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7 best wives for a brutal warrior

There are many good girls, but only a few are worthy of becoming a companion for a great warrior who plans to crush enemies and needs a reliable companion.

TOP 7 best wives for a brutal warrior in Skyrim

The path of a warrior is not always the fate of a loner. If you approach the choice of your future wife correctly, then adventures in the world of Skyrim will become more interesting and easier, because in the company you can make more daring raids and withstand a larger number of opponents.

We once wrote about the best wives in Skyrim, but in this collection we will tell you about possible candidates who:

  • as they say “and a galloping horse” and “into a burning hut”;
  • the relationship of convenience has not been canceled here either;
  • unique or just useful fighters.

Now let’s get acquainted with the girls, can one of them be able to keep you company?let's get married

7th place

Opens our top Raya, huscarl in the Ozernoye estate, if you build one in Falkreath. A distinctive feature of this stern warrior is the ability to use in battle dual weapon which is very rare in the game (only 4 companions have this skill).Raya

She will make a good pair for the warrior, because she is able not only to distract opponents (she has pumped “Blocking” and “Heavy Armor”), but also to inflict significant damage.

By default, Raiya’s arsenal has double scimitars of her native Hammerfell, but she will happily equip any weapon that Dovahkiin will give out.

6th place

Dravinia the Carver – Dunmer Witch, which can be found in Keene Grove. She’s a good option for fighters who like to mix their fighting skills with their magic prowess. A feature of this girl is belonging to the masters, she can teach the hero the Expert level “Change” skillDravinia the Carver

An option for the lazy, as she agrees to become a wife for a portion of Frosty Salt (knocked out of ice atronachs, sold in alchemy shops and pharmacies, or you can just go and “borrow” a little in the support hall of the College of Winterhold).

5th place

And here we have three equal candidates at once – priestesses of Dibellawho live in the temple of the goddess in Markarth:

  • Senna
  • Eagle
  • Anwen

Priestesses of Dibella

As priestesses, they own the magic of the School of Restorationmaking them a desirable choice for any would-be warrior to return home and lick their wounds. All you have to do is decide which of the three women suits your interests best. A well-known song involuntarily comes to mind:

If I were a sultan,

I’d have three wives

And triple beauty

I would be surrounded.

Alas and ah, in Skyrim this is impossible and you have to choose only one of them. Therefore, we recommend taking a closer look at Senne for two reasons:

  1. As soon as you marry this young lady, she will open her own shop, which brings a good income (you can also trade with her).
  2. Unlike the other two girls, after the wedding she moves to her husband’s house.

But we just have to warn you – after marriage, she will be replaced as a substitute, and she will constantly nag her husband: either the house is not like that, then the cooking is tired, they say you (the main character) and can cook it yourself. So consider this aspect of family life.

4th place

Muiri Is a Breton woman who lives in Markarth and works at the Witch’s Tincture pharmacy. Guys, know that there is nothing worse than an offended and devoted woman. Miuri in the game proves this perfectly, since she entered into an agreement with the Dark Nobility on her ex (he used the girl to steal the jewelry of her clan).Muiri

Therefore, in order to win the heart of a young lady – have to get your hands dirty… It’s up to you to decide whether or not to harness for Miuri. In addition to the order for her ex-husband, she will also ask and liquidate her friend, for which she will reward ring by + 15% to the effectiveness of crafted potions

Having a pharmacist as a wife opens up many options in terms of potions and poisons that could be taken with you on many of the travels the player travels. She specializes especially well in poisons.

3rd place

Many people know that Orcs make the best warriors. If you chose this race at the start of the game, then it will ideally complement a pair Gorza gra-Bagol… She works as a blacksmith in Markarth and can train Adept level Blacksmithing hero (50)… Behind the external rudeness is a grateful girl who will be grateful for the help provided to her (bring the book “Akrash’s Last Sheath”).Gorza gra-Bagol

After completing the assignment, she will give one free lesson and will be open for marriage. Becoming your wife, Gorza gra-Bagol will open her own store and give her husband 100 septims every day, and will also provide a discount on the purchase of goods.

As they say: * gigolos entered the chat *.

2nd place

Brelina Marion – a Dunmer wizard with an impressive pedigree, who at the time of her acquaintance with the Dragonborn is a student of the College of Winterhold. She is not only a spouse, but also effective in battle companion:

  1. Can use any weapon, armor and clothing.
  2. During the battle, he actively uses staves until the supply of magic runs out, and then he can easily go into close combat.
  3. At the beginning of the battle summons Atronach and casts a protective enchantment, which gives a solid advantage.

Brelina Marion

But here you need to be careful not to accidentally hit the summoned Atronach, otherwise he will rebel and begin to fight for himself. Perhaps its only drawback in combat is more likely a technical problem with the game. Despite the vast arsenal of Restoration spells, she rarely uses them.

By the way, if she moves to Dovahkiin for permanent residence, then she will then open her alchemical shop and will contribute 100 septims to the “family budget” every day.

Ordinary mobs can only stun her, but you need to be extremely careful so as not to accidentally finish off, because only the main character can completely eliminate Brelin. Marriage with her becomes available after completing the main quest chain of the college and completing a couple of personal tasks from Marion.

1st place

One of the most popular cosplay heroines in Skyrim and a favorite of the players – Huntress Eila

Huntress Eila

In addition to the fact that she has an attractive appearance, two important facts should also be attributed to her obvious advantages:

  1. In pumping, her characteristics grow along with Dovahkiin up to up to level 50 (for example, the previous candidate Brelina Marion has a maximum lvl 30).
  2. Eila werewolf, which gives her certain advantages.
  3. Excellent owns a bow and she has an endless supply of the best arrows.

It will be an excellent choice for a warrior who needs back cover in the thick of battle. With such a companion, you can not worry about your rear, scattering enemies left and right.

In the Dawnguard expansion, she can be equipped with Auriel’s powerful bow combined with sun arrows.

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