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15 best tariffs for mobile Internet in 2020: choosing the most profitable

Is the Internet on your phone drawing more and more money? Popular mobile operators have interesting tariff plans that allow you to use the Internet relatively inexpensively, communicate on the network or with subscribers of other operators, and even keep in touch while roaming. The rating includes the best rates for the main areas of use of mobile services.

Mobile providers in russia

The most favorable rates for surfing the Internet

Internet surfing has become an integral part of the life of a modern person, but at the same time it is a big expense. With the tariffs listed below for the same or less money, you can provide yourself with Internet for a month.

Tele2 “My conversation”


One of the most budgetary tariff plans that allow you to access the Internet at any convenient time throughout Russia. The exception is the Republic of Crimea. The tariff assumes 5 GB of high-speed Internet for only 150 rubles per month. Among other bonuses: sending 50 SMS within the country, unlimited communication within Tele2 and 200 minutes to other regional operators. If there are unused minutes or megabytes left, they are carried over to the next month for free. Users also like the payment system – a certain amount is withdrawn daily (depending on the region, 4-10 rubles).

Price: 150 rubles.

Yota “Everyone has their own Yota”


The mobile operator offers unusual conditions for using the services. The minimum tariff plan implies payment of 300 rubles per month. The amount includes unlimited Internet, but at a low speed – 64 Kbps. The more expensive the tariff, the higher the speed. The price tag for services ranges from 300 to 1200 rubles. The Internet from Yota is convenient to use for those who consume a lot of traffic, so you can exclude the payment for the home network.

Price: 300-1200 rubles.

Yota “Everyone has their own Yota”

MegaFon “Turn on! Write “

MegaFon “Turn on!  Write

One of the most versatile entry-class tariffs from Megafon. Among its advantages are 300 free SMS and unlimited for popular instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber), which is permanent, and not upon connection or for the first couple of months. When paying 400 rubles, the mobile operator issues 5 GB of traffic, unlimited in the network and 300 minutes to any operators within the region. Even an additional transfer fee is not charged. Unlimited money on MegaFon.TV, where fresh films and TV series are constantly posted, is a significant plus.

Price: 400 rubles.

Beeline “First Hygiene”


This is an interesting tariff, because it contains a lot of mobile Internet, as much as 30 GB of traffic. As a bonus, the service provides 400 minutes for calls within Russia. The user himself can choose a number with a successful combination of numbers for free. Less important but pleasant bonuses include 30 TV channels and 300 films. There are no SMS included in the price, you will have to pay 2.5-5 rubles for each message.

Price: 420 rubles.

The best rates for conversations

If most of the time is within the Wi-Fi network, the need for large amounts of traffic is eliminated. The first role in choosing a tariff plan is taken by the number of free minutes both in the network and outside it.

Smarts “What you need 500+”


The main reason for the tariff plan to be included in the rating is the availability of 500 free minutes for outgoing calls per month. You can make calls anywhere in the country, but with the Internet it’s not so simple. Standard conditions provide 3 GB, but it works stably only in certain regions. You can view the coverage map on the official website of the company. The tariff plan can be recommended for lovers of communication or those who have a good internet signal in the area. The tariff also provides 200 SMS-messages.

Price: 245 rubles.

Smarts “What you need 500+”

MTS “Smart”


Many MTS users liked this tariff because of the ease of setup. As always, it includes unlimited within the network. There are 3 levels of service: 10 GB and 200 minutes, 15 GB and 400 minutes, 20 GB and 600 minutes. The price for the entry-level package is 500 rubles, and for the most advanced – 700 rubles. Everyone can independently choose the tariff plan that can satisfy their needs. All of them are moderately priced. The main disadvantage of the tariff is the lack of free internet, there is not even unlimited access to social networks. The operator additionally gives 2 months of MTS TV Light free of charge.

Price: 500 rubles.

MegaFon “Turn on! Communicate “

MegaFon “Turn on!  Communicate

The tariff plan is in demand due to the ability to connect unlimited traffic. The operator still offers unlimited internet for the use of instant messengers. The standard rate includes 15 GB of Internet for visiting any websites. It also provides unlimited communication with other MegaFon users and 600 minutes for all operators in Russia. Prices and conditions are subject to regional fluctuations, in St. Petersburg, 20 GB of traffic is given, and in Samara – the price is 100 rubles lower.

Price: 600 rubles.

Beeline “Family”


An expensive tariff plan, but it includes as many as 1200 minutes for communication between any operators and 300 SMS is a good bonus. It is mainly chosen because of the endless internet. The tariff was named “Family” because of the possibility of almost unlimited communication with relatives and close people. If you connect your home Internet, you will not have to pay anything extra, it is already included in the price. Moreover, the operator offers a solid speed – 100 Mbps. If you pay 200 rubles, you can activate the “Delhi All” service and transfer 20 GB of Internet to two contacts, as well as share minutes and SMS.

Price: 900 rubles.

Best tariff plans with high traffic volume

Sometimes even a large packet of traffic is not enough? It is worth using tariff plans with completely or almost unlimited Internet.



Inexpensive tariff plan with limited internet (15 GB of traffic). But you can absolutely unlimited use the main social networks, the proprietary Tele 2 application and navigation programs. This is one of the few operators that transfer the remaining traffic from the last month to the next reporting period absolutely free of charge. 500 rubles is the highest rate in Moscow. In the regions, the price is about 300 rubles.

Price: 500 rubles.

Tele2 “My Unlimited”


This is a budget tariff plan for people who constantly use the Internet. In addition to unlimited traffic, it provides 500 free minutes for calls between all operators in Russia. Even a small number of SMS (50 pieces) is not too upsetting despite the fact that you can almost always use the messenger. The cost of the Moscow tariff is 650 rubles, but in St. Petersburg it costs 510 rubles, and in Samara – 400 rubles. The operator also offers a service of sharing available gigabytes between other Tele2 users.

Price: 650 rubles.

Beeline “Anlim”


In terms of the ratio of price and available bonuses, the tariff is one of the best. It provides unlimited internet, 600 free minutes for all operators and 300 SMS per month. With the “Delhi Gigi” option for 150 rubles, it is possible to transfer up to 15 GB of infinite Internet to another user. This is a good opportunity to save on a fare for another family member. Beeline offers web surfing not for show, the Internet is really fast and allows you to watch high-definition video in real time.

Price: 690 rubles.

MTS “Tarifische”


One of the most attractive tariffs in Russia, which offers to buy “wholesale” large volumes of minutes, SMS (500-3000) and other servants. Regardless of other purchases, the operator provides access to unlimited Internet. A nice bonus is a gift in the form of a subscription to IVI in case of purchasing 1500, 3000 minutes. There is one way to save on paying for the tariff plan – to connect the “MTS TV + Tariffische Application”, which will cost 790 rubles. In this case, the user will have access to 4 online cinemas, 60 TV channels and series from FOX NOW.

Price: 1500 rubles.

The most favorable roaming rates

Frequent trips abroad force either to pay dearly for communication on a permanent card, or to buy a SIM from a local operator and lose contacts with friends from home. This can be avoided with the following rates.

Tele2 “Premium”


One of the most expensive tariffs from the operator, which includes 50 GB of traffic, 500 SMS and 2000 minutes within the territory of Russia, regardless of the operator. It cannot be called solely aimed at roaming, so calls and SMS will be made at standard rates. But the package includes the option of unlimited Internet outside the country. The only limitation is that abroad the normal speed will be maintained only for the first 200 MB per day, then it will decrease to 128 Kbps.

Price: 1500 rubles.

Beeline “All for 1800 + roaming”


The tariff from Beeline is distinguished by a successful combination of roaming and home services. It can be connected for just 1 month and used in more than 100 countries of the world, including almost all resorts and popular tourist destinations. The price for services is fixed in all regions. The tariff plan includes free incoming calls abroad, 3000 minutes, 3000 SMS and 15 GB of traffic. Calls within the network are not limited.

Price: 1800 rubles.

Megaphone “Free roaming day”


The service can be ordered for just one day in addition to the basic tariff plan. She works in 135 countries with developed tourism. Money is debited only after the fact when you make a call for the first time or when you log on to the network. In the official app you can win one day of roaming at roulette for free. Due to the ability to pay only for the days on which the traveler uses the services, the tariff can be considered inexpensive. However, it is definitely not suitable for daily use.

Price: from 99 rubles per day.

Time to start saving on the Internet and communication, even in roaming. It is enough to choose a tariff plan with suitable conditions and connect to it. This solution will save up to 100% of the price for mobile services per month.

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