• July 5, 2022

7 completely meaningless plot details in the film

Without a doubt, the release of another Marvel movie, “Black Widow” caused a huge resonance in society. Some scold this film – others do not get tired of finding its benefits. However, even fans of the series must admit that the story Natasha Romanoff imperfect and there are many white spots in it.

Black Widow.  Collage

We first met with Black Widow in the tape “Iron Man 2”, and many viewers were eager to see the “solo album”. Many years have passed, but the wait was worth it – a new story explores the past Natasha and allows you to reveal her motivation, as well as true goals.

However, it is almost impossible to create a perfect movie, so an attentive viewer could find certain gaps in the picture. Some seemingly insignificant plot details throw the audience into a state of stupor if you think about their meaning.

Natasha is not recognized on the street

Black Widow.  Budapest

There is no doubt that Avengers in the Marvel universe, these are fairly well-known figures, folk heroes who are idolized all over the world. People endowed with superpowers have saved humanity many times from various threats. It is logical that their personalities are not a secret to those around them.

Natasha Romanoff does not wear a mask – her face is well known to everyone she meets. However, while walking along Budapest, nobody pays attention to the superhero. It looks at least strange.

Who did the Red Guardian fight with?

Captain America and the Red Guard.  Collage

As we remember very well, while serving a prison sentence, Alexey Shostakov talked a lot about his meetings with Captain America… Then Ursa tried to put the superhero in his place, because his words a priori could not be true. but Red Guardian boasted not only to his inmates, but also discussed this issue with Natashawho knows everything about Avengers

A simple conclusion follows from this – a lie Shostakov meaningless. Perhaps Alexei himself believes that he fought with Captain Americabut in place Rogers was someone else. There is also a possibility that the heroes met as a result of some temporary anomalies, which are still unknown.

Dreykov’s daughter

Black Widow.  Dreykov's daughter

Let’s return a little to the events of the past, when Natasha tried to eliminate Draikovato destroy Red Room… Then she blew up the general’s office together with his daughter, using a huge amount of explosives. This method of murder is very atypical for Natasha, because she could have worked much more subtly, but let’s omit this moment.

IN “Black Widow” Natasha learns that Drakov and his daughter survived. We do not ask how they managed to survive in the epicenter of a hellish explosion, but why Romanoff I didn’t even bother to be convinced of the success of my mission – a big question. This story only testifies to low qualifications Black Widowthat can’t be true.

Incident in Budapest

Black Widow.  Natasha Romanoff and Hawkeye

An attentive viewer noticed that even in “The Avengers” Natasha and Hawkeye mentioned some events that happened in Budapest… It became obvious that the heroes have a common past, but we learned the details of the incident only after the release. “Black Widow”

It is about an attempt on Dreykova, but the full picture is still unclear. Why were the heroes pursued by Hungarian special forces, if the explosion was made remotely?

Red Room Disguise

Black Widow.  Red Room

What Red Room soars behind the clouds, does not yet allow it to remain unnoticed for many years. It is rather difficult to imagine that such a huge object in the air space can be hidden by means of certain technologies.

Even if humanity does not yet have the means to detect Red Room, if she has a disguise, technology SHIELD. and Wakandan could easily detect the complex. Surprisingly, the world inhabited Avengers to the eyeballs, literally did not see an elephant in a china shop.

Escape from General Ross

Black Widow.  Natasha Romanoff

After the fall Red Room Natasha was spotted by the general Ross and his people. She asked the other widows to leave, while she remained to restrain the enemy. At this point, the scene is exhausted – we are not shown how the meeting of the characters went, the viewer is simply transferred 3 months in advance.

However, in Infinity War Ross is alive, but Natasha remains on the run. From which follows a simple conclusion – Romanoff managed to escape in one way or another. A temporary jump in the plot is a lazy move by the writers who did not want to come up with a realistic story, but preferred to leave another blank spot in the film.

Why does Valentina know about Vormir?

Black Widow.  Elena and Valentina

When Elena comes to Natasha’s grave, meets her Valentine and reports that Romanoff died due to Clint Barton… Of course, there are different opinions as to whether Hawkeye prevent death Black Widow, But it’s not that.

Where does Valentina have information about the incident in Vormire? Even Avengers told the whole world about the events that happened, why go into details and substitute Clint? Perhaps they will still try to clarify this point, but so far the situation looks strange.

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