• May 22, 2024

Airdrop of 13 Games on Steam and EGS Starting March 4th

If you have long wanted to experience new sensations and try unusual genres, then try downloading a couple of free titles from the largest video game launchers. Each of them has its own flavor and will undoubtedly take its rightful place in your collection.

Distribution of games on Steam and EGS

It’s no secret that distribution of games – a great event for every gamer. You get the product completely free of charge, and it remains forever at the disposal of the user. Even if the game becomes paid, gets tired of you or is simply forgotten, after a certain time you can shake off the dust and start adventures in a new circle.

👉New distribution of games 👈


One of the most popular sites providing gamers with access to content, this time turned out to be quite generous. Everyone will receive as a gift in the very near future more than 10 games, among which it is easy to find real masterpieces. Some of them need to be picked up as soon as possible, while others are forever free. All you have left is familiarize yourself with the list carefully prepared by us.


Pretend.  Game process

Here comes the new one casual strategy, which plunges us into the setting of the classic board game “mafia”. Here you can have fun with friends, identifying traitors who are ready to stick a knife in the back of a gamer at any second.

Nice graphics are striking – funny colored people will appeal to a wide audience. The game slightly resembles Among Us, or rather, is almost an exact clone of it.

The main difference is that now you need to sort things out in the office, and not on the spaceship. Pretend is in Early Access, so you will have to wait a little longer while the developers finish their creation. However, the game definitely has potential.

You can pick up the game at this link.

Oona the Druid’s Path

Oona the Druid's Path.  Graphics

It would seem, why should a little sheep become a druid? The answer is not obvious only at first glance. Una – main character platformer, sets a difficult goal for himself – to pass all the tests and join the Order of the Defenders of Balance.

The game amazes with truly magical decorations, and the relatively simple gameplay does not negate the difficulties on the way of a cute sheep. Oona the Druid’s Path is in early access, but there is already the possibility of fighting the first bosses and several types of other beasts. Also locations are filled with various puzzles, because a druid must educate not only the body, but also the spirit.

You can pick up the game at this link.

Dead Herring VR

Dead Herring VR.  Crime scene

VR technology has rapidly burst into the lives of gamers and allowed us to experience the maximum effect of presence and involvement in the plot. Dead Herring VR is a kind of attraction, puzzle… Here the player can feel himself in the shoes of an astute detective.

Murder investigation – not an easy task, you will have to concentrate as much as possible on the final goal in order to achieve success. Remember: any small detail can be the key to solving the mystery. And this pleasure is now completely free!

You can pick up the game at this link.


Frogworld.  Frog simulator

The case when the name speaks for itself! This adventure “Survival” – VR frog simulator! The developers invite you to get used to the role of an amphibian and write your own story.

Frogworld offers tremendous opportunities for exploring the world around you. Don’t like living in your own swamp? Take a trip. Meet turtles, gobble up mosquitoes by both cheeks, you can even play with herons, but, frankly, the pleasure is not for everyone.

Frog life is not sugar but she, too, has its charms, with which you just have to get acquainted.

You can pick up the game at this link.

Lambda wars

Lambda Wars.  The battle

And here is the Alien Swarm modification, which floundered for an impermissibly long time in beta. We deal with RTSwhere every detail is literally honed to perfection.

Steam users very positive attitude regarding this project, so if you are crazy about military real-time strategy, welcome to the number of fans.

Rebels or Alliance? It’s up to you to decide. Lambda Wars allows you to speak for any side of the conflict and achieve the goals of the faction. Missions, construction, battles, multiplayer – all included!

You can pick up the game at this link.

Black desert

Black Desert.  MMORPG with stunning graphics

About the genre MMORPG there are many legends! A huge world, battles, crafts, pseudo-historical setting – all this is very popular among gamers. Black Desert opens up new opportunities for owners of powerful machines – you will be amazed at the depth of drawing! However, sincesystematic requirements should be recognized as sparing, so the game is also suitable for a wide audience.

If you are interested in the offer, you should hurry, because the product is available for free only until March 10, 2021… Together with the game, you become a happy owner premium kits for a month, which will give the gamer many advantages.

You can pick up the game at this link.

I am robot

I Am Robot.  The battle

Another curious project that offers us fight for a robot in human form. The key word here is “fight” as the game is classic action. You just go forward, deftly pushing aside the bloodthirsty beasts that appear from nowhere. The product is perfect for connoisseurs of this genre.

The developer boasts that he built I Am Robot in just a few weeks. Nevertheless, the graphic content is very pleasing, and from March 1 the game has become completely free.

You can pick up the game at this link.

Wild Dose: First Session

Wild Dose: First Session.  A game based on cyberbank

The cyberpunk theme is now especially popular, in many respects, thanks to the project of the same name. The developers of Wild Dose: First Session have created an electronic product that is quite simple to execute, but filled with a rich plot.

In the process of passing action adventure, you will have to decide: challenge the system or rotate a small cog in its flywheel. And the main character is seriously addicted and is forced to constantly look for funds to satisfy his dark desires. Surreal landscapes and the peculiar graphics will not leave you indifferent.

You can pick up the game at this link.


Wonhon.  Snowy location

Horror, survival, stealth – it’s all about the new project Busan Sanai Games. The girl who died during the military conflict makes a deal with the god of death himself and is now forced to return to sinful earth in order to perform righteous revenge.

The heroine herself practically defenseless in front of her enemies, but he knows how to master someone else’s mind and draw vital energy from opponents. In Wonhon, the player will have to calculate every step so as not to fail the next mission, and the original setting will allow you to enjoy the gloomy scenery to the fullest.

You can pick up the game at this link.

Retention: A Love Story

Retention: A Love Story.  Mystical platformer

Casual indie platformer made in a very unusual style – the main character is trying to help Emmy remember, who she is and where is her true love. To do this, you will have to go a long way in her mind, solving various puzzles.

The Retention: A Love Story project was curated by ordinary students who wanted to draw public attention to Alzheimer’s disease. In many ways, this is why the game was released completely free of charge, and everyone can join the mystical world of the “adventure game”.

You can pick up the game at this link.


Locomancer.  Sandbox.  Building trains

Another VR project designed to immerse us in childhood. Trains and railways have always worried kids, but not all of us, due to various circumstances, could enjoy them to the fullest. Now Locomancer is in a hurry to fill this gap and make us feel like children again.

By the way, the game great for toddlers, which the virtual world will capture from the first second of being in it. Here you can not only build trains, experimenting with the laws of physics, but also try on the role of a train driver!

You can pick up the game at this link.


Puzlkind.  Jigsaw puzzles

Is it possible that someone can simply stare indifferently at puzzles, especially if they are always at hand and completely free? What if we say that there is multiplayer and voice chat in the Puzlkind world? Now you can be at a considerable distance, but still be close and engage in combining intricate pieces into a single composition.

In 2020, the project has become especially relevant. Collecting jigsaw puzzles is useful for stimulating mental activity and developing other important skills. This activity pacifies a person allow him to protect himself from the stresses of the world around him for a while.

You can pick up the game at this link.

Free weekend: DIRT 5

DIRT 5 free

In addition to constant distributions in early March, you can test DIRT 5 for free. This incredible arcade racing simulator allows you to feel like a real Schumacher in the world of computer cars. 70 crazy tracks with a unique design and incredible extreme on each of them are waiting for you.

You can try the game for free until March 8th. If you liked the game, then you can buy it with a 50% discount.

You can test the game for free at this link.

Epic Games Store

As far as the Epic Games Store is concerned, gamers can experience some disappointment. Only 1 new game will soon be available for download for free. Nevertheless, we follow the development of events and try to inform the audience about the changes as quickly as possible. Distribution starts on 03/04/2021 at 19:00.

Wargame: Red dragon

Wargame: Red dragon.  War strategy in real time

Before us is a game RTS, which tells about the confrontation between the communist and Western blocs in the early nineties of the 20th century. This time, battlefield – Asia and only you can determine the future of this region. The player has access to vehicles from all involved countries, and the number of its varieties is truly impressive.

The enormous variability and the need for careful planning provide the user with ample room to maneuver. You will have to develop tactics depending on the type of terrain and other related factors. Wargame: Red dragon is a product worthy of attention, so hurry up to get it for free only before March 11, 2021.

You can pick up the game at this link.

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