• October 3, 2023

12 strongest magical creatures that can be summoned

Skyrim is filled with magic and it is not surprising that its vastness is home to the most diverse magic entities… And with mods, creatures become even more. Players face them as opponents and call them to play the role of allies.


The next 12 creatures are the strongest. Summoning most of them from the Dragonborn will not work right away, but when it becomes possible, the battles will sparkle with new colors.

12. Ashspawn


Ashspawn – amazing creatures, consisting, for the most part, of ashes. Not as powerful as the same fire atronachs, but useful when you need help in close combat.

Minus – the duration of the spell. At a basic level, it only summons creation for a minute.

11. Misty Man

Call of the Misty

This undead lives up to its mysterious name. In the role of opponents of foggy people can be found in Cairne of Souls… They are less troublesome than bone human archers, but they will be interesting as a creature to summon.

For attacks, foggy people using the weapons of the fallen enemies. This is a unique feature of these creatures. The player must take this into account when deciding whether to summon the foggy person in a particular battle or not.

10. Bone Man Archer

Bone Summon

Another enemy from Cairna of Souls… The player will be an easy target for his arrows if he loses his discretion.

There is also a book for summoning bone archers. Studying the spell is definitely worth it – such a strong ally is needed by everyone and always.

9. Fire Atronach

Fire Atronach

The iconic enemy in Skyrim and, what’s great, the spell to summon it can be learned at the very beginning of the gameby purchasing the corresponding book.

The atronach’s weapon is his own flaming body. The damage from it is impressive. Especially atronach will be useful against vampires.

8. Arvak


A ghost horse from the Cairn of Souls. You can get the summoning spell there, by completing a simple quest.

Arvak is not an enemy, but an excellent ally of Dovahkiin. The huge advantage of this horse over any other horse is the ability to revive it if necessary. How tenacious this creature is and makes it one of the strongest summoned creatures.

7. Fire pet


The familiar itself is not very strong, because it is an ordinary ghost of a wolf. But in the dungeon High Gate Ruins the player can get a special, fiery form of a pet, which not only burns the opponent, but also explodeswhen the spell expires.

The fiery pet will “fly into the air” after running up to the enemy, which will inflict huge damage. It is sad that few find the summoning book of this strong and beautiful creature.

6. Lord of Dremora

Lord Dremora

The Dremora Lord is a powerful creature that is not easy to summon. Necessary spellcasting level – expert

Terrible in appearance, armed with a sword and dealing a lot of damage, the Dremora Lord is an interesting option to summon.

5. Ice Atronach

Ice Atronach

The second strongest of the elementals of Skyrim. A massive piece of ice that hits enemies with icicle arms and deals cold damage.

He is an ally needed by any player practicing witchcraft. However, it will take a long time to summon the ice atronach.

4. Ash Guardian

Ash Guardian

One of the most dangerous enemies. Players could have encountered him in Solstheim, v DLC Dragonborn… To summon a guard, you need to have in your inventory heart stone, otherwise the Dragonborn will not receive an ally, but an enemy.

Considering that finding heart stones is not so easy, it is worth thinking three times before calling the guard. It is better to save stones.

3. Furious man


And again creation from Cairna of Souls… You can also learn to call him there.

This undead with glowing bones wields an ax, inflicting significant damage, more than from the arrows of the same bone man. Clashes with him as a rival are best avoided in every possible way.

2. Thunderous Atronach


The strongest atronach of Skyrim, significantly superior in damage to the fire and ice versions. His lightning is a dangerous force.

Sorry to summon a thunderous atronach need 75 level of witchcraft… So not everyone will be able to get him as an allies. That does not prevent you from admiring the power of this creature.

1. Seeker


You can meet the Seeker in DLC Dragonborndealing with Black books on the island Solstheim… In this adventure, the player faces a lot of dangers and the Seekers are one of the biggest.

You will not be able to avoid meeting them. But it will be possible to summon this creature for their own purposes. And his help is worth a lot.

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