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5 differences between book and game Yennefer from Vengerberg

Despite the fact that Yennefer appeared only in the last part of the game trilogy, the sorceress, as a character in the franchise, has undergone many major changes

The Witcher - Yennefer

The relationship between Yennefer of Vengerberg and Geralt of Rivia is still the subject of unquenchable fan controversy. For some, such love may seem strange, but it makes no sense to deny the fact that there are feelings between them. Overcoming another difficulty on the path of life, the heroes proved over and over again that even the longest separation ends in a happy reunion. However, what is the real reason for this outcome: magical connection or love that knows no barriers?

Yennefer played a much larger role in the books than in the games of CD Project RED. It was she who taught Ciri a lot and helped her survive. However, the book version of the sorceress is far from ideal. The same cannot be said about its game prototype.

Books: Yennefer is not the most powerful sorceress in the Lodge

The Witcher - Yennefer and Geralt

Despite a number advantages, which Yennefer has in front of younger and less experienced sorceresses, her not enough strengthto confront some of his girlfriends. She is stronger than Triss Merigold, but Wilgefortz or Philip Eilhart are still too tough for her.

An interesting fact: once the girl was imprisoned and could not free herself on her own.

Game: the power of the sorceress is limitless

The Witcher - Yennefer

Yennefer’s gaming capabilities unwittingly make her admire. She is able to protect Kaer Morhen from the invasion of the Wild Hunt, she is fluent in necromancy and has amazing healing abilities. Such power provided the sorceress special place in the game universe of The Witcher.

Books: Yennefer – the manipulator

The Witcher - Yennefer

The first meeting of Geralt and the sorceress cannot be called peaceful. And all because she immediately set in motion her charms and tried to use the witcher… Promising to help save Dandelion, the girl forced Geralt to take revenge on her abuser, as a result of which he went to jail.

Game: Yennefer is more sincere

The Witcher - Yennefer and Geralt

The sorceress still loves to use people for her own personal purposes. It costs her nothing to deceive the priestesses to use their sacred garden for the rite of necromancy. However, with people who are not indifferent to her, the girl behaves sincerely… She participates in the discussion of a plan to remove the curse from Mind and openly behaves with others, realizing all the consequences of such a decision.

Books: Yennefer is beautiful, but not perfect

The Witcher - Yennefer

Due to serious physical disabilities, the girl had to go through a series of painful processes to change her appearance. Thanks to them, the sorceress gained the desired beauty, but did not get rid of her inner constraint. When Geralt first meets a girl, he also celebrates her. short stature and difference in shoulder height

Game: Yennefer is perfect

The Witcher - Yennefer

The game version of the sorceress caused mixed emotions among the fans, who had long awaited her appearance in the CD Project RED project. On the one hand, beloved Geralt amazed everyone with her beauty and instantly stood out from the rest of the sorceresses from the Lodge. Tall stature, plump lips and complete ease in dealing with people – such metamorphoses can hardly be called canonical.

Books: Yennefer is jealous of Ciri

The Witcher - Geralt and Ciri

Geralt and Ciri have a very strong relationship since they were built long beforehow she met Yennefer. Moreover, at their first meeting, the young witcher did not like the sorceress, and this feeling was mutual. The close connection of the witcher and the Swallow caused the girl ambiguous feelings and even jealousy throughout the entire period of growing up Ciri.

Game: Yennefer worries about Ciri

The Witcher - Yennefer, Geralt and Ciri

The line of behavior of the sorceress in relation to Ciri in the games is somewhat different: she is worried and wants to find her no less than the witcher himself, and there is no trace of her former jealousy and envy. Moreover, Yennefer admits that Geralt and Ciri are the two most important people in her life… From this, their family ties only grow stronger.

Books: Yennefer Cheats on Geralt

The Witcher - Yennefer and Istridd

The relationship between the sorceress and the witcher has never been perfect. Even when they were together, she allowed herself “close relations” with Istredd and did not see anything shameful in this. And when the men entered into open rivalry with each other, the sorceress simply left them both with nothing.

Game: Yennefer is loyal to Geralt

The Witcher - Yennefer and Geralt

In the game, her attitude towards the witcher is radically opposite: it is bitter for the girl to realize that the witcher and Triss have been a couple for a long time. Most of all in this situation, the bed was unlucky, which was shamelessly thrown out by the sorceress at the moment of a fit of anger. During all this time, she never had anyone, so the player’s decision in the “Last Wish” quest will become fateful for the love story of Yennefer of Vengerberg and Geralt of Rivia.

Write in the comments which version of the sorceress you like best and why. We will continue to collect interesting facts about The Witcher universe, which we will definitely share with you in the following articles. Do not miss!

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