• September 24, 2023

10 tragic fates of characters from games of different genres

In the vast majority of games, you have to destroy enemies, even in such peaceful ones as Mario. But if it’s not just about enemies? Can the writers inspire the sympathy of the players when it comes to ordinary characters? We will talk about them and other notable persons further.

Characters with an unenviable fate

Portal 2. Time Loop

At the end of the first part of the famous first-person action puzzle game, the player destroys the game’s antagonist, GLaDOSskillfully using the environment and portal cannon. In the second part, it turns out that it was necessary to try better – GLaDOS alive, perfectly functioning and has not lost its sarcastic sadism. She does not miss the opportunity to blame the player for what happened, and also tells him the chilling details of her condition.

GDeDOS, Portal 2

GLaDOS discovered in its program a quick save function, a black box specifically for the sophisticated robotic mind. It turned out that the last two minutes of its existence in the event of a critical error are saved for further analysis. These two minutes GLaDOS spent in battle, and then Chell was destroyed, and if for her a sudden “resurrection” is a reason to continue tests and recoup, then for a person such an experience can have critical consequences.

Days Gone. Freak with self-awareness

During the passage of the campaign, the player meets one of the characters – O’Brian, to scientists from NERO. O’Brian constantly wears a protective suit and a helmet with tinted glass, which already suggests that something is wrong with him. It can be assumed that the scientist is trying to protect himself from the ubiquitous virus in this way, but further on in the plot we will find out the true reason.

O'Brian without a helmet

O’Brian already infected with a developed strain of the freak virus, so he managed to maintain consciousness, at the same time acquiring all the other side effects. The scientist understands what is happening to him, feels it, but, unfortunately, he cannot do anything.

Apex Legends. False humanity

There are many examples in the media that reflect the idea of ​​the humanity of artificial intelligence. One begins to feel because of a software failure, the other does not see the difference between a person and a smart machine, the third develops the emotional aspect of the personality through self-learning. Revenant from Apex Legends was the most unlucky.

Revenant, a man-made nightmare

Once he was the best mercenary and saw himself as a real person, but any program in the end fails. As it turned out, “Hammond Robotics” turned it into a simulacrum – a metal shell with a recorded personality, knowledge and memories. From now on Revenant wants revenge on the company that turned his existence into an existential nightmare.

Mother 3. Trapped forever

It is unlikely that anyone would agree to be locked up until the end of time in a confined space, even if it promised security and immortality. Have Spanking Minch, the antagonist of the game, no one asked for consent – by his own negligence, he locked himself.

Porky Minch

Spanking attacks the player while sitting in a spider-like exoskeleton. The fight will be difficult, but in the end the hero wins, albeit in an unexpected way. After an obvious defeat Spanking escapes into an Absolutely Protected Pod that reflects all damage. The problem of the capsule is that it is completely not adapted to the attack, and once you enter it, you will not be able to get out – the too literal capsule will protect Spanking from the dangers of the outside world and eternally maintain its life inside.

Fallout 3. Chained to the spot

History Harold – one of the most engaging in the Fallout universe. Once upon a time, an 18-year-old boy organized an expedition to the mutant lair at the Mariposa military base, which was a turning point. Harold was exposed to FEV, but in a strange way – his skin began to harden like bark, and a few years after infection on his head Harold the tree began to grow.

Harold, the unfortunate tree

In Fallout 3, a tree named Bob took possession of a body Harold so much so that it took root and chained him into place. Pros – the first oasis in the Capital Wasteland appeared around, cons – from the body itself Harold only the face remained.

You can eliminate a peaceful mutant at his own request, but the final choice remains with the player.

The Witcher 3. Living in fear

Mysterious Gunther O’Dim known for his cunning – he fulfills not the desire of a person, but what was voiced by him. The difference is colossal if you go into details. Olgerd von Everek fell into such a trap in The Witcher 3, who went to Prometheus Shezlock asking for help to find a loophole and break the deal with O’Dim. Shezlock agreed and for a long time looked for information in old books, legends and traditions, because of which he lost his sight.

Promettius Shezlock, a minor character in the Hearts of Stone expansion

As a result, Gunther o’Dim himself came to Shezlockflattered by his attention, and created a protective circle on the floor of the house. Gunther would not be himself if the trick was not attached to the gift – outside the circle Shezlock imminent death awaits. After the visit of Geralt, who entered the house using the Aard sign, the walls begin to tremble and the roof collapses. Panicky Shezlock steps outside the circle, trips over a bottle on the floor and breaks his neck.

A blind person in a confined space, for whom one wrong step would turn into a tragedy at any moment – is this not a fertile ground for constant fear for his life.

Resistance. Beetles

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Earth was invaded Chimeraswho once colonized the planet millions of years ago and immediately began to infect and destroy humanity. Before 1957 Chimeras used the good old way of spreading the virus – air. Romper, paratroopers Chimera, settled in the respiratory tract of people and began to transform DNA. At the same time, the body of an infected person froze in a coma, and his consciousness remained intact – he was aware and felt the whole process of mutation.

Resistance 2

When the sliders were finished with DNA, the victims could move again, but the feeling of beetles crawling under the skin drove them crazy – people injured themselves and tried to get rid of the discomfort with their bare hands.

God of War (2018). 109 years of torment

Fate led Mimira to Odin himself, who, being impressed by the mind Mimira, appointed him as his advisor. Over time, Odin took possession of paranoia on the basis of his friendship with the giants – the god accused the adviser of betrayal and imprisoned him at the highest peak of Midgard in the trunk of an indestructible tree. In addition, Odin took his left eye, and for the next 109 years Mimira torture.

Mimir imprisoned in a tree

Kratos takes the prisoner’s head with him – to help him free himself, he needs the help of a witch who will revive him.

Half-Life. Headcrab Zombie

Intrusive, fast and very dangerous headcrabs they don’t just jump in the face of any person they can smell. Unlike face hijackers, who lay eggs in the bodies of victims, headcrabs subjugate the wearer completely, intercepting motor control. The person remains conscious, but cannot get rid of the parasite and is forced to obey.


Strange sounds that zombies make – screams for help captured headcrabs of people.

Dead Space. Guardians

A terrible fate awaits the people, on the basis of which they will be created Guardians… The player is shown all the stages of mutation – from the initial one, at which an agonizing person, who has already begun to merge with the mass of Infection, barely reacts to Isaac, to the final one, at which it is already impossible to distinguish a person from a monster.

Guardians in Dead Space

When the transformation has just begun, a person remains conscious and tries to cling to life, although it is clear from the outward appearance that this is not for long. Player can help Guardians finally find peace or pass by, chased by eerie screams.

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