• February 20, 2024

2019 Steam Sales Dates

The information about the start of sales on Steam is the most secret information that Valve makes available only to game developers and its partners. And there is a quite logical reason for this: if this information were freely available, then many players would simply be waiting for the right moment to buy games at low prices. However, no matter how much Valve tries to protect its secrets, this data still gets on the Internet before the start of sales.

Fortunately, there are several sales per year, and it seems that over time there are more and more of them. Seasonal sales capture the largest number of games on the distribution service and offer the highest discounts during them. Typically, these sales take place in the spring, summer, fall and winter.

When is the next Steam sale?

The Lunar Sale is the next sale on Steam and is celebrating the Chinese New Year. Sale starts February 4 (21:00) and last until February 11 (21:00)

When do Steam sales usually take place?

Steam sales run on a pre-planned schedule throughout the year. Using data from several previous years, we can easily predict the dates of each of the sales on Steam in 2019 and even subsequent years.

Generally, sales start on the third or fourth Thursday of their respective month. The only exception, perhaps, is the Black Friday Autumn Sale, which has started on Wednesday for the past few years. Knowing this, we can point you to the estimated sales dates for 2019.

  • Chinese New Year Sale: Monday, Feb 4 (leaked)
  • Spring sale: Thursday, 23 May.
  • Summer Sale: Thursday, June 20th.
  • Halloween sale: Thursday 24 October.
  • Autumn Sale (in honor of Black Friday): Wednesday, 20 November.
  • Winter sale: Thursday, December 19th.

We have to re-clarify that these are not exact dates, but sales have followed this sequence since 2016.

How long do Steam sales last?

The longest periods of discounts are observed during the summer and winter sales: they last approximately two weeks. The spring and fall sales last for about a week and leaked information suggests that the Chinese New Year sale will also last for a week this year.

What’s the best sale?

The largest discounts are observed during the summer and winter sales, but the summer is considered to be the best. Autumn and winter sales are located too close to the so-called fall release season, and therefore they cannot get sufficiently high discounts on new projects. During the summer sale, players can purchase relatively new games at extremely high discounts.

How to get the most out of the sale?

Use a wishlist

Do you see an interesting toy in the store? Add it to your wishlist. You will receive a notification when games from this list are up for sale. Among other things, such an uncomplicated mechanism perfectly helps to fight the persistent desire to buy games you don’t need at huge discounts. Not Listed – No Purchase Required.

Stay tuned for discounts on publishing bundles

Publishing bundles can save you tons of money when buying game series or catalogs. For example, if you want to buy a certain part of Hitman, then be sure to check if there is a discount on the entire series, because there is always a chance that you will be able to grab all the games at a low price.

Buy add-ons for games

Oftentimes, add-ons for games can sell for insane prices despite adding only a few hours of new content. However, during Steam sales, you can buy a whole pile of DLC for games from your library for a ridiculous price.

Pay attention to indie games

During the big sales on Steam, AAA games get pretty high discounts. However, even with discounts, the prices for these games can be in the range of $ 20-30, which definitely cannot be called a cheap purchase. Why not turn your attention to indie games, the prices of which during sales can range from a few tens of cents to a couple of dollars.

You can always wait until the next sale

If you know you won’t be actively playing video games until the next big sale on Steam, then why not just wait. There is always a chance that by the next sale, the discounts on the projects you are interested in will increase significantly. Alternatively, while waiting, you can play through games from your library that you have never even touched.

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