• March 4, 2024

Airdrop of 3 well-rated games

Don’t miss the opportunity to add 3 licensed games to your game collection.

A new week and another distribution of games from Epic Games Store… A variety of proposals may be of interest to many players, since each project is of a different genre. For each game, I left a link to the EGS store to add to my library (you need to log in).

The escapists 2

The escapists 2

Genre: strategy, role-playing game.

Assessment on Metacritic 75 credits

If among us there are fans of the series “Escape” and without prejudice to indie sandboxes, then The Escapists 2. Will delight you with many options for customizing different features of your hero, which allows you to create a unique character.The escapists 2

You have to arrange an escape from the strictest prison colonies in the world. We’ll have to think about an escape plan, as locations include a roof, ventilation, and even underground tunnels. But so that no one suspects that you are planning an escape, you will have to live by the prison laws.The escapists 2

The game supports co-op up to 4 people, so invite your friends. There is a developed combat system. Also, The Escapists 2 has a built-in map editor, so you can create your own prison and invite the team to make an escape from it.

Link to The Escapists 2


Killing Floor 2

Genre: action.

Assessment on Metacritic 75 credits

One of the best zombie shooters at the moment, KILLING FLOOR 2 invites players to visit the countries of Europe, covered by a massive outbreak of a new virus after a failed experiment. The government could not fight back and the country was engulfed in riots and hordes of zombies. We have to join a group of survivors, organize military bases and fight for the future of the planet.

The game is 18+, so screenshots were not added due to censorship, but you can see them on the official page of the game in the store.

The player in the company of other survivors or in solo will have to cut through the crowd of mutants, so the physics (the limbs and all the contents of the mutants are shot and scattered around), combined with excellent graphics, will definitely appeal to even demanding gamers. The game has a large selection of characters and weapons, a well-developed melee system.


Lifeless planet

Lifeless Planet Premier Edition

Genre: Adventures

Assessment on Metacritic 59 points

Probably the quietest game of this hand, and will appeal to sci-fi fans. After a hard rocket landing on a seemingly uninhabited planet, the player goes in search of his team, but soon realizes that the planet was once inhabited by people.

An abandoned city and a meeting with an unusual girl who was able to survive the anomaly that plunged the planet into oblivion will slightly open the veil of secrecy. The player will have to find answers to exciting questions about the exploration and conquest of space, whether it is worth leaving his family and friends on Earth. While exploring an abandoned Soviet city, you need to solve riddles and unravel the secrets of the planet, while fighting for your life.

Link to Lifeless Planet

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