• September 24, 2023

Airdrop of 5 Games on Steam, EGS and Indiegala in December

The last month of the year is the time of preparation for the New Year holidays. Game stores still offer small but interesting releases.

Giveaway 5 games on Steam, EGS and Indiegala - pick it up early in December

Consider below what gives Steam and EGS players.


Gabe Newell’s store is offering four relatively fresh releases this week, each of which stands out in its own way.

Children of Silentown: Prologue

Children of Silentown: Prologue

Developer: Elf Games, Luna2 Studio

Publisher: Elf Games

Date of issue: November 25, 2020

This project is standalone version the prologue of Children of Silentown. Silentown is strange events – a roar echoes from somewhere in the distance. The main character, Lucy, becomes a witness disappearances in the villageand she decides to investigate herself.

She will have to walk through the city looking for cluesthat can explain what is happening in the forest and beyond. The heroine will have to interact with people, animals and even objects… By the way, like any other child, she is afraid to enter the forest – he contains a terrible evil

Music and singing are important parts of the game that can help out at some point.

Original riddles, nice hand-drawn graphics and wonderful sound – this is what can attract gamers.

You can pick up the game here

Night Reverie: Prologue

Night Reverie: Prologue

Developer / publisher: Somber Pixel

Date of issue: November 25, 2020

This project presents first act a complete puzzle and adventure game. Here, according to the plot, the main character is child… He must solve puzzles, because of which the house is distorted

Their solution involves not only interaction with unique characters and further participation in conversations, but also withboring, combining and using new items to solve riddles.

The player is invited just relax and enjoy the fabulous environment, but in the end still find out all the truth about why this happens to the house.

You can pick up the game here

From the shadows

From the shadows

Developer / publisher: Gamagora ICOM

Date of issue: November 27, 2020

From the Shadows – cooperative puzzle platformer in which gamers have to fight their way through a mysterious mansion, solving various puzzles related to the mechanics of light and shadow.

Players will quickly understand that they obviously not happy in this castle when a mysterious curse strikes them. They will have to join forces to escape, despite the hostility of the inhabitants of the mansion.

Also available single player mode, when you can go to the castle on your own, where you should rely only on yourself. This is the only way get out alive

You can pick up the game here



Developer: Class of 2019-2020

Publisher: Campus ADN

Date of issue: November 28, 2020

Famous dream library is in huge trouble! When a librarian, who is just learning, tried to make his job a little easier, he, without suspecting anything, freed chaos from creepy dreams and vile nightmares.

You – Agent, a cunning and dexterous hero from Collective – an organization dedicated to maintaining order among dreams. And you are the library’s only hope!

DreamWatcher Features:

  • 3D-metroidvaniawhere secrets are hidden around every corner;
  • control what surrounds you using powerful staff;
  • unlock new mysterious abilitiesthat will allow you to make fantastic transitions;
  • save librarians and uncover the secrets of this unusual institution.

This original product was developed by 30 students of the Campus ADN class in 2019-2020 as part of their graduation project led by professionals.

Note: This game requires a gamepad.

You can pick up the game here


Tim Sweeney’s store is still offering only one game released in 2011which is pretty well known for its storyline and gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at the project.

Cave Story +

Cave Story +

Developer: Nicalis, Inc., Studio Pixel

Publisher: Nicalis, Inc.

Date of issue: November 23, 2011

Cave Story is probably the most famous indie game of all the existing ones. It offers a fascinating story with vivid characters, exciting mysteries. This is an action-adventure game from a creator known to game fans under the pseudonym Pixel – designer Daisuke Amai. Cave Story is a project that differs incredible charm and charm… It allows you to immerse yourself in a unique world inhabited by a rather unusual race – mimigami

The main character wakes up in a dark cave, completely not understanding how he got here and who he is (typical beginning of Dark Souls 🙂)… Stumbled upon a settlement mimig, he realizes that they are in great danger – it’s all to blame cruel scientist… The only one hope these creatures – the protagonist himself.

Unlock new terrains, shoot and run in an addicting action game that strongly resembles good old 8- and 16-bit toys… You will be able to learn about all the power of this extraordinary world and save mimigstopping the scientist.

You can pick up the game here

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