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25 PUBG Mobile tips to help you win

PUBG is becoming more and more popular in all corners of the world and is gradually conquering new platforms. The game is already available on smartphones, which has increased the number of players in the world. PUBG has conquered a ton of players thanks to its well-crafted multiplayer mode. Another very important feature is the ease with which you can play it.

The essence of the game is extremely simple: the player and 99 other people land on the island, the only task of each of them is to survive. The one who remains the last survivor wins. To speed up the game, the available area of ​​the map is decreasing all the time. The only way to survive is to constantly move. It is quite easy to play this game without aiming to win, but it is already very difficult to win.

With the help of 25 tips, it will be easier for beginners to delve into the game world and at least keep themselves alive longer. One day, the player will certainly be the winner. The only important thing is not to give up.

1. Where to land?

This is a very important point. The first minutes of the game can decide the outcome of the entire match. A lot depends on the place where the player sits. We recommend that beginners avoid dangerous places. These include large settlements and open sections of routes. With a high degree of probability, more experienced opponents will immediately kill the player in such places.

It is best to descend into regions with relatively desert terrain first. There are still weapons and the necessary supplies here, albeit in smaller quantities, but the competition is much less.

2. It’s better to be a hermit in the beginning

Do not engage in shootouts in the early stages of the game. There is a very high risk that the enemy is more fortunate and he will easily kill the player. Another, no less, risk – someone nearby hears shots and intervenes in the firefight.

We recommend that you avoid meeting other people until you receive normal equipment. If you manage to hear a player nearby, it is better to flee, of course, if possible.

3. Remain stealthy and attentive

During the transition to the study of a new location, it is important to inspect it in advance. By simple signs, one can conclude whether the players were here. The easiest indicator to detect is open doors. After getting into the room, you should pay attention to the presence of weapons. If the doors are open but there are no weapons, the players are here or have been. They may have already left here, but it is better to remain more careful.

A little tip: if you have to hide in a building yourself, you need to close the doors behind you. An inattentive enemy will fall directly into the trap.

4. The shotgun is a great weapon in the beginning

The shotgun should not be neglected, especially in the early stages of the game. It’s just perfect at first, as most skirmishes take place in close proximity and the gun deals massive melee damage. For clearing rooms and small locations, the shotgun is best suited.

5. Don’t forget to change your armor

Armor tends to wear out over time. It is worth constantly changing it. Note that the armor is one level lower, but in a new state, better protection against bullets than high-level worn protection.

6. Always keep your sanity

You should not fuss too much, and also go into battle. It is better to do everything according to the mind. There is no need for unnecessary movements, this will make the player vulnerable, an easy target for the enemy in ambush. There is also no need to rush, sometimes it is better to wait and analyze everything. We definitely do not recommend entering the battle without a good weapon.

7. Choose a weapon that suits your play style

To win, you need to find a good weapon. There is a lot of that in PUBG, but there are better weapons for every player. Its type depends on the style of play. It is worth choosing the best weapon for yourself. In future games, you should try to find this type of weapon as quickly as possible. It is not always necessary to spare a powerful weapon. It is often best to dump it in favor of your usual weapon.

8. Find a good scope

Suppose the player has already found the perfect weapon, now is the time to get a suitable scope. You will have a good chance of winning when you get a scope with 4x zoom.

9. Always remember about dodging in combat

During shootouts, the gamer will become an easy prey if he just stands still or runs forward. It is important to run from side to side, reducing the likelihood of being hit and making it harder for the enemy. Aiming at a dodging enemy is many times more difficult, therefore – a higher chance of survival.

10. Going to bed when trying to hide from a sniper is a bad idea

If a player is being shot at by a sniper, you immediately want to lie down on the ground, hiding in the grass. This is a bad idea, as it costs nothing for the sniper to aim a little lower and hit the target.

When there is no hope of getting to the sniper and killing him, it is better not to hesitate to drop your weapon for a long time and run away into the forest in zigzags.

11. Shoes increase the amount of noise

Because of the boots, the character becomes noisy. Towards the end of the game, it is better to throw off your shoes, this will help to create less noise while driving.

12. Play with headphones

It is important to hear all the sounds and understand which side they come from. This is not only about team communication, but also the sounds of the presence of other players. The sounds of footsteps are especially important. When playing without headphones, it is more difficult to identify the source of the sound and it is easier to miss important sounds. This deprives the player of the advantage.

13. Use aiming fire instead of clip

This advice applies not only to the sniper rifle, but also to any other weapon. If you shoot the clip, the magazine on the weapon will quickly deplete, and the gamer will become vulnerable during reloading. Better to wait and aim.

14. Avoid being in the red zone

Don’t wait until the last moment to leave the area. Many people think from the point of view that this way you can shoot other players. The truth is, someone will make it to the safe zone anyway. The player will remain in the red area and will have to quickly leave it, forgetting about stealth and caution. Such a gamer is an easy target.

15. Better to be closer to the edge of the blue area

Ideally, it’s best to always stick to the edge of the blue zone. It is relatively safe here and you can hit players who run out of the red area.

16. While running, it is better to remove weapons

If you need to overcome some distance to a safe place, it is better to do it unarmed. This way the character runs faster.

17. Use transport wisely

Initially, the car is quite useful, it helps to get to the desired area faster than others and to settle in a safe zone. When there are already few players left, it is better to avoid transport, it attracts attention and makes you vulnerable.

18. Switch the camera view in a timely manner

Now the player can change the third person view to the first person view with one click. This function should be used and not forgotten.

19. Watch out for ammunition

Ammunition dropped nearby? You don’t need to rush at them right away. You will most likely be killed while moving or receiving them. If the player runs up to the box first, he is more likely to end the game immediately. Your best bet is to take a waiting tactic: get close to the ammo and kill anyone who runs towards it. After clearing the location, you can take the box.

20. Together with friends PUBG is more interesting

Team play is always more fun than single player. Even one friend will decorate the pastime in the game and make the gameplay richer. Ideally, it is better to play with four people. Playing as a team, there are more chances to win. It is easier for four of them to defeat the remaining 96 opponents than it is to hit 99 for one.

21. Communication is the key to success

Even in the same team, you can play separately. Everyone does their own thing, not helping other team members. If you keep in constant communication, you can land in one area, jointly clear it and go to other regions. Support in battle is very important.

22. Adjust the graphics quality

Better graphics really give you the edge, allowing you to spot players and their footprints earlier. Another truth, if the game lags because of it, it is much worse than playing with low quality graphics, but without delays. You should choose the best graphics with no lags.

23. Don’t forget to shoot from cover

PUBG has settings that allow the player to shoot from around a corner. The character sticks out only his head, and the rest of the body remains hidden behind the wall. This does not mean that the player becomes invulnerable, you should remember about the head.

24. Try to fill the yellow indicator

At full health, a yellow indicator may accumulate. Once the bar is full, the player will be able to aim better and move faster. To fill in the line, you should drink energy drinks.

25. Patience and more patience

We have already mentioned this point, but it is worth recalling again. Patience is a key rule to follow to win. Haste will surely lead to death. Even seasoned players who shoot well will still be patient. It is important to find a balance: to move in a timely manner, but not to make unnecessary movements.

Do you have personal tips for PUBG Mobile to help you win? Share them in the comments.

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