• March 4, 2024

5 reasons why Harry Potter was the worst friend

As the protagonist of the series, Harry over the course of seven books, he performs many heroic deeds. All over the world know about the boy who survived. Himself Potter became the most recognizable fictional character in history. Don’t forget about his best friends: Rone and Hermione, they are remembered no less. It was their friendship that made this episode so exciting.

5 reasons why Harry Potter was the worst friend


Harry as the main character had to face a lot of adversity. From the moment of birth, he was the object of attention Voldemort, which left an imprint on his behavior. It is perfectly normal to be preoccupied with your own problems when the dark lord himself and his minions are after you. Self-centered Harry Potter

But sometimes he got too absorbed in worries and forgot to ask about the health of friends. Often he really thought about them, but did not always provide them with the necessary moral support

Misunderstanding Ron’s Envy

Jealousy in friendship – a normal occurrence, especially in youth. Considering that Harry famous and attracts a lot of attention to his own person, it becomes logical that Ron wanted to feel in his shoes. Interestingly, in the future we see how he copes with envy, and their friendship it only gets stronger. Dependent Ron

But this does not negate the fact of frank misunderstandings reasons for envy, which refers us to the first point about his self-centeredness.

Using Hermione

In many situations Hermione – the only one of the three, always helping the other two. Although she is difficult in character, she tries to compensate for this. intellectually and hard workHermione in Harry Potter

At times when Ron let jealousy take over, she always tried to remain neutral. Sometimes they both perceived her fidelity and help for granted, and forgotten, at what cost it was received.

Aggressive attacks on Ron and Hermione

Harry went through a lot during early childhood, which clearly entailed a lot of psychological trauma and emotional problems… Do not forget that he was a teenager, so hormones also played an important role. Ron, Harry, Hermione

Nevertheless, many were unpleasant to see how he constantly took out anger and pain best friends, especially in the 5th year. Naturally, they did not deserve this treatment.

Reciprocal recoil

This moment is slightly biased, because the book always contains the main character, and his friends and loved ones act as support… When traveling throughout all the books, we observe an adequate construction of the book plot. Harry Potter Friends

However, if we consider this in the context real life, it seems that Potter complete egoist. He requires support and attention from the whole environment, but in return he gives only grains.

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