• May 25, 2022

7 new free games on Steam

Interesting news in November can already be taken to your library. Gabe’s digital store decided to please players with the distribution of whole seven games. Some went free straight away, while others went free. Moreover, each of them came out in its own way interesting and unusual.

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Consider what Steam offered to gamers.

Fifo's Night

Fifo’s Night is a puzzle platformer in which you must carefully explore all the rooms inside the Candywood Mansion.

Magic candythat kept order disappeared. The main character must fix everything… He needs to find them and return the mansion Candywood back to normal.

To do this, Fifo will go through the whole haunted mansion, find the one who stole the candies and defeat the various creatures that prevent them from reaching them.

The game allows you anew experience all the sensations that were during the passage old school 3D platformers… True, there is an updated artistic approach and a rather creepy atmosphere!

You can add a pretty cute project to your library by clicking here.

Project Existence

This video game is housebuilding simulator… In it, with all the necessary tools, structures and materials, the player can easily create almost anything. If you wish, you can do all conditions, in order to become a wealthy person, the owner of a large number of buildings, or someone else.

Interestingly, if you have everything you need, it is possible to create a device to automate the process.

The most important thing here is multiplayer mode… You can build a house and, together with other people, improve the condition of the area or make a row there.

By clicking on this link, you will take yourself a rather interesting game.

The tool

The next step is casual puzzledesigned for relaxation and learning. They managed to combine combinations of physical objects that can be checked during the run of the simulations. The main concept of The Tool assumes consideration from all sides of the flora and fauna of the world, as well as the entire planet. Message words collected over time, and then they can be distributed around the world.

This game allows you to really relax by creating something. What you need for quiet evenings.

You can pick up The Tool here.

Bakery Tycoon: The Beginning

Quite a simple video game with a small plot, where your hero is a simple salesman who has to stay afloat and help his son.

Features of “Bakery Tycoon”:

  1. Mysterious plot. You have to not only sell in order to keep the business afloat, but also provide for your own son, who constantly gets into all sorts of problems.
  2. Advanced trading system and large assortment of goods. You can assign a price to each product, making sales more meaningful.
  3. Diversity replicas of buyers and a pleasant sound. It brings the game world to life a lot.
  4. Mode free play… You can not only perform actions within the plot, but also do whatever you want.

You can pick up the Bakery Tycoon here.

Rune Knights

Co-op RPG with a focus on customization, crafting, and battles… The player tries to level up by killing monsters. But, in addition to this, it is necessary collect loot, create own weapons and armor, and to choose of over 120 unique talents and 60 powerful abilities.

Before you play, you need tune appearance and initial characteristics. And only then you can immerse yourself in the gameplay, fighting on procedurally generated and handcrafted levels with many enemies and bosses.

The game is still in its early stages of development. But you can pick it up now.

World of Soccer RELOADED

Free MMO soccer game. A feature of the project was the ability to manage not the entire team, but only one player. Graphic arts it came out simple, but gameplay – deep, as it requires a range of skills to master.

The game offers lots of amazing ways to compete against other teams and gamers. The only question is – is there everything you need to become superstar or for example league top scorer? Will you and your team be able to become the leader in League, 2v2 tournaments or new matchmaking mode?

You can become part of the elite of the football world by clicking here.

King of the board

The last project to get some attention is the free King of the Board. This game is a combination classical chessas well as strategic play, which is a rather unusual mix. According to the rules of the project, the player needs to position the pieces on the chessboard so that powerful combinations appear, and with their help, successfully resist their opponents, shredding everyone.

It is worth noting that the game is now in Early Access. Moreover, you can easily add it to your library – just go here.

The Wotpack editors hope that everyone can find an interesting game from this list.

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