• February 21, 2024

Airdrop of 6 games on Steam and EGS

Cyberpunk 2077 is out now, but no one is canceling giveaways. Steam and EGS once again delight with interesting projects that you are not ashamed to add to your library.

Airdrop of 6 games on Steam and EGS - pick it up in early December!

Consider six video games that are being handed out this week.


Four games were released on Steam, and each of them – free of charge… Let’s take a closer look at them.

Rekt: Crash Test

Rekt: Crash Test

Free races where all that is required of a person is drive taxi and do stunts… This is a pretty good way to hone your tricks.

The more dangerous the task is, the more points the player gets.

Every time a gamer goes to the arena, he is offered series of tests… They can be both simple and not very. In total, an infinite number of targets are created, the level of complexity of which will attract even the most experienced Schumachers.

Endless missions include checkpoint races specially designed for different arenas.

You can pick up the game at this link.

Leaf blower revolution

Leaf blower revolution

This indie project will move everyone. Everything here is built on execution as simple as possiblethat relax and help release steam. All a gamer needs to do is watch work character enjoying himself process

What you can do in this game:

  1. Collect healthy fruits and coinsto develop
  2. faster.
  3. Open areas to find rare leaves
  4. Purchase tools to make it easier to work.
  5. Win dangerous enemiesblowing up the collected leaves in front of them.

You can pick up the game at this link.

To Be Headed Or Not To Be

To Be Headed Or Not To Be

Co-op puzzle game where gamer with his friend will have to brainwash, and in the literal sense.

Cooperating with your partner, you need to escape from the mansion. Solving all kinds of riddles, you need to pave your way to freedom. But in order to survive, you need to approach their solution. as non-standard as possible

Frightened by the riddle? Not worth it. If it is difficult to solve, then you can ask for help – the player will be prompted on how to carry out the analysis, and will point to the solution itself.

In general, the project turned out to be quite small – you can go through it in a couple of hours

You can pick up the game at this link.

Wing of Misadventure

Wing of Misadventure

Massive MMORPG online gamewhich stands out for its unique art style, elaborate looting, and enjoyable combat.

Go to this world. Here you can choose from more than twenty possible characters. Every gamer will definitely want to take part in military campaigns or in a number of dungeons.

Start with two different races: the Elementalists of Mich Adapse or the Knights of the Ritelphs!

In short, Wing of Misadventure is perfect choice for both hardcore lovers and regular users.

You can pick up the game at this link.


December 10 Epic Games offers two game projects, each of which has become a kind of legend in the genre. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Pillars of Eternity – Definitive Edition

Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition

Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive – both companies presented a very interesting project, where a lot depends on the choice made by your character.

The player will again feel the joy of world exploration and adventures on it… An unforgettable feeling of excitement will cover from head to toe when the gamer will lead his squad not only on the surface, but also underground… Defeating monsters and capturing treasures – that’s what everything will happen for.

In the Definitive Edition, in addition to the basic version of the game, you can find two add-ons (we are talking about The White March), as well as additional content (Royal Edition).

Features of the project:

  1. Gamer can play as a representative one of six racesg>…
  2. A large number of classes – all of them eleven
  3. Pretty deep study, since there is a possibility of configuring many parameters.
  4. Frequent communication disposes almost any

You can pick up the game at this link.

Tyranny – Gold Edition

Tyranny - Gold Edition

EGS gives the player the Gold Edition of a rather old but famous game called Tyranny. It includes:

  1. Basic game.
  2. DLC: Bastard’s Wound.
  3. DLC: Tales from The Tiers.

And if everything is clear with the basic version, then you need to figure it out with the additions.

Bastard’s wound Is the first DLC released to expand on the main storyline. The player needs to go to the mysteries of Terratus and get rid of the enemy. In addition, it will improve relationships with your allies.

Tales from The Tiers – the second addition, responsible for adding new events, meetings and additional storylines. This allows you to pump more and make the character even more dangerous.

You can pick up the game at this link.

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