• December 5, 2023

7 reasons why the phone started charging slowly

The problem associated with slow charging is familiar to the owners of almost every smartphone model, be it the most modern flagship Iphone X or the budget Fly. There can be a lot of reasons for this inconvenience. In this guide, we will analyze the most common of them.

USB cable

USB cables

When your smartphone suddenly starts charging slowly, the first thing you should do is check the USB cable. This is the most sensible move when you consider the rate of wear of the wire with intensive and daily use. Often we carry the USB cable charging in bags, backpacks, bend it for compactness, leave it in the car (in the cold and heat), connect it to the network in different sources. It is important to understand that a USB cable is not forever and is not as reliable, for example, as a USB connector on a phone.

Weak power supply

Power Supply

Amperage is a very important parameter when the battery starts to charge slowly. Therefore, if you have a one-amp adapter, then it is better to change it to a two-amp one. It is also additionally recommended to take care of the power supply capacity. Ideally replace from 5W to 18W.

The battery is damaged


As a rule, a worn-out battery will cause a smartphone to charge for a very long time. With a small battery capacity, of course, the accumulation of energy is much faster. However, when using the device, the charge is lost just as rapidly. Therefore, it is advisable to install a new battery.

Harmful applications

Harmful applications

Individual processes, in particular, those that constantly display ads, pop-up applications and games consume a lot of energy. When the smartphone starts to charge slowly, then carry out internal prevention. Those. review the running processes and remove the most suspicious ones. In general, it is advisable to download and install on a mobile device a modern high-quality task manager that would monitor and close everything that is not needed.

Blocked charging port

Cleaning the charging port

Many people carry a smartphone without a case in bags and pockets, so it has constant contact with fabric. Very often, a long charge (or periodically it disappears) due to the fact that the port is simply dusty, from which it ceased to function normally. In addition, the plug-in charger further compresses the dirt in it. The problem is solved with a plastic toothpick or soft toothbrush.

High load

Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth included

One of the most common reasons why a smartphone is charging slowly is if Wi – Fi, GPS, Bluetooth are on. As a rule, these processes require high energy consumption, which directly affects the speed of battery charging.

Operation while charging

Operation while charging

Using a mobile device while charging the battery is a gross operating error. Games, browsing sites, social networks and so on – these processes also consume a charge, which actually leads to the reason for this phenomenon. If you urgently need to charge your smartphone and at the same time conduct a dialogue on the network, then at least reduce the brightness of the screen. In principle, it is recommended to set the “in flight” or “on the plane” mode while charging the battery.

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