects would be really cult, but each new film with Kutcher becomes another “prodigal”. Ashton quickly became a hostage to the image and today it is not too easy for a star to find a serious role that will return him to the top.

Bruce willis

Bruce Willis.  His dog business

Tracking the filmography of Bruce Willis, it was not easy to assume that he will soon be a real failure. All the problems began with the fifth part of the Die Hard franchise, which was a sluggish attempt to revive the project.

Then Bruce tried to play in the movie “The Expendables 3”, but frankly greedy… The star was promised to pay $ 3 million for 4 days of filming, but Willis thought this was not enough, and he demanded an increase in the fee. Of course, the actor’s services were quickly turned down, and Bruce himself started acting in mid-range films

Kevin James

Kevin James.  Shop-cop

Unconditional comedic talent and colorful appearance of the actor created for him a unique chance to become a Hollywood star of the first magnitude. He did a really good job on The King of Queens and opened his way to big cinema. The first roles of Kevin turned out just fine, so gradually the proposals from the directors began to sound more tempting.

However, then a real nightmare began, James gained popularity, but stopped acting in really funny films… Almost all of Kevin’s projects are comedies, the humor of which is so naive and simple that it seriously limits the audience of the pictures.

Tara Reed

Tara Reed.  Shark tornado

The actress gained worldwide fame after the release of the films “The Big Lebowski” and “American Pie”, but quickly disappeared from the audience’s field of view. Bad habits and addictions were to blame for everything – social life and financial freedom had a bad effect on the girl’s condition.

Then there was an unsuccessful plastic surgery and numerous corrective surgeries, but time passed and, frankly, they managed to forget about Tara. Reed found nothing better than relaunch your career in the controversial Shark Tornado franchise… Since the reporting films are not of high quality, we recommend watching them only to personal fans of Tara.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler.  Lucky Gilmore

There is no doubt that Adam Sandler is an extremely talented actor. The hilarious film “Lucky Gilmore”, a slightly pretentious, but far from meaningless film “All or Nothing” are vivid examples of the fact that an actor is capable of much. But the modern tapes of Adam very rarely really “enter” the mass audience.

Experts believe that Sandler is wasting his talent because tries to take on as many functions as possible. He writes scripts, creates pictures on his own and plays the main roles in them, which is far from always advisable. And Adam is also a good friend, he loves to film his buddies, even if more suitable actors are knocking on the door.

John Travolta

John Travolta.  From Paris with love

I must say that Travolta’s career was very difficult. John is a favorite of millions and an extremely talented master, but he has not yet realized his full potential. The reason is – poor choice of roles, for many years Travolta has been participating in frankly failed projects and sometimes the public simply forgets about him.

However, John is reborn every time like a bird Phoenix, “Grease”, “Pulp Fiction”, “From Paris with Love” – ​​projects that allowed Travolta to stay afloat. Unfortunately, recently the actor has not come across really significant roles that can be remembered by the viewer.

Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider.  Animal

We’ve already talked about Adam Sandler and Kevin James, it’s time for their good buddy and talented comedian. If you ask people who know him personally about the actor, they will answer that Rob is the funniest person in the world, and he does not get tired of entertaining his friends with selected jokes. However, it is not always appropriate to carry “kitchen” humor to the general public, about which Schneider needs to reflect.

Almost all films with his participation are a real klondike of “toilet” jokes in the scenery of a naive plot, which opens before us at most another common truth. However, much more often Rob’s tapes are not too pretentious and are simply designed to entertain the audience, which they rarely cope with.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy.  Trip to america

The main comedy star of the “eighties” and “nineties” of the last century suddenly fell from the firmament, flashing a bright fireball. Many people associate Eddie’s failure with the failure of The Adventures of Pluto Nash, which not only was defeated by critics, but also buried the studio that shot the tape… Murphy had a direct hand in this fiasco – he intervened in the filming process and abused his star status.

Eddie is also scolded for always being too much on the screen – often the actor played several characters at once… Be that as it may, directors have practically ceased to be interested in Murphy’s services. Now he wants to revive his career by reviving the forgotten franchises “A Trip to America” ​​and “Beverly Hills Cop”, but the chances of success are frankly slim.

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