• March 22, 2023

A hidden feature of the PlayStation 5

In November last year, sales of the Playstation 5 and Xbox One Series X started. The new representatives of the ninth generation of consoles look promising both in terms of technical parameters and many interesting innovations. Some of which the creators chose to remain silent about, for example Sony with its PS5.

Secret shooting

Sony representatives did not say anything about this at any conference, and nothing was said about it in interviews. Obviously, they did not want to advertise attempts to invade the privacy of their clients. The players found out by chance that the console from Sony was conducting secret surveillance.

It all started with a post on Reddit, where one of the users shared his find. While he was looking through the moments from the next race in Demon’s Souls, he heard his own voice.

He later learned that the console records not only the voice, but also the gameplay itself, along with the face of the player. Based on this, the company collects data about the player’s preferences.

Later, other users joined the discussion of the topic. Some also told their stories of how they stumbled upon a specific innovation in the console. Someone discovered that the player’s voice is recorded using the console’s controller – DualSense.

What to do with a hidden function

Few people like it when someone crawls into their personal life. Especially if a multimillion-dollar corporation is doing it, pursuing its own ghostly motives, endangering the safety of its customers. I also don’t like the fact that this is done without the knowledge of the user.

But it is still possible to protect your personal space. The hidden function is disabled simply through the gamepad settings.

Press the PlayStation logo button on the home screen. Next, you should select the controller settings and go to the desired directory that regulates the sound settings. There, the transmission of sound through the gamepad is turned off.

Before setting up the controller, you must wire it directly to the PlayStation 5.

You can turn off the sound transmission through the button on the DualSense. This feature is always enabled by default. Together with the ability to talk, it collects sound information. Especially the emphasis is on getting in-game achievements.

The disconnection process is carried out through the button, under which the microphone is depicted. It is highlighted if it works. Click on this indicator. Once pressed, DualSense will stop recording the player’s voice.

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