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Airdrop of 8 games on Steam, EGS and Itch. Hurry up to pick up in October

New distribution for freebie lovers… Company Epic Games Store decided to please gamers with two very famous and interesting games. Both are great representatives of their genre, so they definitely won’t disappoint players. Steam also found something to please.

Steam, EGS and Itch are giving away 8 games in October 2020

Let’s take a look at what EGS, Steam and other digital stores have decided to donate this time.

This article is out of date. Link to new distribution

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

In 2013, publishers “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” and creators “Dear Esther” decided to release a survival / horror game, the plot of which takes place in the Amnesia universe. And although this project has nothing to do with the cult “Amnesia: Ghost of the Past” by Frictional Games, except for the general universe, this horror movie can still please fans of this genre.

First person view here – it’s easier to convey the escalation of the situation. It is certainly easier to scare, the more the genre obliges.

By plot you will have to play for Oswald Mandus – an industrialist who contracted a fever. The illness drove him to unconsciousness, and he cannot remember what he did in such a state. Gradually the player has to the researcher owns his own home and discover what he would not really like to recognize or remember.

The game may not be as scary as other projects in the Amnesia series, but the story here became deeper and richer, which, in principle, balanced the situation. For those who just want to enter the world of horror, it is worth starting with this video game – it will be easier to prepare for more serious projects.

You can take the game on the website EGS

Kingdom new lands

Micro strategy is a pretty interesting definition of this game. A mixture of minimalism, “retro aesthetics” (graphics) and a pleasant ambient soundtrack (sound) gives gamers a unique experience that cannot be obtained otherwise. Additional elements of survival are present.

Play here for a monarch wishing to be a great king… But in order to do this, you must first build your kingdom from scratch, study everything around, recruit the first soldiers – they, of course, will be the subjects of the king – and repel enemy attacks.

In the future, the player to explore the medieval world far and wide, equip your city in which trade and craft will flourish. You also need to find coins, get objects from various places that will facilitate the passage of the game

The main task: evolve and destroy the great portalwhere all the trouble comes from. And how it will be – you need to decide on your own.

You can get the game on the EGS website.

Next time EGS will give out two more games – action adventure Costume Quest 2 and horror Layers of Fear 2

After midnight

Website Itch.io decided to please with a rather interesting project from the Polish studio Afterburn called After Midnight. It is a very interesting mixture of genres: tactical RPG and visual novel with comedy elements… Moreover, the plot is connected with modernity, so that many will quickly understand what is at stake.

Here you are invited to play as medical animals, which, due to their unique skills, are able to defeat any virus.

The bull rescuer attacks from a distance, the nurse fox acts as a healer, and the doctor generally loves hand-to-hand combat.

Itch.io is now giving away After Midnight for free. It will remain in the gamer’s library forever – no matter what happens later, for example, a change in the distribution model, price, etc.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sequel to the same Sonicwhom everyone loved as a child. He still runs fast, collects Rings, dashes past enemies. And he still opposes Dr. Eggman (in some localizations he is called Dr. Robotnik).

This time he decided to use helpless animals. He plans to turn them into robots so that they can build a new super-powerful weapon called the Death Egg. And only Sonic will be able to resist him.

However, this time he is not going into battle alone: he has a friend who is ready to help at any time – Tails. With him you need to find 7 Chaos Emeraldswith which you can stop Dr. Eggman and save everyone!

Armor of heroes

Everyone remembers Tanchiki, which could be played on Dendi or Sega Mega Drive. And so, in honor of the 60th anniversary of SEGA, she decided to distribute this retro project in modern graphics.

Here the player will have to plunge into the world of tank battles from the top view. This uses materials from the Company of Heroes series. Otherwise, everything is the same – you need to survive and shoot down enemies… The game offers various modes: DM, Survival and others.

You can play as solo (against AI) and against people (session up to four people supported).

Endless zone

The old school side-view shooter full of dynamics, which is already pleasing. The action takes place in the universes of two games at once: The Endless and Fantasy Zone

The developers chose a sci-fi setting, because it is the easiest place to come up with a plot and gameplay.

The player takes over space attack pilot rolewho intends to return home to his planet. However, there is one snag – hordes of aliens who do not want to let him go just like that.

As you get closer to home, the gamer gets modifications, with which it becomes easier to pass the path, and to kill aliens – even more fun. The game is definitely like!

Endless Zone will be giving away on Steam from October 16th.

Streets of Kamurocho

Did you miss Beat’em Upy? SEGA decided to please fans of this genre with a very curious crossover of two games known to gamers – Yakuza and Streets of Rage. Streets of Kamurocho – sounds pretty nice considering the characters from the first project and the style of the second.

The plot here is extremely simple, but in the fighting genre it is not particularly required. The main thing is the heroes… You can play as either Kazuma Kiryu or Goro Majima. Only they able to stop violence in the streets, using your fists, objects and special moves.

Golden axed

The last game on the SEGA distribution list is an extremely old project in the same Beat’em Up genre that should be familiar to all those who played on the SEGA Mega Drive consoles – Golden Ax in the 90s. To be more precise, then this game is a build of the canceled Golden Ax: Reborn

For its anniversary, the company decided to present the opportunity for players to complete the only level that was developed by SEGA Australia before its closure in 2013.

The graphics for the side view are very good at the time. So all fans of the Golden Ax will have something to enjoy on the evening of October 18, when the game will be handed out in Steam.

The Wotpack.ru editorial team wishes you a pleasant time playing these games!

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