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A guide to healing a character in Days Gone and crafting healing items

Days Gone - a guide to healing a character and the consequences of death

This guide will discuss how to heal the protagonist, as well as describe the negative consequences of death. It should be borne in mind that the character’s recovery in Days Gone does not happen automatically. The scale of vital energy will replenish gradually after taking a medicine or applying bandages.

The game mechanics are designed in such a way that when the hero is on the brink of death (red screen), a small part of his health is restored to make it possible to use items for healing. However, regeneration will only occur if Deacon does not receive new damage for some time. Do not forget about this so as not to waste your medicines. In total, there are three items available in the game to restore health: bandages, first-aid kits and medicinal cocktails.


Bandages are the very first available remedy to heal a hero. After using the bandage, Deacon can restore up to 50% of his health bar. Bandages can be found in various places while exploring the game world. They usually fall from dead enemies or lie in various containers.

In addition, you can create them yourself. Deacon knows the recipe for making from the very beginning of the game, and the necessary ingredients for crafting are a rag and a sterilizer. Both materials are scattered all over the place, so they are easy to find.

The inventory holds a maximum of 5 bandages. However, you should not create the maximum amount, since they, like crafting items, are quite common. In addition, the components for creating bandages can come in handy when there is an urgent need for a cure in the absence of other alternative.

First aid kit

All Deacon Treatments in Days Gone

The first aid kit is the second available treatment in post-apocalyptic Oregon. After using it, the character will restore 80% of the health scale. Unfortunately, first aid kits cannot be produced. Deacon can carry a maximum of 3 pieces with him.

The main sources of first aid kits will be abandoned ambulances (you need to search the cargo compartment), as well as NERO checkpoints. It is highly likely that one or more sets will be generated on them. In addition, there is an opportunity to save in this place.

The second option for purchasing first aid kits will be merchants in the survivor camps. However, in order to be able to buy this item, it is necessary to increase the level of trust with this camp. Note that each settlement needs its own trust, since it does not apply to other regions.

Healing cocktails

With character development and craft training, it will be possible to create healing cocktails. They fully restore health, but are very slow. Cocktails are suitable for healing the hero after the end of the battle, when he is no longer in danger. To prepare the medicine you will need: a rag, blueberries and a sterilizer.

Loss of the entire health bar and death

All Deacon Treatments in Days Gone

Complete depletion of the health bar does not necessarily lead to death. There is always an opportunity to escape if further damage is avoided at the moment the red halo appears at the edges of the screen. After a while, a small part of the health will be restored. This can be useful when the supply of medicines has run out and the character is in the danger zone.

If Deacon dies, the game will resume from the last savepoint. By default, this will be an automatic safe – a checkpoint created after a certain event. It is recommended to additionally make your own saves, since sometimes the checkpoint can be very far away, and in order not to lose progress, your own saves will be very useful.

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