• May 23, 2022

10 worst maps of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The most unplayable, in the opinion of most players, the game on which is far from always pleasant. CS: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer games. However, some of her cards are so poorly designed that it is simply impossible to play on them.


The Counter Strike series began as a regular mod, but quickly gained popularity and became a standalone product. Each game in the franchise brought back familiar maps and added new ones. While the old classics were still popular with fans of the series, the new battlegrounds were also fast becoming favorites.

With the introduction of new game modes such as Arms Race, Flying Scout and Demolition, smaller maps have also been added to the game. As of September 2020, there are a total of 27 cards to be found in each game mode. We have selected the 10 worst ones.



The Anubis map was added in March 2020 and includes a bomb disposal mission. She pits the GIGN Elite Crew against terrorists trying to blow up an Egyptian archaeological site.

This is a newer map that allows players to control the explosion or rescue of an ancient Egyptian object. She may interest fans of Egyptian history, but the gameplay component is not so exciting here.



Canals was added in March 2017. The map puts SEAL Team 6 against Phoenix Connexion in direct resistance. This is a bomb defuse mode when a terrorist tries to blow up the Bridge of Sighs or the Bell Tower of St. Mark.

In this map, players fight around St. Mark’s Square. The real-life site has been recreated very accurately. It would be sad to see some famous landmarks explodeand it adds a bit of flavor to the map. True, for the CIS countries this loss is not so noticeable, therefore kata is in the top in the penultimate place.



Agency was added in November 2017. This is a hostage rescue card. Here the FBI and the professionals fight each other, and the hostages are on the helipad.

The entire map is located on top of a skyscraper, which means that players will need to fight their way through the office space to the hostages. Gamers who are lucky can jump through broken windowsto get around your enemies. The gameplay and the map are unusual, but very “corridor”.



Rialto is a map added in May 2017. Terrorists are trying to blow up a bridge on the map, and CTs are trying to stop them.

This is a 2v2 game mode, which means that the card is much smaller than the others. Players can see each other through the channel, which makes shooting much more convenient. but due to their small size, battles are fast and often chaotic.



The Lunacy map was added in November 2019 and includes Arms Race and Flying Scoutsman modes. It is believed that this location is on the moon, but there is a hole in the roof from which it can be seen that the action takes place in Hollywood.

The map is designed in the style of a moon colony, allowing players to hide behind rovers and moonstones. However, if it were actually installed on the moon, it would be much cooler. Because of this little “cheating” card and is so low in the rating



Baggage is an arms race mapwhich has been present in the game since launch. It pits players against each other on their way to the last weapon in the mode.

The map is symmetrical giving both teams an equal advantage. There are three different levels of the baggage claim area, which means that #3366ff;”>players will need to look in all directions at the same timeto stay alive.



Chlorine is a card installed in an abandoned water park. Here players will again have to defuse the bomb. The map was added in March 2020 and features the FBI battling Phoenix Connexion.

However, this plot does not make a lot of sense why the terrorists want to blow up an abandoned water park. Why would they? Unless to scare the civilian population.


Sugar cane

Sugarcane has been in the game since the beginning and is a map of destruction. It looks like a sugar factory in the Left 4 Dead 2 Hard Rain campaign.

Since this is a destruction card, players cannot buy weapons and must fight through the factory with the weapons they are given. There are only a few places to ambush here. on enemy players.



Bank is another demolition card that has been present in the game from the very beginning. Terrorists must set up a C4 near the vault in order to break through and win the round. This card is like a classic bank robbery where CTs try to stop him.



The Vertigo map was added to the game in October 2012. And here players also have to defuse the bomb. The map is located on the roof of a skyscraper under construction. It first appeared in Counter Strike 1.1, and then was ported to the Global Offensive. Players oblivious to their surroundings can fall from the edge of a skyscraper and die – and this is the main feature of the location.

Write in the comments which card gave you the most pain in CS: GO.

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