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5 main drawbacks of book Ciri (and how they were fixed in the game)

This brave girl is rightfully called the second protagonist of the third part of the franchise from CD Projekt Red. However, her image was not accurately carried over from the Sapkowski saga, and some changes from the developers of the video game clearly benefited the lady.

The Witcher Ciri

Although Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of the Witcher franchise, the series wouldn’t be as good without Ciri. A princess, a powerful sorceress, and at the same time a criminal, the future empress is very a complex character with many interesting character traits.

The girl appears only in the third part of the game, where she escapes from the Wild Hunt. Her intelligence, sense of humor, devotion to friends and family make the player to have sympathy for her. Whatever it was, in the books, Ciri was far from perfect, and the creators of the games turned a blind eye to some of her shortcomings.

Books: she lacked self-confidence

Ciri portrait witcher

Andrzej Sapkowski’s books indicate that a young girl had a lot of complexesassociated with a large scar on his face. Ciri hated this flaw and tried in every possible way to cover it up with her hair. In addition, she constantly compared herself to other people, each time finding that she was not as beautiful as the others. Most of all she envied the beautiful sorceress Yennefer, who took care of her. Even hearing someone give the black-haired witch a compliment was unbearable for Ciri, because it reminded her that she she herself is not at all like this incredibly beautiful woman.

Games: she was not shy about her scars

Ciri the witcher scar

“The Witcher 3” changed some things both in appearance and in the character of the canon Ciri. For example, the hair color was changed, but the light green eyes were retained. However, the biggest change was the scar – in a video game, he is much more noticeable than the books have described. However, at the same time, Ciri does not consider him her flaw and, in principle, worries less about his appearance, not hesitating to wear open clothes and not trying to hide the scar from prying eyes.

Books: she could do evil things

Ciri The Witcher and Yennefer

In the books of Ciri abandons the usual life of a princess and joins a group of bandits. She quickly gets used to a new style of existence and takes the name Falk for herself. During the time that she spent with the bandits, Ciri committed many misdeeds, for example, she killed a significant number of people. Yes, most of them deserved it, but some may find it difficult to accept the fact that this heroine did not always choose the side of good.

Games: it has changed for the better

The Witcher 3 Ciri with a sword

As time went on, Ciri grew up, and, in the end, she changed her way of life. After the death of the bandits, she had to take care of yourself on your own and rely only on herself, learn to survive in the world around her. At times, this meant making difficult and controversial decisions. But the games let us know that Ciri did her best in a difficult situation when she had no choice. When the choice appeared she decided to help people, not harm themas the bandits did.

Books: Ciri was jealous of Triss

Geralt and Triss

We have already mentioned that Yennefer’s interesting appearance became the reason for the envy of young Ciri. Comparing herself to Triss also hurt her self-esteem: this lady had amazing long fiery red hair, but this was not the main reason. Ciri was jealous of her for Geralt. She envied their clearly romantic relationship, envied how much Triss was immersed in her feelings. Ciri clearly didn’t like this couple.

Games: Ciri was able to overcome her dislike for Triss

The Witcher and Triss

Despite everything, over time, Ciri was able to accept Geralt’s choice. In the third part of the game, when the heroes are reunited, the witch and the princess greet each other amiably and do not try to hurt each other. Triss treats Ciri like her little sister, which is not surprising given the not-so-big age difference.

But most important of all is that, if Geralt chooses to stay with the red-haired witch, his student will bless them. Perhaps she would prefer to see Yennefer next to the witcher, but she respects Geralt and most of all wants him to be happy. This proves that Ciri has grown and matured as a person, and now she can put her selfishness aside.

Books: she was irresponsible and childish

Ciri and Geralt

Most of the unreasonable acts in the books of Ciri do only because she is still very young. Like any teenager, the girl does not want to obey other people’s orders, even if people are trying to protect her. She had a tendency to constantly get into trouble.

For example, when Ciri wanted to take a walk around town while traveling with Yennefer, she quickly got into a fight, even though she was asked not to draw too much attention to herself. Ciri gave her word that she would obey, but at the first opportunity she broke this promise.

Games: Ciri cared more for others than herself

Ciri and the Snow The Witcher 3

Sometimes even in the game Ciri’s actions made it clear that she had not yet matured. She could still flare up and get involved in a fight, but not for such stupid reasons. This often happened when she felt that someone was violating her freedom, for example, indicating what to do and how to behave, without taking her own desires into account. She also hated being interrupted.

But despite all this, when it came time to make a decision, Ciri went to fight the White Cold to save everyone. This selfless act shows how much more mature the girl has become morally.

Books: Ciri is too attached to Geralt

Ciri and Geralt hug

Geralt and Ciri’s relationship can be called sublime: they behave like father and daughter, although they are not linked by blood. Fate brought them together, and since then they have been very close, so much so that it was difficult for the girl to see that other people are just as close to the witcher. She was jealous when he paid attention to Triss or Yennefer. Sometimes she acted as if Geralt was the only person in the world who mattered to her.

Games: Ciri lets Geralt go

Ciri queen

In The Witcher 3, there are 3 endings related to Ciri. In one of them, she, apparently, dies, in another she becomes a witcher, like Geralt. The third one says that Ciri became Empress of Nifgaard by birthright… This decision is difficult for her: she does not want to part with Geralt, but she understands that the needs of many of her subjects are more important than her own desire to be close to her loved one. She says goodbye to the Witcher, realizing that they will no longer be able to see each other so often.

There are many interesting topics to discuss in The Witcher, even if you don’t try to compare the game with the book. For example, you can study in detail Geralt’s relationship with Yeniffer or analyze his closeness with Triss. Well, if you are far from similar topics, then just try to pick up a soul mate from the third Witcher according to your zodiac sign.

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