• September 29, 2022

7 simple tips for gamers to help preserve eyesight

Who, if not gamers, is given to know what eye fatigue and loss of focus are. Probably, each of us has heard the expression: “Don’t sit at the computer for a long time, you will lose your sight!”. Long stay in front of the monitor screen really has a negative effect. It takes a long time to focus attention on small details, to consider the interface – this makes the eyes even more tired. In addition, the flat surface of the monitor really impairs vision due to the inability to focus correctly. To prevent the reader from getting problems ahead of time, we will share useful tips. These 7 recommendations will help minimize eye strain, which means better vision for gamers and everyone who spends a lot of time in front of the monitor.

Remember to blink


The first and very simple advice is to blink more often. When a person is very keen on the gameplay, he forgets absolutely everything. As a result, our eyes become very dry, which damages the cornea. Blinking at a frequency of 25 times per minute, we moisten, remove dust from the shell. When working in front of the monitor, this process occurs several times less frequently than usual. In addition to the fact that the eyeball dries up and overstrains, the brain’s performance also becomes lower. Blinking while working on a PC is the main task of a gamer. It’s like car wipers that clean and stabilize the clarity of vision.

Take breaks

breaks for sight

It is required to take small breaks between approaches. It is very important to get up from the workplace, walk around, do a little gymnastics. It is necessary to concentrate on some object in the distance, zoom in and out for 30 minutes. This exercise will relax the inner flagella. If the user works at the computer during the day, the timeout should be every hour for 15 minutes.

It is recommended to do 3 types of exercises:

  1. Close your eyes and strain strongly. Count to 6 then open them and look up, then close again later. You need to do 3 approaches.
  2. Make movements with your eyes in the form of a circle, first to the left, then to the right.
  3. Without changing position, close your eyes, count to five, open and try to examine the tip of the nose. It’s best to start a timer so you don’t forget about your warm-up.

Turn on ambient lighting


For comfortable work, you need to use an overhead light. Vision is much more strained if a person works in bright light, being in the dark. The lighting should be such that you can see everything around you in clear colors. It is usually very difficult to force yourself to work in the light. One light bulb will not save your eyesight if it hangs without a shade. Daylight lighting is ideal – the color and brightness are pleasing to the eye. If there are no such lamps, they can be replaced with ordinary ones, with the expectation that there should be at least 3 such devices in a standard room. The light must be directed from top to bottom so that it is evenly distributed throughout the room and is not bounced off by shadows. In this position, the monitor and mouse pad will be visible.

Decrease monitor brightness

monitor brightness

Good light is not only about the lamps, but also about the brightness of the screen. It should be a little dim The first hours it will seem that the monitor has begun to produce a very ugly picture, but over time it will pass. At least you will have less stress on your retina, and after a couple of days your eyes will adapt to the new screen and see better. The distance from the monitor should not exceed one meter. The location of the screen is even more important. If it is located where the sun is maximum in the morning, you need to shade the curtains, because the glare is very harmful to the eyes. It is strongly not recommended to install the monitor with its back to the window – the contrast between the screen and daylight will not be beneficial for vision.

Activate Eye Care Mode

Recently, developers have become concerned about the health of users and have created a viewer protection mode. To activate it, you need to go to the settings and check the “Enable” box. It will be useful for those who really like to work at night without light. If this function is not provided on your computer, we recommend installing a special application. After activating this mode, the light from the device becomes softer, in the evening it has a yellowish or red tint. Additional protection for your eyes will be a useful thing and in no way harm the user.

Buy a monitor with a higher refresh rate


High refresh rates are essential for professional gamers. It is this indicator that affects the smoothness of the image, which makes it easier to track the following actions. When a huge number of frames flicker before your eyes, the brain remembers all the changes and makes a continuous video out of them. Users say that the higher the frequency, the smoother the picture moves. The brain perceives such an image as static, as if we are looking at something real, not virtual.

Wear special glasses

computer glasses

Glasses are an integral part of any gamer’s paraphernalia. The lenses of the device are made of special materials that ensure a good fit. They are created specifically for a specific focus, for a specific distance and have different coatings. The main advantages of glasses lie in several parameters: they improve detail in different types of lighting, increase visual endurance several times, are able to eliminate glare and noise, which negatively affect vision, and reduce eye fatigue. As practice shows, the product can be selected according to individual parameters, make a cool frame and use it every day throughout the day. They will protect your eyes from radiation and keep your eyesight normal for the next 10 years.

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