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A strange witch’s world. Unusual quests The Witcher 3

The fantasy atmosphere in The Witcher 3 only partially resembles competitors in the genre: in the universe of Geralt, there really was a place for dragons, princesses and knights in shining armor. But besides the classical elements, there are also a lot of experimental ones, which one cannot but tell in more detail!

How unusual to spend time in the Witcher 3

The developers from CD Project Red are in no hurry to follow the canons of the genre, and therefore the three-dimensional universe was filled with talking trolls, witches from the swamps, and mad wizards who built a tower with a spire piercing the sky on the outskirts of the virtual city. But it’s impossible to tell about all the oddities in The Witcher 3 at once, so it’s time to choose ten absolutely unique plots in which you can not do without a monster hunter.

Fist fight with bear and troll

The Witcher 3 Fist fight with a bear and a troll

Geralt relies on iron and silver swords in battle: both, according to the Witcher, are intended for monsters – those whose lives do not benefit, but only harm the medieval society. In addition to weapons, the hero’s arsenal contains signs, consumables, and even a crossbow. In the quest “Fists of Fury” there is a chance to demonstrate the power of witcher’s hands and defeat the contenders for the title of champions on each of the islands.

In addition to people in fights for titles, there will also be bear, and at the same time a trollb, a mysterious foe hiding on the Spikeroog.

Living in someone else’s shoes

The Witcher 3 Life in someone else's shoes

The story add-on “Hearts of Stone” brings 3 new characters to the universe of The Witcher, including Olgerd Von Everek, who is completely out of the ordinary scenery and becomes a unique figure in the narrative. But we are not talking about Olgerd, but about the brother of the new character, Vitold. The one left the mortal world long ago, but dreams of returning back – at least for a couple of moments. But here’s the trouble: even sorcerers are capable of bringing someone back to life only in an unusual way. Instead of Vitold, a spirit will appear, and even then only if a suitable vessel is found.

The witcher, by the way, is suitable: the hero will accept a ghost from the past and become a guide to a riotous life. Geralt hadn’t been so zealous for a long time. It’s a pity, the next morning after the party thrown by Vitold, the head will start to split, and in the villages they will talk about the adventures of the gallant witcher for a long time.


The Witcher 3 Fairy Land

DLC for The Witcher 3 diligently guides Geralt into new worlds. In Hearts of Stone, we had to look beyond the picture, and in the Blood and Wine add-on, into a book that has absorbed half of the references to classic works of fiction. The hero will have to find the princess, walk along the yellow brick road, find three piglets and a red cap.

In addition to plot twists and turns in a fairy tale the decorations are also thought out: around the towers and fortresses suitable for the genre, a rainbow hovering in the sky, and fantastic forests with unique living creatures.

Defeat for glory

The Witcher 3 Defeat for Glory

Geralt has plenty of heroic deeds: defeated vampires and basilisks, battles with soldiers of the Red Rose, liberation of peasant villages from evil spirits. But sometimes weapons are not enough to win. Sometimes it is necessary to bow your head in front of the enemy and, relying on intuition, find an unexpected solution to a tangled curse.

It’s about a duel with a ghost, who for many years has been forced to fight with daredevils from all over the world and lose. Such is the hard fate of an almost training target. But Geralt is able to take pity on the ghost using a little trick. Why not let the enemy win? Perhaps the curse will disappear, once the ghost is defeated.

Star Trek

The Witcher 3 Star Trek

Geralt, in his attempts to find Cyril, was not afraid to experiment: he asked everyone around, looked for entries in other people’s diaries, knocked out useful knowledge along with teeth from someone’s heads. But besides brute force periodically you need to be creative.

A suitable occasion is provided in Novigrad, where the Witcher will become an actor, perform on a medieval stage and from there recite a tiny passage for transmitting important information to the Doppler Doudou… In addition to his debut, Geralt will have to choose costumes, actors, spectators, and at the same time also improvise several times on stage.

Second happiness

The witcher 3 bloody baron

The atmosphere in The Witcher 3 is sometimes quite oppressive: devastated villages, ghosts hovering over cemeteries, witches in the swamps. But sometimes the developers from CD Project Red do trying to break unprepared hearts. Take as an example the Bloody Baron, who lost his child and was forced to go through hell to help Geralt.

To retell the quest in its entirety is pointless: everyone should look at the horror in the Witcher universe – such an unusual opportunity does not appear every day, and even not under such soulful music, in the rain and with elements in the spirit of the books of Lovecraft.

Redanian blood

The Witcher 3 Redanian Blood

Quest “Volunteer” in The Witcher 3 turns the monster terminology upside down in the virtual bestiary. And all because of the rock troll, who settled west of Oxenfurt and killed half of the Redan army soldiers in the district, and at the same time the local peasants. According to the contract, the Witcher needs to neutralize the troll, but an alternative scenario for the development of events is also provided. If you listen to the monster, then he will tell a heartfelt story about the recruitment that took place in the army, the order issued and how the war almost broke out because of the inhabitants of Ochsenfurt.

By embracing the troll story, the opportunity arises help the Redanian army recruit: all you have to do is find paints and turn the fortress surrounding the monster into a headquarters with a coat of arms on the fort. King Radovid, perhaps, would have appreciated the efforts.

Heart-to-heart conversations

The Witcher 3 Heart-to-heart talks

Sometimes orders are poured on the Witcher, as if from a cornucopia. Trolls, lesser vampires, ghosts, and here’s another assignment from a village herbalist. She completely apologized because of the invisible monster, devouring supplies and instilling fear in the inhabitants around. Geralt will have to cope with the misfortune. But first you have to drink a strange herbal decoction. A couple of moments and the contract is in the past, but the broth has an unexpected side effect – the ability to talk to the horse.

A humorous quest in The Witcher 3 painstakingly ridicules half of the bugs made by CD Project Red, talks about Why is it so difficult for Roach to travel long distances on the map?, and why it is sometimes necessary to rest more often. But is it worth trusting the ongoing dialogue or the problem lies directly in the broth?

Lancelot’s Sword

The Witcher 3 Sword of Lancelot

References to works of art – fairy tales, fables, films – are often found in The Witcher 3. The quest in Toussaint from the “Blood and Wine” add-on is another confirmation of this. Geralt will have a chance to find the legendary silver sword Arondit, which sticks out of the water and will only go to those who have five knightly virtues – honor, wisdom, generosity, valor and sympathy.

A reference to White Terence Hanbury’s The Sword in the Stone and Excalibur of King Arthur visible from afar. But why not play along and demonstrate to the world the true power of the Witcher?

New priorities

The Witcher 3 New Priorities

After the release of The Witcher on Netflix, the demand for The Witcher 3 has risen to the skies again, despite the extremely controversial film adaptations of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels. The blame for everything is the wave of those who have rushed to consoles and computers. I have never encountered the playable version of the legends of the gray-haired monster hunter.

But besides the “recruits”, loyal fans have returned to The Witcher 3, and with a quite understandable goal – to turn Geralt … into Henry Cavill with the help of thematic modifications. The idea is not new: earlier in “The Witcher 3” and Cyril took the place of the main character, and even Dandelion. And, if there is a desire to look at the universe from an unexpected angle, then modifications are an appropriate choice.

The Witcher 3 loves to amaze his fans. In this game, you can make your most fatal gaming mistakes, collect the best swords, or even dive into Geralt and Yennefer’s wedding with a fan mod. The most important thing is not to lose interest in the project and constantly test it for strength.

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