• July 5, 2022

A detailed guide to the problems Among Us on PC

Among Us is a fairly stable and hassle-free game that doesn’t get bugs that often. However, due to the popularity and differences of operating platforms, PC users may experience crashes. Sometimes he is not allowed into the game due to a ban, high ping, version errors and much more. The game can start, but in a tiny window, freeze at the loading screen and crash. We’ll cover all these and other known bugs in one complete guide. We are almost sure that you will find your solution here.

Among Us black screen

It can appear both when trying to start the game and after a round, instead of statistics. It seems that the second situation is a developer flaw and will be fixed with an update. If the game fails to start at all and displays a black screen instead, try the following solutions:

  • Install DirectX, Microsoft Visual C ++. Chances are that one of the prerequisites for launching the game is missing.
  • Run in compatibility mode… To do this, right-click on the exe-file of the game, go to the “Compatibility” tab and set it to Windows 8 mode.
  • Click Alt + Enter at startup

Doesn’t start on Mac OS

It is true, Among Us does not really support the Mac platform, so the game cannot be launched. At least this is the official version. In fact, you can start the game, but it’s not easy to do it. If you like to tinker, you need to install Steam for Windows, but on a Mac, which will help Wineskin Winery. More detailed instructions are available here… It is updated frequently, so we decided to just attach a link to the current thread on Reddit.

The game opens in a tiny window

When you try to launch Among Us, a very small window with the game appears, it can be the size of a matchbox, or smaller or larger. With such a problem, it is worth trying to press Alt + Enter, the game can go to full screen mode and the problem will be fixed by itself.

What else might work:

  • Reset graphics settings… This can be done from Steam. It is enough to open the “Launch Options” in the game properties and specify -autoconfig… The graphics and performance settings will be reset to their defaults and the game will launch.
  • Force to run in full screen mode… To do this, you need to insert into the Steam launch parameters -fullscreen
  • Set the correct resolution. In the same Steam parameters, insert -w 1980 –h 1080 – this will put FullHD resolution, you can set your own.

Fixing crashes and errors Among Us

Among Us versions error

When I try to start the game, I get a version error. Allegedly, an out-of-date modification Among Us is installed on the computer, although an automatic update is installed. Maybe even reinstalling won’t help, at least that’s often the case. But switching to another region may work. If you are connected to Asian servers, it is worth switching to American or European ones. This will most likely work.

Authentication failure

The problem is solved by connecting to the beta version. The glitch is located on the developer side, and they have already rolled out a fix, so far only in beta. Switching to it will help. To do this, you need to open the game properties and activate the “Beta version” item in the settings.

Among Us freezes at boot stage

In this matter, a lot depends on whether this happens all the time or the problem arose for the first time. If the problem appears for the first time, we recommend that you open the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), find the process Among Us, close it with the right mouse button (“End task”).

In more complex cases, you should do:

  • Delete system cache… The easiest way to get things done is to press Win + R, insert% temp% and hit OK. Use the Ctrl + A combination to select all the files and delete them.
  • Check the integrity of the game… This tool is available on Steam. You just need to right-click on the game in the library, select “Properties”. The Local Files tab has a file integrity checker tool.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game… Allows you to get rid of various problems with the client.

Fixing crashes and errors Among Us

Unable to enter the game error MISMATCHED PRODUCT USER IDs

The MismatchedproductuserID error mostly appears when trying to enter the game from a second computer. Even after resetting and logging out on the first PC, the crash continues to manifest itself. Moreover, it also occurs when you log into your account from another account on your smartphone. Currently Among Us only supports 1 account on 1 device. Unfortunately, this developer limitation cannot be circumvented. The only way is to use a different account. If you do not fundamentally use the same profile, but just want to enjoy the game, log into the new account on the second PC and everything will work.

True, there is one solution for Android users or those who play through an emulator on a PC:

  1. Open Play Games and go to “Settings”.
  2. Activate the “Sign in to supported games automatically” and “Sign in to the game with this account” option.
  3. Launch Among Us again, it is better to clear the game cache first.

Fixing crashes and errors Among Us

InterfaceInitFail error

The developer reported that the problem appeared due to an incorrect automatic update. The upgrade did not touch the visual basic redist file, that is, it remained in the old version and cannot work with the current game. The solution is to reinstall Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x86).

Failure with SteamworksAuthFail message

The only thing we can offer to those who are facing the SteamworksAuthFail error is to try installing the beta version of the game. There are more chances of getting a fix, the developers have already released it. However, judging by the reviews, this does not work for everyone, but there is still no other solution.

Drops from servers immediately after connecting

If a kick from the server occurs even before the start of the game, you should look at your name. If there is something offensive in it, most likely the system will automatically send you to the ban. You need to change the character’s nickname and it will be possible to play.

Fixing crashes and errors Among Us

High ping in Among Us

Frankly speaking, a high ping does not always indicate a problem on your part. It may well be that the server the game is connecting to is too far away. For example, for American servers, the norm is 200-300 ms. Plus, the server itself may be poorly configured. There are also problems on the part of the provider, which issues high delays when connecting to foreign IP. For our part, you need to do everything to free up the Internet channel and achieve the maximum connection speed.

What you can try:

  • Disable all additional devices houses connected to the internet. Most of all, the traffic is drawn by the TV and the smartphone on which the videos are downloaded, as well as the computer with some active downloads.
  • Connect internet cable directly to the connector on the PC. This will reduce the latency as much as possible.
  • Change region… It is better to set Europe, where most often the ping is lower.
  • Turn off VPN or proxy… They greatly increase latency.

These are practically all the problems that users have complained about on the official forum. We have suggested possible solutions to them, which work for most users, so most likely you will also get relief.

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