• October 3, 2023

4 new tanks in WoT

Soviet imbs, Swedish “Frankenstein” and a hint of a branch of British chariots. Let’s get acquainted with the first performance characteristics and technical features.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and at the end of the month we decided to summarize the new tanks that will appear on the battlefields of the World of Tanks this year.

The British premium tank of level 6 A46 could be the first prerequisite for the emergence of new wheeled vehicles. Even last year, there was talk about this, but the developers decided to release standard tracked LT.

The A46 has low firepower, inferior in many respects to even pumped classmates. At the same time, he has his own chips:

  • high turret traverse speed will allow you to twist even ST and feel confident in dynamic firefights;
  • firing on the move is facilitated very quickly by bringing the gun down;
  • comfortable UVN make it less dependent on the relief.

In terms of booking, it is full of cardboard, but the mobility is good: maneuverable and with a high power density.

Another premium tank surprised everyone with its appearance in the supertest – the Soviet Tier 8 tank destroyer ISU-152K. It differs from the pumped “Isukhi” in that she was returned a gun with an alpha of 750 units and a breakdown of 286 mm… But in 2017, the developers said that this gun has excessive firepower and the merciless “nerf file” took it from the linear ISU-152.

In this situation, we get a bend for a donut, because such a breakdown allows us to annihilate head-on weights of our level, and even a “ten” on gold. The main problem is long mixdown and poor accuracy, so misses cannot be avoided. Otherwise, it is not much different from its pumped version. One thing is for sure – farm ISU-152K will be excellent.

Now we turn to the promotional technique. The first on this list is the Swedish Tier 9 STRV K heavy tank. It differs in that it combines a hull from the TT Kravagn and the British CT Centurion. The car turned out to be unusual, but interesting.

STRV K has already passed three stages of the test and has undergone a number of changes compared to the basic performance characteristics. In some places they got up:

  • accuracy 0.34 to 0.32;
  • Specific power: from 14.9 to 16.37;
  • Maximum forward speed: 40 to 55
  • Overview: 400 to 410

But the nerf was not without:

  • chassis traverse speed from 46.94 to 31.29;
  • turret traverse speed from 41.72 to 37.55;
  • aiming time: from 1.73 to 1.92;
  • HP increased from 1850 to 1750.

Such balance adjustments make it a more pronounced support tank from the second line. Excellent accuracy will allow you to target vulnerable areas of the enemy, compensating for the low armor penetration. The high viewing radius + comfortable UVN and a strong tower make it possible to effectively play from the terrain.

Its maneuverability and firing on the move were significantly impaired + weak hull armor makes this tank unsuitable for close range combat. The tank will clearly be skill-dependent, but it is not yet known what achievements it will be awarded for.

And one more promotional nine, already more interesting – the Soviet medium tank K-91-2. It has nothing to do with the pumped K-91, its turret is located in the middle and is not limited in rotation.

It appeared bypassing the supertest, so there is no picture with its full performance characteristics, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the survivability and firepower in the screenshot:

This is an excellent close to medium range fighter. Not the highest armor penetration, mediocre accuracy and information are compensated for by good mobility, gun stabilization and, most importantly, decent armor, as for a medium tank.

Due to the increased armor, it lacks maximum speed and suffers from a poor depression angle of the gun. In general, the K-91-2 vaguely resembles the Object 430U imba. In even hands, this machine will definitely be able to influence the outcome of the battle, because it is self-sufficient in all respects: it drives well, shines, shoots and tanks.

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