• November 29, 2023

7 best gadgets from Aliexpress for just $ 5

Today this platform is the most famous trade brand in the world, where you can buy literally anything you want. This collection of useful gadgets contains the most interesting devices from AliExpress. The definition of “most” these products deserve according to reviews on forums, clicks on links to the official website of “Ali”, the number of orders and, accordingly, the concept of “price-quality”.

Besegad for 6.3 ” smartphones

Besegad for 6.3 '' smartphones

Waterproof case holder for smartphones on the handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle. This gadget qualitatively protects the phone from any weather conditions during operation while driving. The transparent side of the case allows you to fully view the touchscreen while driving.

Vacuum Mini USB Cooler

Vacuum Mini USB Cooler

Thanks to a well-thought-out technological component, despite its size, it very quickly extracts hot air from the system, stabilizing the work. The vacuum cooler is compatible with all brands of computer technology. Its rotatable wind position (180 degrees) allows the laptop to cool quickly and easily.

Elisona – wrist pad

Elisona - wrist pad

A pillow for both wrists is a universal gadget, because it can be used for any keyboards. With prolonged work at the PC or playing games, it does not allow overstraining of the hands, redistributing pressure points. The rubber bottom does not slip on the surface.

Vococal X50 – a new generation mouse

Vococal X50 - a new generation mouse

The optical wireless gaming mouse is equipped with 6 buttons: Left / Right / Scroll Wheel / Advance / DPI / Retail. The ergonomic surface and design allow you to fully enjoy the gadget. Numerous settings are provided for gaming and daily work. The maximum sensing distance is 15 meters.

VONETS 7. USB 2.0 – ports and connectors

VONETS 7. USB 2.0 - ports and connectors

Universal charger with 7 individual USB 2.0 ports. It can be used to simultaneously charge or use to connect to a PC: smartphones, external media, tablets, flash drives, etc. The transmission speed is not less than 230 Mbps, which allows you to spend several times less time for synchronization.

Blubs Light – LED lamp

Blubs Light - LED lamp

This gadget connects to absolutely any device equipped with a USB port. Ideal for those who work at a computer (laptop, tablet) at night and for gamers. When using it, there is no need to turn on an external light source, because Bulbs Light alone is enough to light up the keyboard brightly and softly.

CHUWI USB 3.0 – Super Speed ​​Hub

CHUWI USB 3.0 - Super Speed ​​Hub

An excellent gadget for a PC, laptop, tablet and other devices with USB connectors. The multi USB hub has super speed data transfer. This 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub offers a fast connectivity solution to any PC without the need to install additional drivers.

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