• July 5, 2022

5 ways not to merge and win

Among Us has a whole army of fans, but not everyone knows how to behave properly so as not to merge. The game has many interesting tactics that make it possible to become invisible.

Among Us

Among Us may seem like a simple and straightforward game. Yes, it has an intuitive gameplay that is easy to figure out, but choosing the right tactics can take hours, if not days. For you, we have 5 ways how not to stand out in the crowd and survive.

Completing tasks quickly

Among Us

When emergency meetings are called and everyone is looking for a traitor, One way to avoid getting on the hit list is to complete as many tasks as possible. There is no reason to delay getting the job done, unless the player is a traitor.

Yes, there are many indie stealth games in the universe, but Among Us is not on this list. Don’t be cunning, don’t get hung up on goals. Imagine that there is a time limit for completing these various tasks so as not to become a victim of your own carelessness.

Hanging out with friends

Among Us

There are tons of games that can be played remotely with friends on Steam. Among Us is a game in which it is less important to have a friend outside the game, and much more important to have a friend inside the game.

Every second spent in inaction should be seen. Do not lock yourself in the room and don’t expect everyone else to think that when you’re alone, you’re not doing something nasty. Work together and vouch for each other!

Get tested

Among Us

In real life, doctors can make mistakes by violating the privacy of other professionals and patients. At Among Us, the patients themselves make the mistake of seeking maximum privacy.

When a Scan task appears, never be alone while it is running. Wait for at least one more person to enter the room. Other players will see the green light and are 100% aware that the saboteur is hiding somewhere else.

Participate in activities

Among Us

In Among Us, time is critical because the game session is short-lived. Therefore, When choosing between completing a mission or helping the crew, always help the team.

After the sabotage, the impostor will not be present and repair the damage. However, the current crew members will. Thus, by taking part in the repairs before returning to daily tasks, the player will be able to show the team how much he cares for the ship. After that, everyone will be sure that the suspect is now in another place.

Share information

Among Us

Do not be silent! Take a moment and start talking about everything and everyone that or anyone you saw while completing tasks at the facility. When the player can only voice one or two observations, it may seem like an attempt to “drain” someone or distract attention from themselves. And only traitors want to target the innocent.

So put all the cards on the table. Tell about all the times when you saw another player, describe where you saw him and what he did. Yes, some information may be useless, but it shows the other crew members that you are not hiding anything from them.

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