• November 29, 2023

Airdrop of 3 Games on EGS and Indiegala Starting November 19th

Another Thursday is another reason for joy. Today in the list of distributions you can see few games… As of the 19th, only three projects, two of which are more or less familiar to those who watch the news of computer games.

Airdrop of 3 Games on EGS and Indiegala - Pick Up in November!

Let’s consider them in more detail.


Shop with “freebies on Thursdays“By Tim Sweeney after giving away only one game called The textorcist last week, offers two pretty cool projects.

Elite dangerous

Elite dangerous

Developer / publisher: Frontier Developments

release date: December 16, 2014

Love space? Then the Epic Games Store offers to add to your library MMO projectin which the player can become a part truly unique adventures… Completing tasks involves flying around the universe, where you can visit all kinds of galactic systems.

The story develops swiftly, and a large number of different persons… At the same time, interestingly, every action taken by a gamer directly or indirectly affects post-story content

Starting out from a small starship and thousands of credits, players do their best to become better, cooler and more tenacious… Only progress towards the goal will determine the future of the pilot controlled by the gamer.

You can pick up the game here

The World Next Door

The World Next Door

Developer: Rose City Games

Publisher: VIZ Media

Do you want more emotion while experiencing adventure? Then an indie project called The World Next Door

The plot is pretty simple – rebel girl June due to some circumstances, he finds himself in the mysterious world of Emrys, where magic is a common thing.

Meeting a group of otherworldly beings along the way, June must learn to trustas they are willing to help her return home. However, there is one problem – time… Everything needs to be done before it expires.

This game combines really unusual elements:

  • visual novelsimmersing in the story;
  • strong plotinterested from start to finish;
  • bright battles and complex puzzles.

This project can clearly captivate those who thirsts for interesting action and exciting adventures

You can pick up the game here


A service called Indiegala this time provided access to download only one project, but what! He won’t be ashamed add to your library and play not only ardent amateurs this kind of games, but also beginners in the indie world.

Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident

Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident

Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident – very unusual adventure game

The plot of his plot is extremely simple: the main character, having fallen asleep in the cinema while watching his favorite film, wakes up and realizes that he has become a part of the film. He must use everything your detective skills and intuition in order to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the film crew and complete the film. This will help him return to the worldwhere he came from.

Throughout the adventure, the hero will face more than once strange sound wavesthat keep everyone trapped, and perhaps their disappearance will be the key to solving the problem.

In creating a unique setting, the developers were inspired by category B horror films.

If you are a fan of unusual projects, then by Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident can’t get through!

You can pick up the game here

This Thursday promises to be interesting, because in the evening it will be time to add unusual and attractive projects to your library in terms of plot and game mechanics.

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